godfatha uv hiphop | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/07

yo jay is a mad awesome rapper it just really sucks that all these fools are tryin to imitate him. one comment to a past reveiwer vince you gotta expand that list to a top five you gotta include biggie and eminem ems the best ever jays in my top 5 behind em biggie and pac. but hey jays one of the best lyricists in the game and he could rap until hes like 60. jay hova is god. later.

respect | Reviewer: vince | 11/30/07

came, saw & conquered.top of the game :always, a hall of famer. contagious flow/rhymes but at times too meterialistic, braggart and unnecessarily vulgar & personal.all the same u go down in my top 3 list (next to Nas and 'Pac)another level MC.can't compare you guyz coz it takes all sorts to make hip-hop stay alive (minus crank!).a mentor.y not hook up wit me for a collabo?

Jagga Man You stand out the best | Reviewer: First Page | 11/7/07

Jay-z you are the best on the surface of the whole wide world that i can tell but just that it can turn like the weather but just keep your head up and be yourself,The lord will alway be by yourside.I pray that the God that did it for you will also do mine for me cos i m also a Great rapper soonest i m gonna showcase to the world ..watchout...One Love Man..From Nigeria..

Is He the Best? | Reviewer: dumisani | 10/22/07

i dont want to sound like a hater but if jay-z is considered to be the best rapper of all tym them y didnt he blow up wen pac and big was still alive? i rate his shit big tym but saying his the best is jus streching it.he da shit bt nt the best

straight up | Reviewer: Gmusik | 9/28/07

yo jay-z is the best.....ther is no question i think or i guess naw son he is the best rapper alive. no joke . and who ever is Dontavious Danforth i ll do ut ffor u

I love Jay Z/Jigga/Hov/ my best rapper alive | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/07

Young HO i love you too too too much, you are such a great talent, you not just a brilliant rapper but also a big time great businessman. Dushya

best rapper alive | Reviewer: shawn | 8/21/07

sometimes they call him hov,sometimes they call him hova,sometimes they call him jigga,sometimes they call him jiggaman.he is the man of rap music.can even ask nas,Dre,Puffy,Snoop,Methodman,Redman,Trevor Smith(Busta).can even ask 2PAC & BIGGIE they gon tell you is JAY-Z now period.

Nice | Reviewer: Jenny | 8/7/07

i live in memphis Tenneesse i like your muysic very much
i pray for u every night u are the star for african americans
what u do makes me happy, and school is opening
i need help my car has broken down i need some help and school is starting

Mad Respect | Reviewer: J.O | 7/28/07

Yo Jay-Z is da tru def.. of a husler, always did it his way and now he's da biggest thing in hip hop 2day all u rappers need 2 show respect 2 da tru king of rap.

money talk bull shit walk | Reviewer: deezy | 7/14/07

jay z is 100% beast he controls the game from all levels he has mastred his craft hands down!!!! no matter what anyone SAYS actions speak way louder than words! so let the money talk and all else can walk ! keep on keepin on mr carter! i see u! and the haters do 2!!!!