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i love jay z can he please say something to me | Reviewer: Rofino | 6/10/07

jay z is a best rapper beside that he try to consetrat him self when ever he make videos i dopnt care how much Nas hat him i love him im in Africa mozambique

i love jay-z | Reviewer: shane' davis | 5/25/07

jay-z is 4real.he got true talent and nobody can top him in the music business so all the haters can fall back and watch him succeed.if u know real true talent then you know jay-z is the one and only artist that keeps it real.

I love J, I love J | Reviewer: | 5/16/07

hello honey i love you so much and i do not care what no one says about you not even lisa she hates on you so much oh yeal she is white that fi gures

I Love Jay-Z | Reviewer: dontavious Danforth(Lil d) (Dontae) | 5/11/07

I love Jay-Z I want his balls in my mouth so bad. I would love for him to put his dick in my mouth then my ass and then back in my mouth. Then i could do the same to him.

Best Rapper Alive | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/07

Jay-z is the best rapper alive people be comparing jay-z and wayne but jay more older and wiser and he got more experience in the industry jay-z is my idol and i am a girl i love jay-z

I love Jay-z | Reviewer: Tabitha Benson | 5/9/07

I believe jay-z is the best rapper alive he been the best ever sense biggie die.I loveJay-z but I jusy wish he wasn't with Beyonce.

Jay-Z is a bitch | Reviewer: Nas | 5/2/07

Straight up, Jay-Z is a pop pussy who don't know shit out the street. He's a Bitch for fuckin with Nas. Don't fuck with fire, cause you'll get burned. He isn't even in the same stratosphere as Biggie, Pac, and Nas. Jay-Z isn't even a rapper, he's just a bitch. H to the omo

best rapper alive, nigga ask about him | Reviewer: Themi Mintzas | 3/21/07

Jay-Z is the best rapper alive and the best rapper in the game since BIGGIE and 2pac whoever hates on this man does not know rap in any way shape or form he has put it on his back and made it into a huge money making business which almost every rapper 2day is rapping 4. I actually like the way the old Jay used 2 rap but that's not him anymore he is in a different stage in his life where he can't rap like that cause it would be fake keep doing you jigga aka HOVA your on top of the game don't look back

TIME LINE OF JAY Z | Reviewer: james | 3/11/07


rryty | Reviewer: killrer | 2/22/07

jay you are a beast so keep doing what you are doing

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