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Performed by Jay-Z

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praying for jayz | Reviewer: robynn | 3/21/10

sorry to all of you that wants to pray for jayz and ask GOD to for give him because GOD said their are two sins that he will not for give and thats suicide and selling your soul to the devil. So for all of you who don't know, jayz is already a lost soulto the devil and its to late for him.

(shakes my head) | Reviewer: de de | 3/11/10

look i watche dtyhe movie last night jay z revealed and it had me pissed i was down eith jay z since day 1 yo and now am finding out diss i wanted to whop his ass fo dat shxt yo its really fukd up to know that tey are crazii ass niggahs like him that sell their souls to the devil, but in these lyrics you see that hes achually com=nfused about his religion desisions and im going to pray for him to be released i cant let him do that to himself, lord please show your ways to him your lessons you have please teach him that goin the wrong way is wrong placwe his feet back on track.amen

SERIOUSLY? | Reviewer: kari | 3/14/10

OKay seriously you think people buy his albums cause of the lyrics? Lets be real, most of the jay z fans are from 12-22. Do you think they know what his lyrics really mean? They just like the beat and turn it up while driving. I always thought J was a bad rapper. I only became aware of him when he started dating beyonce and then I realized his lyrics were disturbing and beyonce was changing. I would never buy a record of his. I got a free cd of his and i trashed it, not worthy of my time. But once in awhile I'll point out the truth of his songs to someone who is blind. What you do with the truth is up to you. You can say its a joke or a lie or to sell records. But this guy he knows what hes doing. I'll pray for his soul that he sold for money and fame. You know in exchange for money and fame he has to worship and work for satan. He has to influence innocent foolish souls. And hes succeeding. So I'll be praying for you all and I'll keep speaking the truth whether you believe or not! I'll do my part, if theirs a slight chance to save yours.

Speculatin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/10

I personally think that all this talk is conspiracy and speculation but even so... For someone like Jay Z to not be into Satan as much as he portrays is someone that is just playing with fire, he claims to know God but what god is he referring to ? just look at his new videos "on to the next" and "run this town" they are full of satanic messages and symbolism, if he isn't for the dark then he sure wants it to have an influence on this generation... I myself am a Christian and have studied many religions but knowing the bible like I do, I would never test God they way he is and claim to follow him at the same time .

Fuck this shit | Reviewer: EJ | 3/9/10

All you illuminati rappers.. jus remember mason groups were racist! they were part kkk. so when you think YOUR ol mighty god(satan) will save you.. you srsly must be FUCKED up in the head. Bc your on the wrong side. I'm no christian. i have no faith.. or at this point i guess i can say HAD bc after hearing about all this shit i can honestly say PRAISE JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOR! you people disgust me. Thinking that money and power and selling your soul will get you far above any other person. FUCK all you comformist!

fuck the devils | Reviewer: f.o.x. nigga | 3/8/10

i dont give a fuck about what them niggas say about our precious JESUS.He is priceless and as for them mudafuckas wu worship the devils,mu bad go ahead niggas sell your souls to them diamonds & lexesus,but remember judgement cant compare money with life GOD give 2 u evryday.but i believe he give chance to think straight for jay z,nigga be carefull.the illuminati kills off anyone who doesn't do things their way.remember Tupac got killed, and they replaced him with Dr.Dre.Biggie got killed, they replaced him with u,jay z. Pimp C got killed, and they replaced him with T.I.fuck the devils,and its worshipers.

crazy mother fuckers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/10

jay z is crazy i hope and the rest crazy mother fucking happy in that sick azz shit with they sick azz Jesus is my brother and the lord is my father and i hope he has mercy on their mis- guided souls

idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/10

love how people still talk about this shit. jay-z sells albums.....period. and he keeps doing so partly because people talk about his lyrics, positivly or negativly. if you sit there and ponder and scheme about his "crew" being masons or whatever....he got you. you still listen to him HA. find somethen better to do, oh yeah and by the way...... how did Dre replace Tupac? DRE came out in '84 with the world class Wreckin Cru. 2pac wasnt on the scene until '91 moron.

Nonsense | Reviewer: Keith | 2/25/10

Guys I just wanted to look back over time and review some lyrics from a dop album. Then I look down below the lyrics and here all this conspiracy talk about Illuminati and Freemasons and such. Guy get a grip. The world is not that complicated. Greedy people that want more money rule the world. That hasn't changed since the beginning of time. Obama is not a Mason and freemasons don't rule the world and if they did, do you think you would know it? And this talk about Jay-z being in the Illuminati, do you really think that an organization supposidly as powerful as them is going to let Jay-Z join? Put some form of logic to this people. If he did join the Illuminati why would he put this "supposid" imagery in his videos if his organization is about secrecy?

Jay z | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/10

I hate jay z, but this a good rap. I think it was before he joined the illuminati. You see the illuminati kills off anyone who doesn't do things there way. Tupac got killed, and they replaced him with Dr. Dre. Biggie got killed, they replaced him with jay z. Pimp C got killed, and they replaced him with T.I.

jus in case | Reviewer: come on | 2/20/10

sum people r ignorant..... i am a master mason and a avid hip hop fan i cannot belive how blind some people can be.. it proves that we still have a lot of work to do.... the masons first and foremost will not accept if u dont believe in god people LOL devil worship

Christian or non-Christian - just live well | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/10

Sorry Jahb but i disagree with some of your points.
"If you don't believe in God then you are safe." I mean im a Christian and i have plenty of athesists mates. I dont consider them to be doomed because they dont have religion. As long as you're a nice person who cares about the religion you follows. As far as im concerned religion has to be interpreted and understood. I believe that as long as you act with integrity, honesty and morality then thats your salvation right there. My religion just helps when I stray ofcourse and do things i shouldnt do. :]
"None of these men above have ever committed shocking crimes but there are some Christain Child fidlers, Muslim terrorists and these crimes in the name of these Gods has expanded over many years."
Another point i strongly disagree with. Its easy to say Im a Christian or Muslim or whatever but there's more to it than saying it. These so called 'muslim terrorist' arent muslims but extremists blinded by propaganda - the same way soldiers were in World War I for instance. And dont get me started on Christian child fidlers. that's like me saying the rain got me dry. Christianity teaches tolerance, love and respect. These so called christian fiders arent Christians.
unless they can look deep in themselves and genuinly feel remorseful then they dont stand a chance.
And for this song. I just go with my gut feeling. Some of J's lyrics are questionable - eerie! Instead on relying on speculaton and youtube (lol) just go with what you feel.
Excuse the bad grammar and spelling. :)

D'Evils | Reviewer: Amy | 2/13/10

Okay well first of all the only reason christians have a bad name or seem like cults is because the media has huge influeneces on people now a days nd makes it seem like we are but we're not. if yu've ever been to a christin church then yu know that we're good people.

woow | Reviewer: r u guys serious?? | 2/2/10

Supposedly, Jay became a Freemason in 2001. D'Evils, from Reasonable Doubt came out in '96, officially... For one, how does comparing lyrics from this song match with him not being a freemason until 2001??? And the lyrics of him saying he didnt pray to god means just that. He didnt pray. He was living a different life and not worried about praying to God. But that does not at all mean that a person doesnt believe. I feel it means that a person in this situation, doesnt have the faith or true knowledge of worshiping and praying...

Jay mason? | Reviewer: Shaka zulu | 2/4/10

Most if not all masons are devil worshipers so jay could easily be one of them,but then again what difference does it make,therez a lot of celebrity devil worshipers

P.S Oh and i dont believe in god or the bible but im not hopeless

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