wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/09

Sadly there will always be racists, by arguing with them you are stooping to that level. I dont think there should even be arguments we are all just humans. Blessed with the most intelligence and we act like idiots.. my fathers a racist an alcoholic and suffers from severe depression, holding hate within you will only bring you down. why cant we all just get along?

Black Power | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/09

hey white power, have you ever listened to yourself? I read your review and am assuming that you are atheist[call me crazy]
God created everyone equal, just to let you know. African American's are not "spoon-lipped" and they are not related to apes, unless you believe in that type of theory in which case I apologize, you are not atheist, you are a scientologist. Wouldn't you be related as well? You could not possibly be christian because your views are so strewed and no where close to heavenly in nature, I feel sorry for you. God Bless you, I hope you see the error of your ways before it is too late, until then, YOU ARE A REDNECK - an ignorant white person that is the scum of the earth,and ranks with pedifiles, rapists, and murderers. I'm a white guy, and I'm backing all African Americans: You have your rights, and I want to apologize for all of my incestrial ancestors that opressed you for so long, hold your heads up high, and keep your eyes focused on the heavens, you deserve it more than that " White Power" imbecile. And look Bill, Ted, Jack, Joe - Bob, Buck Bo or whatever your name is, your " nation " wouldn't say a word in Compton would you, ya'll are just blowing smoke, do our nation, USA, a favor and give up, show everyone love like you are supposed to, or stroll into Compton, I'd love to see that. God Bless America - minus the people that don't love evry race.

RE: Stand your ground | Reviewer: White Power | Reviewer: Morgan. | 9/16/09

Wow. I can believer what I just read. Do you know how stupid you sound. Going on & on about how you hate 'niggers'...? I know that some things black people say or do is not right... but that's the same for Hispanics, Asians, Whites. Etc. Not ALL black people are lazy,rude,and some of them do speak proper english. Some white people are rude,lazy, and don't speak proper language. No one is perfect. I'm just wondering who the hell are you to say that all black people stink, are strange, and aren't even human? It's obvious, that you think black people are ignorant.... but what are you? Go back and read what you just wrote... You see how dumb you sound?

"Bottom line katlin people will always look down on you the first time you talk bad about how the niggers act. "

When you talk bad about someone, of course we look down on you. Espc. when you use the term 'niggers.'

GET OVER IT KAITLIN | Reviewer: Jairo | 9/15/09

i agree with kaitlin about balcks segregated themselves but not jayz he just sells ask him wut he thinks about hes just makin money he doesnt do it to promote violence and laziness yes he has talent u shouldnt bitch about the fact that hes makin money cuz he can rhyme cat with hat hes up there ur down here with us and wut he raps is up to us to understand it and yes today more than ever ppl r racist hispanic have their groups blacks have their groups and thats in politics, yeah blacks, hispanic, everyone they r pathetic but u just cant take off with jayz hes pretty much accomplished wut everyone envies so suk it
PS i am 100% hispanic colombian to b exact

Okay. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/09

Black people have their own colleges and groups because they WERE repressed. Just like women have the same privliges because they WERE repressed. Everyone is so quick to try and make the other one look like an idiot, you all look like idiots. There will always be low-life black people just like their will always be low-life white people. Kaitlin is an embarassment to white people, but look at how everyone immidietly stoops to her level. And the comment about how President Obama was only elected because he is half-white? Was that comment really serious? This past election had the biggest African-American turn out and you think that he is president only because the white people let him? It's 2009, we have a black president, we all go to school together, use the same restrooms and water fountains, have the same rights and restrictions, same opertunities. GET OVER IT. I came here to look at a Jay-Z lyric and I got a pathetic racist arguement with a bunch of morons who don't know their head from their ass.

Disgusted | Reviewer: Amanda | 9/13/09

Christ, I came on here to look up lyrics to a song I like, and I have to read appalling racist comments from ignorant rednecks. I truly feel blessed to live in the melting pot that is NYC, because I can gladly say I have never met ignorant people like these ones in my entire life.

Stand your ground | Reviewer: White Power | 9/9/09

katlin now i'm going to tell you something. If you hate the niggers because you know as we do that they are dirty smell bad and are down right strange creatures not even human beings, but some strange form of ape, Then stand your ground because you have a nation behind you. The truth is all blacks have this need to be better than eveyone else. The most racist person in the world is a god damnd nigger. The jews were enslaved for alot longer then the fucking spoonliped niggers but do you see them bitching looking for hand outs? I hate the jews but can respect the fact that they can move the fuck on. Bottom line katlin people will always look down on you the first time you talk bad about how the niggers act. but we are watching at all times don't be afraid speak your mind.

SHUT THE HELL UP | Reviewer: melisdear | 9/5/09

Kaitlin you are an idiot. You just like your grand daddy with his racist ass. Most white people think that 400 years of slavery ol' was nothing. Close your eyes you stupid brat. Now imagine waking up with 3 babies crying at your feet (made by your KKK as grand daddy) going barefoot into a field and picking cotton in 100+weather, imagine working until you hands bled, until the sun's heat not only melted your skin but your heart. Now move man working hard still in the fields for the white man, coming home to a wife who once was beautiful but malnutrition and hard times forces her to look twice her age. Hungry eyes looking up to a daddy who can't get a break or make enough to feed his family. He's still in bondage. Is your eyes still closed Kaitlin,,,now see that man walking to find food, and a gang of men dressed in white, attacking him, forcing a rope around his neck, All of them beating and spitting on him while he is being pulled up by his neck and crack...that was his neck stupid little girl. Then imagine a wife walking to find her husband hanging from a tree. Now you little dumb racist little girl. While your eyes are still closed. Imagine that being your father.

jay z | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/09

Makes you laugh, always the dark skinned people calling the racist card. I had a room mate who was black and the minute he got into trouble of which most of it was caused by the huge chip on his shoulder he pulled the race card. FFS you have your freedom you are no longer slaves, well that could be argued as you are still slaves to your own past as you refuse to give it up, but people need to look up the definition of racism before getting all high and mighty. For something to be racist it has to be said/implied/written etc with intent to cause upset due to race. Anyway Jay Z is awesome all credit to him for making the money and sticking with it and not selling out. And on another point I have travelled the world loads and the amount of racist comments directed to me in Africa for just walking down the road was more than I have ever heard in the uk my whole life!

Slim | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/09

To: Kaitlin, Yes white people do owe us something! It's not easy being a BLACK man and I'm not saying some make it any better for themselves but African Americans get treated far worse. Obama is not President because he's black he's president because he's HALF WHITE. This is a racist white world and once a black man gets a little bit of power they get scared and KILL them. Anyways, I never read the lyrics of this song but now that I did it's not bad at all. I'm a female and I don't think this song is offensive because bitches are said to be "girls with bad attitudes" so if your not one then you shouldn't be offended

katlin coppers is racist and an idoit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/09

katlin copper is truly an idiot. Jay-Z has sung this song to entertain, not to try and pretend that racism is a dictating factor in his life. whilst it is true that white people complain to black police about racis targeting, it is also true that there is still alot of racism even in the justic system. Obama is in office as he is one of the first recent president thats not a fucking retard. you think saying "Im not racist" means that your not? you are trying to justify your racist thoughts by analysing a entertaining song! STOP BEING SO FUCKING A XENOPHOBIC BASTERD!

I hate hip hop.... but.... | Reviewer: SteveGerman | 8/28/09

I hate most hip hop, especially now days, when the lyrics are stupid and the sampling sucks. This song, and Jay Z's material in general, is a different story. This is an amazing song. If you have a problem with the lyrics, then don't listen to it. I personally prefer the Danger Mouse mix because I'm a huge Beatles fan as well.

Wow you people just aren't surprising anymore | Reviewer: Kaitlin Cooper | 8/19/09

It's rappers like JayZ that give black people a bad name. When a black cop pulls over a white man the white guy NEVER says "oh hay foo its cuz I white aint it", seriously blacks today think we owe them something, GET OVER YOURSElVES! You all think you're cool with your "pimpin, and because you can rhyme hat with cat", you're so lazy you can't even speak english right! The only reason Obama is in office is because hes black hes a communist, and now all you black people that voted for him aer starting to see it. Think about do you think Martin luther King, or Malcolm X would be proud of the reputation this race has gotten....NO! You're soo quick to pull the race card, you guys get black entertainment television (BET), your own negro colleges, and your own civil rights groups, (p.s. you all have the same rights as whites do) IF white people had any of that we'd be accused of being racist. I'm am not at all racist I have many good close black friends, and by the way my grandfather was part of the kkk. That doesn't make me a racist, I am simply pointing out what I have observed. Think about it.

Fuck white supremacy | Reviewer: Fuck white supremacy | 7/12/09

That kkk shit was supposed to be over after the civil rights movement. There isn't a race that's above another, and there's white people who talk slang and don't talk harvard shit. Fuck you kkk guy. Shout out to hova. This song is awesome.

song | Reviewer: that kkk guy is dumb | 7/5/09

first off whoever said white people are the chosen race is dumb and in his comment spelled chosen wrong so you illiterate rascist redneck shut the hell up and this song is amazing my favorite part is:
I don't know what you take me as,
Or understand the intelligence that Jay-Z has
I'm from rags to ritches niggas I ain't dumb
I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one