scott | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/11

yeah this is pretty funny how people interpret this song on here. I don't really see how to explain it because it is so straight forward. Talking about all kinds of bullshit that happens in life, real shit that isn't some drama with a bitch.

Some people say that he IS NOT talking about women when he says bitch, even though he says "girl problems". he means both, it's a play on words, double entendre

IT'S ABOUT A K9 UNIT! | Reviewer: Timon | 12/14/11

Retards, he's not talking about women! He's talking about a K9 unit: female dogs, including police dogs, are bitches. Get it? Amazing how people judge without listening to one word. I don't recall any part of the song calling "his mama a bitch" or any of the other NONSENSE that's been posted.

A bitch *ain't* one! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/11

See, I've always interpreted this as "with all the problems I have, at least I have no problems with women" because the dude is with Beyonce. He has a good, solid partner, not a "bitch," or if she's a bitch it's in a good way--sassy, smart--thus no problems. :-) Take it a step deeper, it could be a political statement, because all the verses are problems associated with his blackness: Black men should not be complaining about "bitches" because they have a crapload more problems than that and probably some great women in their lives too.

or maybe I'm just giving Mr. Jay-Z too much credit. ;-)

you people are stupid! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/11

What the hell people its a SONG if you don't like it don't listen to it. again its a SONG so it don't make it true. Do you think the band Blink 182 went around fucking dogs in the ass just because they have a SONG called I Wanna Fuck A Dog In The Ass. ITS A SONG
now shut up about it!

@TheTruth | Reviewer: wth | 12/11/11

I'm sorry for you if you were raised by a woman who didn't love you as much as every child deserves. Saying women are 'a lesser form of humanity' doesn't make any sense. For starters: there is no lesser form of life, sure, 'the strong eat the weak', but the these 'weak' also eat the strong. Secondly, of course women are equal, as if men are able to 'reproduce' by themselves. So that means they're just as much human, unless you'll start to say that a female rabit is also 'a lesser form of the rabit-family' etc. Sure, there are women who'll treat you bad and men who will treat women bad, it's bc we're all putting our hopes on the other and that makes room for disappointments in life. It's the easy road to become a bitter forum troll, be a man, grow up and leave your hate, there's already plenty of that in this world.

Seriously | Reviewer: Heartherevolution | 12/11/11

Guys come on, this is not as deep as some of you would like it to be. Stop over analyzing and take it for what it is. Bitch is referring to a girl/female in every instance through out the song. Lets move on please.

The Truth | Reviewer: TheTruth | 11/6/11

All women are bitches. Every single one of them. This whole "women's liberation" thing is getting way out of hand. We need to stop treating them as equals and return to the way they have been treated for all of history: as the bitches they really are. They are a lesser form of humanity good for nothing but forced procreation.

smart | Reviewer: racist | 11/3/11

Well I know most of you from the black community don't understand litureature but this is in your own slang it simply say "If your having girl problem I feel bad for you because I have 99 problems and none of them are girls.' I hope that helps you. Its in English but I could try and translate it to clicks if that'll help you.

People are stupid!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/11


I'm about as far from the hood as you can get and had no trouble understanding the meaning of the lyrics, so where do I pick up my "ghetto card"?

Personally, I think it's hilarious to read people's interpretations of lyrics. I've read interpretations that had absolutely nothing to do with the lyrics in all genres of music, so it has nothing to do with being from the hood or not, it has to do with being dumb as shit.

These lyrics are simple and straight forward and is about shit that EVERYONE deals with at some point, not just blacks. I got pulled over once for my license plate light being out and felt like I was being treated like someone that just committed murder.

I was asked to get out of the car and then asked to get into the cruiser. Before I got out of the car, another police cruiser showed up and the officer flanked my vehicle. When I got out and was walking to the cruiser, I went to put my hands in my pocket, and they both freaked!

The one I saw put his hand on his weapon while instructing me to take my hands out of my pocket and the other was shining a damn maglite in my eyes and I swear it looked like he had his weapon out under the light.

After getting into the cruiser, the second officer left, but over the course of the next 10-15 minutes, two other cruisers stopped and asked the officer if he needed help.

I'm thinking, "What the fuck? All this because I didn't have my seatbelt on?"

False flag'n | Reviewer: Jayson | 10/25/11

Why explain the song to people who don't understand? Clearly theses "bitches" haven't been in the hood long enough to understand these simple fucking words , If you believe this song is about a woman your false flag'n the hood & your ghetto card should be revoked


jayz swag | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/11

yo guys if you read the lyrics carefully, you can see that jayz aint talking about no girl. if you read, it says he had drugs in his car and a cop stops him for no reason and the cop calls in the dog(bitch) to smell out the car, but before the K9(bitch) comes, theres a bigger thing and the cop lets him go.

99 problems | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/11

He is talking about how he already has 99 problems, he doesn't need to deal with bitches, i.e. women (you got GIRL problems?)

Also, when he says "I ain't pass the bar but I know a little bit" he is refering to the Bar exam that you need to take to become a lawyer, playing off of the policemen's comment.

highway chase with Jay? | Reviewer: etotheloc | 9/29/11

Pretty sure the lyric is "I ain;t tryin to see no highway chase with Jake"

Jake being New York slang for a detective.

I've always wondered if they started using that after the popularity of the late 80's TV show "Jake and the Fat Man"... I first heard Nas use it on Illmatic.

Ain't about no women | Reviewer: Ben | 9/17/11

I'm baffled by how many people writing that this song is about a girl. None of y'all can read? All three verses tell a different tale about a run in with: a record exec, a police and his dog, and a dude trying to start a fight. None of the "bitches" in the story refer to females.

He even EXPLAINS this in the final verse. You guys all caught up in the opening lines... Read and comprehend, people.

Please, even I know this is not about "bitches" | Reviewer: if... | 9/9/11

I am white, female and English, so should, according to many, be mortally offended by this song. However, even I can see how he cleverly plays with the multi-purpose word that bitch has become to use it to refer to several different things, the lyrics are extremely clever and narrate a compelling tale. Enjoy the intelligence, and understand that sometimes good art is discomfiting.