racism? | Reviewer: becky | 6/11/10

yes racism is a part of this song, its part of the 99 problems he is telling you about, but hes also saying he doesnt have problems with women...so all the problems in the world and hes glad he doesnt have women problems, not racism.

wtf | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/10

@"Black Power"
Wtf does being an atheist have to do with anything? You just discriminated atheists, which i think is just as bad. Just because we have a different believe then you, doesn't mean were all racists. Alot of the largest discrimination in the world comes directly from religion. Also, what does Scientology have to do with anything?!

Let's just get along | Reviewer: Michelle | 5/26/10

I know, like you've all said, that this song is about racism. But we all just need to come together...right now. Just like the Beatles said. Or continue to kill each other with stupid things like racism.

Awesome Tune | Reviewer: Maj | 5/25/10

Look everyone....the fact is Jay-Z is writing about problems that still continue even today...i am not black but i totally understand the issue of being a race target. I am Asian and i have a beard but does that make a terrorist?? There have been a number of times i have been 'randomly' stopped by the police and asked to present my driving details...whether you like it or not this shit happens everyday....people who are not white are more likely to be stopped and searched by the law....and this is perfectly encompassed by the song...as for it being sexist....no no no....you people are obviously NOT listening to the context.....enjoy the track for the issues it highlights...issues that are still pertinant in todays society.......oh and by the way....FUCK ALL YOU RACISTS...the dick that said 'Blacks are like Monkeys' should just go die somewhere.... I may be Asian but i find black women very attractive and most of my gf have been black...so am i racist to my own kind??? I think not.... dickheads!

You have a brain, use it. | Reviewer: Someone | 5/9/10

Many, many of you need to educate yourselves and stop listening to idiots. Instead of listening to radio personalities and whatnot, read a fucking book, do some damn research. I am so sick and tired of hearing this "black and Jew" shit. Oh an btw- you can be black and Jewish at the same time. HE ISN'T TALKING ABOUT SLAVERY, HE'S TALKING ABOUT RACISM WHICH STILL EXISTS TODAY AND NOW WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA, ALL OF THE CRAZY RACIST NUTS ARE COMING OUT LIKE THE PLAGUE! SLAVERY MIGHT NOT HAVE EXISTED DURING MANY PEOPLES TIME BUT NOT TOO LONG AGO SEGRAGATION DID. PEOPLE CONVENTIENTLY FORGET ABOUT THAT.

Oh and by the way, Jews got paid reparations. And they are still suffering big time and they also keep talking about the Holocaust and everything else that happened to them throughout history.

Every race and culture has its whiners but then there are also those who are spreading awareness and fighting. Use your brain.

wake and free yourself and look at the real problem! | Reviewer: CRIST | 2/20/10

First of all i am french and my English isn't that great but i couldn't go without leaving a remark after reading yours.
A RACIST (black or white) is a person that isn't competitive and is affray of any kind of MERIT-BASED competition.
Aware of his weakness, he is profoundly convinced of being naturally superior to someone else and think the society(and rules) need to take care of him by giving him the privilege he deserve!! (They are mentally sick but unfortunately, the "law of the big numbers" often help them achieving their dreams...)
If someone said you aren't from his race/kind, request the following
scientific prove:

"Ask for his sister (or mom if she is young). If you are not able to prove your inter-fecundity in a year, then you aren't from the same kind!!"

Nowadays your debt vs China is so high that within few years you (black/white) will be CHINESE'S SLAVES!!! lock at that!! YOU HAVE 99 PROBLEMS BUT RACISM'S SHOULDN'T BE ONE!

just a note | Reviewer: aa | 1/14/10

"Like someone else stated earlier, the Jews were too, but they NEVER complained about people calling them a Jew and they proudly state that they are what they are"
well in other languages there are bad names for jews, englush aint the only language on earth

Love This Song!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/09

I'm not a fan of "Rap" music, and incidently don't go out of my way to listen to it. All I can say is that I came across this song quite by accident, on a music cd called, "The Warriors". I listened to the entire cd, and thoroughly enjoyed the music contained therein. I didn't see the music as Black or White. I just enjoyed the music, for the sake of the music, and found it fresh, cool, and completely different than anything I had listened to. Unfortunately, somehow the cd containing the music got damaged, and my only regret is where to find this music. I really enjoyed the "99 Problems" song, probably my favorite on the whole cd. If anyone can tell me where I can buy this cd, please post. It was labeled "The Warriors". If I remember correctly, it had a picture on it of an angry looking Afro-American fellow. Thanks!! Awesome music!!!

no one see the real meaning of the song | Reviewer: AKASH | 12/9/09

peoples just fightin with each other idk why but hov said 99 problems but a bitch aint 1 he so right coz bitch is much bigger problem than 99,,, idk why yall waste ur energy we goin to live in 2010 we all have other bigger problem

Funny | Reviewer: AlanLeung59@gmail.com | 12/6/09

I read from page two to this point and I'm amazed... How many people actually knew what they were talking about when they had their input? Scientologist isn't the belief in evolution, and it's some religon that some people believe in which has something to do with our souls being alien or something... You also have to admit... black people do look more ape-like, and don't pull that "racist" card on me, I'm simply stating a feature that defines the specific "race".

Here are my speculations. There's a difference between a negro and a black person. A negro is one that dwells in their ancestor's pass, a down and dirty one with little respect for other colors as well as being idle. While a black person is one that forgets the pass and looks up into the future and what they can bring into the large mixing bowl of people. If you're not a negro and simply black, then why are you fighting their battle? Black people aren't the only people that had been repressed... Like someone else stated earlier, the Jews were too, but they NEVER complained about people calling them a Jew and they proudly state that they are what they are, instead of making nicknames for the other races like "cracker" just to be even. I'm sorry person that posted before me, but Asians were repressed too, sold to be slaves for mining and railroad companies. The "crackers" didn't really like the "chinks" and decided to cut them off of jobs for their own people. Yet, you don't see an asian complaining about being chinky, because that's a facial feature that they boast. Seriously, America is the only one with this.. "racist" problem, because no other country babies one specific "race" (namely the blacks in our case). Also, that sad little scenario that someone else pointed out earlier... death and crime happens everywhere, it doesn't matter if the victim had a family or not, probably even more upsetting if he didn't even had a settled family, or if his wife had died and he still has children to feed. That scenario isn't uncommon.

I can tell you clearly, that I have no racism, as I fight for each and everyone of you to ensure your safety, if anything, it'd be against the Taliban, and they are not a specific "race". We've got enough problems out here and I think it's stupid that we even have a homefront.

Ehf | Reviewer: mesh | 11/28/09

Hahahaha, look at all these people making each other mad, while us Asians sit back and relax.

Seriously, this is a good song that people still listen to in 2009 and likely for the next ten fucking years. Don't say stuff about "oh man you blacks get everythaaang, if i a whitey got this shit I'd be called a racist" and don't say stuff about "NIGGA YOU BE HATIN', YOU CRACKA".

Just talk about the goddamn song. Jay-Z doesn't make black people or rappers look bad either. He's pretty tame compared to TO THE WINDOOOOOWW, TO THE WALLLLLLLL, MY SWEAT DROPS DOWN MY BAAAAAAAAAALLLLSS.

Go think, you crazy radicals.

great lyrics- controversial- and getting people talking ! good! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/09

"don't push me cos im close to the edge......"
this reminds me of that song. and i really like both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it gives me a little insight into someone else's eyes, that i will never experience.

i like to read these comments, sure i really dont agree with any of the racist comments (against any race). i find some stuff upsetting, twisted AND HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS GREAT SONG! how can you talk about anyone in that way??? A narrow minded person who is not open to understanding different cultures (the different cultural use of WORDS, that are not offending within one culture but MIGHT be to other cultures... so ask a sensible question of other cultures.. stop jumping to silly conclusions!)! DON'T SEGREGATE, INTEGRATE.

My belief is that Racists will never be happy with themselves, the people around them are NOT THE PROBLEM.


IF you feel the need to discriminate over something as arbitrary as skin colour then you really need your head checked! get some help!


personal attacks are a waste of time cos i really dont know you and u cannot tell me how to think and feel. i will read it tho!

agree or disagree thats cool with me :)

im 21 a english young adult- i dont really know what you gain from that but it seems to be a trend... you ahve no idea where i am coming from

"If you don't like my lyrics you can press fast forward"

we all got a right to speech, so lets hear it!

keep up the debate some of it might make someone think twice!

Hate speech against whites is racism too | Reviewer: Phil | 10/24/09

Amanda, you're appalled to read racist remarks? I hope you're equally appalled to read the racist remarks against whites as you are against black. That's right, there's no such thing as "reverse racism" if there are reacist remarks against whites, that is just as much racism as anything else perpetrated. Let's keep that in mind everyone.

FUCK YOU WHITE POWER! | Reviewer: Redneck Faggot! | 10/19/09

Yo white power, how the fuck can you say that African Americans are not human? And that they have a need to be better than everyone? No one is better then the next, but right now i am beginning to feel that you are the lowest piece of shit redneck american scum on earth right now. All you fucking seedy inbread cunts think yous are fucking better than everyone else? and why? Yous aint shit! So go fuck your dirty sister and neck yourself cunt! Oh and btw, I'm Australian!

give it up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/09

alright theres no need 4 a white person of the 21st century to feel like they need to apologize for wut their "ancestors" did long long ago, i never hung any1 or enslaved u so i am not gonna apologize 2 for anything, and u need to get over the fact that it happened caws today is wut u need to worry bout caws u cant change the past, only work on the future, so the word slavery should b 4gotten and never even used again caws its not like its still happening or commin back any time soon GET OVER IT! u's have ur own scholarships just 4 being black, i never heard of such a thing, us can call a white kid in a black school cracker or white boy as if its ok caws "the white man did it to u" U WERENT EVEN A SLAVE SO GET OOOOVER IT, if u want, be a slave 4 a couple years, then u can bitch all u want, till then suck it up that ur life sucks, not my fault or any other races fault its ur own individual fault