Goooood song | Reviewer: Lauraaa | 2/13/07

Cops can be really racist.
I love this song.
Its so very true to life.

rip off | Reviewer: realnig | 2/14/07

All you people praising JayZ need to realize he stole this song from ICE T.. just like all his other songs, all his lyrics are stolen from BIG fucking open your ears plz.

Piece Of Crap Jay Z | Reviewer: Scott H | 2/14/07

Until you know a police officer who was murdered by a gang banger punk. This song means nothing!

Standout track on a good album | Reviewer: PiK | 2/10/07

Also check out the remixes, they're everywhere. The "Collision Course" EP from Linkin Park mixes Jay-Z's black album (the one this track is off) with tracks from LP's "Hybrid Theory" album.

DJ Danger Mouse released an underground "Grey Album" which mixes The Beatles' White Album with Jay-Z's black album. The results are -awesome- .. find a torrent of it and download, you won't regret it.

On a completely different note,
"If you havin' weight problems I feel bad for you son,
I got 99 cupcakes and a bitch ate one"


Fuck Police - the song rocks. | Reviewer: Dan Kilo | 1/28/07

I am from a white suburban neighborhood and the pigs are just as big a dicks here as anywhere. However, if you have some cash and you CAN fight the case then you shut the fuck up when talking to the pigs and call your lawyer (#1 in my speed dial) otherwise, if you are too poor to have a lawyer available, you are fucked because the pigs will do whatever the fuck they feel like to you like search you shit or haul you in for a talk. 2.25 million in jail in the US--1 out of every 8 black men between ages 25 and 29--yea, I say fuck police and fuck your dickhead dad for spending 25 years harassing people and putting people in jail for victimless crimes. Dan Kilo dot com

good thing? | Reviewer: bob | 2/22/06

I dont see how it was a good thing when he polluted linkin park with his egotistic un-original garbage.

Jay Z, Best Rapper Alivw | Reviewer: Saiko | 1/6/06

Good song. Good lyrics. What I like about this song is that it is very unique. It's deffinetly not a rip off. If anyone saw the video it is rifed wih symbolism. The ending and even the little stuff in the video.

READ MY MSG I NEED HELP!!! | Reviewer: amanda | 7/12/05

i luv dis song!!! itz a bit heavier dan sum ova rap songs nd dats y i lyk it i reali lyk da heavy beats in da background im doin a music projext 4 skl on jay-z nd i woz wonderin if ne1 cud help me out plzzzz i jst need a list of the instruments used in dis song nd how iz he represented through da media if ne1 does help me thnx sooo much nd if ur a cute boi den ill need 2 get in touch wiv u lol xxx

mint lyk so us who r dissin it u dnt no jack | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/05

i think its mint the lyrics r tru lyk especially in the second verse ive seen a documentary about sometrhing lyk that yeaa it dont happen in england but thats not the whole world and he comes from america and in some parts of that country it happens like on the fresh prince of balai the one with will smith in they showed how some coppers put them in prison just for being black. Tha second verse i think is the best lyk

Are Ya Kidding Me!!! | Reviewer: b. gump | 3/28/05

for those who think cops dont do that sort of shit this message is for you: get out of your damn white suburban neighborhoods, step away from the benz that your daddy bought you and take a look around. its racial profiling and it happens. the second part of the song speaks more truth than the rest..."cuz im young and im black and my hats real low, do i look like a mind reader, sir i dont know?"

Great tune but... | Reviewer: Joe Preece | 3/12/05

It is a great tune and most jay z fans will agree. But the lyrics in the second verse bring the song down. jay z makes out that hes being discriminated against and that every white man thinks the same. The lyrics later on in the verse about the police would not happen.

not bad | Reviewer: Laura | 2/26/05

this song aint too bad, its better on the collision course album with linkin park, and as for him singing bout being discrimanated, its his own opinions and thoughts, and so he should be allowed to express them

hmmmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/05

i think jay z sucks and the only gd thing bout him is when he put this song on linkin parks numb which is great.

jay-z rockin it | Reviewer: valeria | 7/9/04

Man, for the Trick Daddy comment; i think that jay-z has definitely come out with some fat ass shit over this time. A lot more than we can all probably say about you....but not assuming.

and for the "horrible" comment....I'll be the first to admit that I love policemen, my father was one for 25 years. However, yes they do discriminate people for their looks. Everyone is prejudice at some point in their lives. Do you not think that police officers have a reason to be discriminatory on innocent people at some point. maybe they have been shit on so much that they can't help but hold prejudices at points. Everyone has 99 problems, and that's why this song is off the chain!

BTW | Reviewer: valeria | 7/9/04

Jay-Zs lyrics are completely different than trick daddy's. jayZ has more substance than f' those b' trick would prolly say