jake | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/10

If you listen to the howard stern interview of jay-z about the song he says that he has "99 problems but a bitch aint one" because he had a lot of crack in his car when he was pulled over by the cops for going "fifty-five in a fifty-four", but the K9 unit wasn't available to come and sniff his car so he was let go.

wachu know about that | Reviewer: tom | 12/14/10

yes, he is referring to women as bitches. "If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one." See? the words girl and bitch are interchangeable. Not everything is a metaphor. Fuck bitches make money.

Thanx 2 Mike Torch | Reviewer: Supahfreak10 | 12/7/10

People are up on here arguing about an issue that is clearly not a debate. So far Michael Torch is the only person who I see posting ANYTHING worth reading. The rest of you need to do your homework on Jay-Z because he has stated the reasoning behind this whole issue in his interviews way back when the album dropped and people were trash talking and misreading his lyrics. The meaning of the word "BITCH" as it was used in these lyrics was actually the old fashioned text book definition...so quite frankly some of you look way to deep into an issue but ironically not looking at all. I have lost IQ points while reading most of these posts and now feel the urge to read a book to try and gain them back...lol ...go figure it was as simple as a Police K9 UNIT !!!

my opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/10

I have read a lot of the posts left here. I don't claim to know Jay-z personally, so I have no idea what his exact meaning of every word would be. But this post has been getting into conversation about more controversial stuff. Personally, I love Jay-z's music, but everyone has a right to like and dislike what they want. And by reading the lyrics to this song, it tells me that Jay-z thinks that way too. He says "if you don't like my lyrics you can press fast forward". So, in my opinion he is saying that you don't have to like his lyrics, but if you don't, then just don't listen. He is an American and he has the right to his freedom of speech.
On the bitch subject, again, this is just my opinion, but I think it is obvious by the lyrics that he is not at all talking about women as bitches. The bitch in the first verse would be the critics, the bitch in the second verse would be the cop and k9 and the bitch in the third verse would be the guy that was tryin to push him. Bitch has a technical meaning, which everyone knows is a female dog, but it is also a slang term. Everyone seems to assume that when you use that word that it means women, but a slang meaning for this word could also be...punk, pussy, fool, sometimes it just means someone who you could care less about.
Now, about the race issue. He is just simply saying an event that happened to him! He is not saying that ALL white cops are that way. He is just using his music as an outlet. I heard an interview with him on (I could be mistaken, but I think it was Howard Stern) recently where he was saying that he has a million therapists. He talks about his experiences in life to the world through his music. That is his right. Someone on this post wrote something to the effect of -there is no such thing as reverse racism, racism against white people is just plain racism too- I would agree with that, but I don't know where that came up. Everyone (all races) have racism from other races, but Jay-z can not attest to that. He only experiences the racism that is directed toward him.It sounds like some people on here are saying that Jay-z shouldn't talk about only racism against black people, but that is the only racism that he experiences. I think it's rediculous to think he should talk about things that he hasn't experienced!
In closing, everyone has the right to their opinion, but so does Jay-z, so he's going to keep giving us the great music he does and talking about his experiences and if you don't like what he has to say...press fast forward!

Um you guys got it wrong | Reviewer: Drew | 11/19/10

He isn't talking about women he is actually talking about when he got pulled over the cops and the convo he had with them. The whole chorus was to throw ppl off which he did a gj of doing since you're all thinking he is talking abt women. Hahaha!

Look deeper.. | Reviewer: London | 11/19/10

I will simply say this, if you listen, analyze, and fully understand the context of Jay-Z's lyrics in this song you would know that he NOT once refers to a female in any of his verses. He uses the term "bitches" loosely, to confuse the minds of negative critics like yourself. And he does a good job of it, because of course it will be someone who says "Jay-Z why would you talk about females in that manner." But the song has NOTHING to do with his problems with a female and/or a female in general. Has times gotten so bad that we naturally assume that anytime we see the word "bitch" that its referring to a female? You should pick up a copy of his new book, Decoded. It will further help you understand the context of his lyrics and then maybe you won't be so quick to condemn him.

industry standards... | Reviewer: mlk | 11/18/10

These are the music industry's "Standards". All musicians must be disposable at a moments notice to protect investments. Now how easy would it be to imagine a singer who writes this to end up locked up on a rape or sex crime charge??? Even if he were a pastor/preacher or other respected person, outside"the industry". Think about it! Create turmoil and the dollars start coming in like a freight train.

why | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/10

Why does no one see the irony of writing a song about racism which blatantly condones sexism? Women are not "bitches" and it is inappropriate and disrespectful to call them so. If Jay-Z wants his cry for injustice to be taken seriously, he should start by taking a look at the injustices he chooses to perpetuate.

99 problems | Reviewer: Michael torch | 11/16/10

I don't know how I ran into to the forum. I guess its like everything else on the net you search for one thing and 30 minutes later your on something like this and then headline caught me eye and also the uneducated wannabe's that write this stuff. I'm not going to talk about race. We could go on forever and its a touchy subject. I'm white but 50 percent of my clients are black and ironically black "rappers" and entertainers. I own a P.r company in New york and handle a generous percentage of Jayz products. Clothing mostly. So yes, I've had conversations with him and he is a very nice guy. He is not book smart but very creative and motivated and has top notch and the smartest people handling his businesses. That makes him smart. The point I'm getting at is the lyrics in the song 99 problems. The word "Bitch" has nothing to do with a female. Its the police K9 unit that passed him 5 minutes after he already was pulled over. He told me that if it would have he was carrying enough drugs he would still be in jail. So no clothing line, record company, sports ownership etc. If ur scratching ur head, a "bitch" is actually a female dog hence K9 unit. Its so funny reading these post. Yes it does seem to be about a girl, but if you don't have fact(this goes with anything in life) don't explain it and act like you know everything about it. And then when the facts are proven you lose all respect and credit. So now everyone that reads this knows the true meaning of the words written in the song. Its a story of actual things that happened. And even if it was about a girl, Beyonce would have nothing to do with why he doesn't have a problem since this event that he raps about happened in 1993. Thanks and don't stress out over the race problems, its not going away. I will say this. Black people and white people are equally racist

99 problems | Reviewer: mike | 11/16/10

I'm not going to touch on the rave arguments. That's a no win subject. The only thing I will say is black and white people are equally racist in 2010. I don't know how I got to this page, but like everything with the internet it takes you places you don't want to find and never takes you to the information you want. When I came across this and starting reading it I realized how the meaning of "bitch" to all of the posters on this forum is wrong for this song. I do a large percentage of the PR for JayZ and have conversations with him sometimes twice a week. First of all 99 problems and the BITCH aint one is not about a woman. Its about a K9 drug dog. After he was pulled over and pulling away a k9 unit with light blaring drove past him to pull over the car in front of him at. The time. Hence, if that car would have been the car to pull him over he would have had some major problem since he was holding a large amount of illegal drugs. So in other words if he would have got pulled over.....no record label, clothing line, sports ownerships, etc. Also the occurrence was in 1993, it was just written and released in this time frame. Also everybody in post saying they wouldn't have a problem either if they had Beyoce, well he didn't even know who she was when this took place. So, in the future if u don't have the fact about anything in life, DON'T WRITE about it and act like you have the answers. Ignorance is the demise of every mans success

Get Real | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/10

All of you please get real.

1. This song has two meaning a philosophical and a pragmatic.

So lets look at the first part of the song. It is pretty straight forward with the philosophical and pragmatic meaning being very similar. Pragmatically he is simply stating issues he has (although unclear if that is part of his set of "problems") with the way he is talked about, explaining that he is a self made man, and deserves the respect of others. Philosophically it just deals more with the respect, and that he will not just stand idly by and let people bash him.

Skipping the chorus (will be covered at end) and going straight to the next verse, the pragmatic is obviously the problem and the contextual situation (what is happening and whatnot). Philosophically he is discussing the issue of racism in our society, and when it comes to law enforcement. He also makes his character the black man guilty though, so he either formulated the argument poorly or attempted to go into even deeper philosophical levels on stereotypes and expected behavior etc. If so kudos, to HOVE, but you random Obama bashing, self consumed, illiterate idiots wouldn't understand that analysis so I'll skip it.

Final verse pretty much the same analysis only with different situations from the second.

Kudos to HOVE for writing a great song. But as for the Chorus many different interpretations have been published, many of those also being correct. It seems that the pragmatic is simply problems, he's got em but not with women (either because ladies just love him, or because that's just a constant in his life. Regardless if I were married to Beyonce I wouldn't have a problem with women either.) Philosophically though he is attacking rappers who have decided to focus their musical attention (lol, I called rappers musicians (some are, many are not.)) on problems about sex drugs etc, rather than rap in its earlier roots. Other than that obvious ones there are tons of philosophical meanings to go into which I neither have the time nor the patience to enlighten you with.

For future reference. Don't make an ass out of yourself on chat boards over racism. And also to the fascist bashing Obama: everything you said is wrong, completely. Look up economic data and trends and look at where we are now based off the present compared to where we were when Bush was in office. Things are a lot better, regardless of your illiterate uneducated pea brain likes it or not.

STUPID idiot | Reviewer: Jucenta | 10/3/10

FIRST OFF This song is not all about race at all...yeah there is a lil piece that talks a lil about it....maybe you don't understand what he is saying....see you must not be of any other race rather than white cause had you ever experienced racism first hand it wouldn't bother you when we BLACK PEOPLE talk about it....If a BLACK police officer pulled you over when you weren't doing n e thing and then decided to beat you like they did Rodney King (do you even know who that is?? or are you too young to know) how do you think you would feel. Especially if he stated while beating you that all you white ppl are the same and you deserve it cause you all beat Rodney King. Tell me that isn't racism and you weren't profiled cause you were WHITE. You sound so ignorant and very foolish

Yup yup | Reviewer: Duke Nukem | 9/15/10

Prolly one of the greatest songs ever written imho.

This song isn't actually about racism though. Jay-Z wrote this song because he knew that kids would go on the internet and have arguments about it, trying to get their points across whether they know what they're talking about or not. Truly he's a mastermind.

I love this song.

Shit the fuck up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/10

So we can't complain about racism cause somebody might have it worse? That logic don't even make sense. If there is racism of any kind toward you cam stand up and say something about. If you don't like to hear about it then move to kansas with the klan. And Obama ain't king of black people. He is the President of the United States. His skin color means nothing. If anything you sound racist.

rascism bullshit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/10

im tired of hearing blacks complain about rascism they were not the only ones segregated against. jews, asians, irish, muslims, ect. and rascism hasn increased since obama became president as some of u are claiming, its just obama statistically is worst then bush was. he put us even more deeper in debt then what bush had put us in. fucking people with master degrees r working a mcdonalds for christ's sake, not to mention he bowed down to ( if im not mistaken) saudia arabias p.m. if anything ppl r more rascist to arabs then blacks. im sure ur heard the body odor/terrorist jokes.and let me ask u something. have u ever had to look back over ur shoulder when a muslim walked by? because i know i used to