yea w/e | Reviewer: mo | 8/28/07

well yes some cops do b madd racist especially if u black and in da project dey b der like ery 10 mis juss lookin 4 or startin trouble aint u hear bout dem 2 white cops who shot dez black people like 35 times waz dat necessary im sure dey were dead by 5

Read and UNDERSTAND before you criticize! | Reviewer: Nechole | 8/22/07

Jay-Z is not referring to all women as "hoes." In fact, he specifically states in his lyrics that he is, in fact, not referring to women in this sense. However, some people will continue to view the lyrics as promoting women in a negative light only to have a cause to protest. These types of people provoke controversy to intellectually masturbate themselves into feeling mentally superior.

Some people simply are not happy unless they feel marginalized...

Not talking about actual hoes and bitches | Reviewer: Candy | 8/10/07

I see alot of people are upset about him supposedly attacking woman in the last major verse but he's talking about a guy being a hoe. He even says "not a hoe in the sense of having a pussy" He means the guy was a hoe cuz he pushed him. Ok.

some.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/07

i don't have much to say. love the song and "some" cops are dogs,. heard about the "end of the month" myth thing about cops never believed it until' it happen when i pull out of my drive way, on my way down the road cops stoped me said i passed a red light. went to court and all, but my words against theirs. can't win. no witness...

off da hook | Reviewer: Nicolas Alfaro | 8/1/07

wtf is that mothafuka talkin bout he attackin women like "bitches" them hoes fukin project them selfs for us men to look nd then put us the jack for lookin wat they showin fukin hoes man they outta b called bitches now if they show it off nd dnt b hatin cuz we enjoyin it then shit them gurls off da chain fo sho lol nd cops they aint all like that sumtimes they just bored nd others times they actually r like that but not all the time nd fo sho that jay-z is the shit idk bout betta then 2pac but fo dam sho he rite up thea wit him

#1fan | Reviewer: chasaan | 7/8/07

99 problems is 1 0f my 3 favorite song from jay-z behind takeover & heart of the city. I like j because he talk dat real shit and fuck all ya baby ballers J#m J#n#$ ca#er@7 and Juel$ $@#tana

Opinion on 99 problems by Jay Z | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/07

Topic: Jay Z
Song: 99 Problems

My opinion: The song is really dope an all but not all white people ar dat racist. i guess Jay must have major beef wit da pigz eh? So all in all the song really aint all dat bad. Jaycee

Jay-Z's got it all wrong | Reviewer: Ivan D. | 6/19/07

Jay-Z, you never cease to amaze me.
You wrap about being discriminated against yet
you attack women as "bitches" and hoes.
Who is really the bad guy here?

wellllll silvia carone | Reviewer: luke jawns | 6/5/07

"The second verse really gets to me. It pains me, because for one, cops arn't like that to black people. And two, he views it as if hes totally disgriminated aganst for no reason. What about his rudeness?"

what exactly did you portray as rude? AND he wasn't saying that he is the only being discriminated he is singing this for everybody who is being iscriminated against.

Cool song | Reviewer: Garrett | 5/22/07

Good song, good words, good beat.

P.S. - Amanada is an idiot. learn to spell, please.

cool | Reviewer: poparee | 5/16/07

dis song is da shit tuh lisen to, man this song was like so awsome tha first time i heard it nd its still da bom

Verses Review | Reviewer: Shannon | 5/10/07

The first verse is good, the second verse is incredible, but the third verse is a little flat. Cops do discriminate, even black cops can be incredibly racist! The worst experience I ever had was when I went to lunch with one of my black friends.

A black cop handcuffed me to my steering wheel and pulled my friend from the car by his hair back toward the side of his car. He took out his billy club/night stick and repeatedly beat my friend around the head and back. My friend, Jersey, was on the ground covering his head with his hands trying to fend off the blows and the cop kept saying "stop resisting" even though Jersey was on the ground on his stomach.

The cop pulled Jersey to the side of his car so the beating was not caught on the cop car video. You can only hear him saying "stop resisting", me pleading with him to stop, and Jersey crying out in pain. Jersey was arrested and I was released after a K-9 (police dog) unit searched my entire car. In court, the judge said I was not able to see the fight from where I was and that my testimony was not relevant and a Police Officer's testimony is considered reliable unless you can prove he is lying.

They dropped the assaulting an officer charge and instead charged Jersey with resisting arrest, but we still don't know why we were stopped or why Jersey was arrested. In the "fight", Jersey suffered 3 broken fingers, 1 hairling fracture of his rib, and mutiple bruises and swelling on his back and head. The cop had no injuries, not even a bruise or a scrape.

This all happened here in Atlanta, where the police recently broke in to Kathryn Johnston, 92 years old, house on a false warrant and killed her when she fired once because they never announced they were police. She thought they were robbing her and fired 39 shots at the poor woman.

Good Song | Reviewer: B | 4/23/07

Unfortunately SOME police really do that shit so if you don't know what the fuck you're talking about you should shut the fuck up. He is an artist and is trying to share an experience with his listeners. Police are not completly innocent they can be assholes, especially towards minorities. As for his "rudeness" I think it is justified. Just because you don't know about shit like that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen in real life. So if you don't like his song, don't listen to it and quit bitching.

fucking genius | Reviewer: Alicia Kelley | 4/18/07

fucking luv this song, it's da shyt and is a classic in my mind. Jay-Z is one of the best out there ever. On an mtv 2 special they had him as the best, better than even tupac or biggie. Don't know if i agree but ya gotta love hov.

To "Are Ya Kidding Me!!!" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/07

by instructing those who don't think that cops racially profile minorities to "get out of your damn white suburban neighborhoods, step away from the benz that your daddy bought you and take a look around" aren't you in a way racially profiling? just because a person is white doesn't mean they're walking around with daddys plastic in their wallet, just like all blacks aren't in gangs, and all mexicans didn't jump the border. it's that kind of thinking that causes all this racisim and hate.