chill guys | Reviewer: dave | 8/29/11

look chill guys this is actually a light hearted song aimed at the people who have got problems with '' bitches '' YES bitches is aimed at women so fucking what your telling me you aint met a few through your life ? ... we have all been here when nothing goes right in life if my problem was a '' bitch'' i would be bloody happpy so i can relate to this song i really do have 99 problems but a woman isnt it !! ... and thats the song to me anyways thats the thing about music we all interprete it how we want it to be and thats why we enjopy it !! ..

lets make love not war peace out

please.... | Reviewer: amanda | 5/1/11

I've loved this song for years, and I've always thought he was using "bitch" to refer to a woman, not the dog, that doesn't even make much sense to say, "oh, I'm talking about the dog." Truth is, women can be bitches! If he's talking about problems, then a bitch could be givin him problems. I can't stand the whole fuss over "calling women bitches is degrading to women" bullshit... if a woman doesn't want to be called a bitch, she won't be a bitch. If she doesn't like hearing the word in a song, turn it off.. get over it. In conclusion, everyone stop complaining and whining an being so offended al the time. Geeze. Its a song not a political debate...

can't believe I am typing this | Reviewer: voice of reason | 4/27/11

No. Jay Z is not using the word bitch to refer to a female in any instance in this song. From the horses mouth:

"It's a song that takes real events and reimagines them. It's a narrative with a purposefully ambigouous ending. And the hook itself-99 problems but a bitch ain't one-is a joke, bait for lazy critics. . .But even as I was recording it, I knew someone, somewhere would say, 'Aha, there he goes talking about them hoes and bitches again!' And, strangly, this struck me as being deeply funny." -- Jay Z, Decoded.

The bitch in the song is the K-9 unit from the second verse. Mystery solved, go back to your business of trying to prove hip-hop is the illuminati.

Women = Problems | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/11

"Lots of rappers use the word to put down women. He is showing his brilliance by using it in other ways. (...)"

Dear anonymous (and others with similar thoughts),

If that is true, how can you explain the first lyric, where Jay-Z says "If you're havin' girl problems i feel bad for you son / I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one", which clearly means that he's refering to women when he uses the word "bitch".

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

the real bitch? | Reviewer: lee | 4/10/11

damn... "make me kiss my teeth" since you didn't post a name... it's cute that you posted under the guise of offering a synopsis. You aint fooling nobody brother, unmasked clearly is your hating.

I think you have obvious nerve to say jay-z has fallen off. And your distinctive argument, that the subjects of his raps have no relevance to his life of luxury right now, is boded on misinformation. Perhaps my sting on you may be hypocritical, as i have no idea of your context, but you certainly none of jay-z's.

Upon the release of the song, even upon the debut of The Black Album, what he was 'spitting' as you have justified it as (i approach that with irony because no one has used spit to describe rap since Ja Rule fell off) was perfectly relevant to his context, and it always will be. Stop taking hits at the entrepreneur! The hood context will always be unchanging and central as hip-hop itself.Jay-z is central to hip-hop, he may not be on top, contrary to what he thinks, but what he puts down can always be justified by that genre, the way of life.

And only if you have been in a hole may you be excused for not being aware of Jay-z evolution. Haven't you heard his new shit? "i make music for the world". He HAS moved away from his predecessors. What I'm trying to verbalize is that you are inept on both accounts. Jay-z is currently rapping about what he knows; riches, so you're lacking in current information. Listen to the Blueprint 3; it's not as good as Reasonable Doubt or the original Blueprint, but it will educate your ass. And 2, he's FROM the hood baby, if he ever wants to return to that, he's got shit to draw from. So perhaps a little reflection is in order, i don't blame you for being misinformed, i pity you.

Oh and by the way, the use of bitch in all three paragraphs and markedly all three experiences of Jay-Z are puns, the song is about the flexibility Jay-z has with girls, how he doesn't allow them to dictate his life and therefore allows them to manifest only as that; bitches. that is the conscious of the pun, the unconscious strain is the relevance to the experience, the direct reference to the multipurpose of the word itself. Read Decoded people. Jay-z is perhaps more of a literary genius and satirist with a manipulation of vocabulary than the slang may lead one to believe.

Oh and also, you don't even need to read Decoded to relay the intelligent shit in the lyrics, i for one thought it was obvious, and from what i have been reading, most of the other positive feedback for these lyrics have been enunciating the same thing. Oh and by the way, I'm not actually that big of a fan of Jay-Z, yes i live for hip-hop, but more west coast than east. I'm protecting what deserves to be protected.

At ease kids,

Think | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/11

Jay is creatively using the word bitch. Lots of rappers use the word to put down women. He is showing his brilliance by using it in other ways. Verse 1 uses bitch to talk about people trying to expoit him and ride his coat tails. Verse 2 he uses bitch in the most correct way, to refer to a female dog. In verse 3 he uses it to talk about a guy that is all bark and no bite. He even goes out of his way to point out that the bitch he's refering to isn't female.

You guys are underestimating how smart jay z is.

99 problems | Reviewer: jayd | 3/24/11

the theory about the song being about jay getting pulled over with drugs is bullshit. thats only one verse of the song. i believe its about not getting tied up with women because he already has 99 problems.

Profiling | Reviewer: Jason | 3/9/11

I've heard some stuff about how white peeps(like me) have to step away from the suburban neighborhood and the benz our dad bought for us and see discrimination. I'm telling you this here and now, not half as many white people are like that. I've never been in a benz, much less owned one, and I've never lived in a suburb. Not everyone is the racial profile that we are stuck with. We all have our own that we have to work around, and they're all different.

My meaning | Reviewer: Jason | 3/3/11

This song or every song has a meaning to the singer/rapper and a meaning to whoever is listening to it. It doesn't necessarily have to mean to you what it means to Jay-Z. The words to every book, song, etc should bring out different emotions in different people. Thats whats great about words. The meaning of this song to there are more important things to bog yourself down with than women. If you have a woman that is stressing you out, treating you badly, or making you unhappy he feels bad for you because life is beautiful. Any problem that faces the world, people seem to disregard but whoever is going through tough times in a relationship...cheating partner, broken heart it seems that nothing else matters and Jay-Z is saying everything else matters. Peace. God Bless.

Read his autobiography... | Reviewer: ChadGus | 2/25/11

He's got ninety-nine problems but a bitch ain't one because when he was pulled over there was no canine unit on hand to sniff his car. If there were, they would've found the loads of narcotics he was running at the time, but there weren't so he was let off because the police didn't have a warrant to search the car. Is there a double-entendre behind "but a bitch ain't one?" Clearly. But in this instance, he was directly referring to dogs not being on scene when he was pulled over.

You all are idiots. | Reviewer: Markus | 2/21/11

When he's saying, 'I've got 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one,' he's saying he's got himself a good girl - one who isn't running around on him, bitching at him all the time, or just making his life difficult in general. Whomever this song is directed at (the one having girl problems) has a girl like that, i.e., a bitch.

Jay Z would laugh a all of you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/11

This is about how "girl problems" with "bitches" are on the very bottom of his list. "99 problems but a bitch ain't one" This song is about his life's PROBLEMS, it's not about BITCHES(women) at all. C'mon people use your heads!

make me kiss my teeth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/11

i'd hate to know what his problems are if they're worse than having cops all up in his car. seems contradictory to write a whole song about problems with "bitches" and have, in the hook, that he's actually got 99 problems and a "bitch" ain't one, meaning he's got worse problems than, for instance, cops finding narcotics in his car. in fact, 99 of them. why didn't he write a story about those? money problems? no. lack of regular sex? no. dreams deferred? no. chronic anal itch? (how would i know?)

he must be referring to women as "bitches" in the hook (duh?) BECAUSE the song is about the problems he has with man "bitches". He's distinguishing between two distinctly different bitches.

and i have to take issue with what 99 problems might be for a guy like Jay Z, who's partying, riding in limos, got his own brand, got money to beat cases etc. living like james bond. are his shoes strung too tight? is his champagne the wrong color? his shades too dark? his only problems seem to be the ones he brings on himself. racism? sure, but not getting-a-big-gulp-thrown-at-your-head racism. i agree with human warnings on this one. he's got nothing to rap about but partying and he needs to get more street cred to get more money in his pocket to fight the cases he's catching from criminal behavior (eg. selling crack? doing crack? why? you have everything a man could ever want!)

i'm not saying he can't spit. he just doesn't really have anything to spit about anymore.

hmm... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/11

well everyone wrote paragrahs & long stories. I like the song. Yea that's it but I'm going to continue rambling bout nothing just like every other of the reviews written by random people. Jay-z is talented (to me) but I doubt he cares about your opinion cuz he has more money than u can count & more fans than you will ever know so countine with you sad lives & keep hating. I love jay-z. :) just saying...

pretentious crap | Reviewer: Human Warnings | 1/12/11

jay z has no talent, never did. i have friends who have thoroughly listened to his music, and even they admit, he's a good rapper at best. but rap is not an art, it is poetry that leans on music because it can't stand on its own.

jay z doesn't just use the music of others, he uses his minority status, and his hipster persona to prop up his bad poetry.

just because he has two thousand billion dollars, and five hundred trillion fans does not make him intelligent or creative. Has humanity learned that yet? Just ask the complete moron who invented (STOLE) facebook, Mark Zuckerberg

Oh and I've seen Jay-Z in interviews as well. He is as phony as they come.