jay sean is the cutest thing ever | Reviewer: simone | 12/7/09

hey jay,just want to let you know that your song's ROCK,the song's that you produce just make's every girl/me wonder why guy's cant be like you,maybe it's true i'm cought up on you maybe there's a chance you that you stuck on me too.so TRUE.I love your music and your smile.mwah from SIMONE[Richardsbay]

event in india | Reviewer: darshini chowdhury | 12/7/09

just would like to tell u am an event manager from india,bombay.thinkin of doing an event with few international artists around may 2010.if intersted please get back to me on my personal email address..darsh_7007@hotmail.com

am a asain artist... | Reviewer: Sheeraz Hussain | 11/7/09

Hey jay it would mean all the world to me if you contacted me... am 16 and a RnB asain singer from sheffield just like you was when you were younger it would be a dream for me if you replied and contact me...thanks

OMG U TOTALLY ROCK MY WORLD! | Reviewer: Tanveer Chohan | 11/3/09

jay sean ur da best asian singer omg and i know ur real name noww ur Kamaljit Singh Jhooti! OMG ihope i get aemail 4rm u ur so AWESOME! And i love ur music aspecially DOWN!! I listen to it like 50 timesz a day! and OMG i love England and u live there now that makes me loving England even MORE!!!!!!!!

Oh Jay jay jay sighhh | Reviewer: RavinA | 10/29/09

Okay so they all say theyre ur biggest fan or whatever....but I am ur real hugest fan..its like i cant stop talking about how amazing you are ALL DAY to my friends..ur my ringtone my wallpaper etc etc. lol sooo i really wanna go to like a concert of urs..i swear itd make my freaking life
ur amazing and zexy and ur music takes me to a whole other world dude!
i loooooooooveeee youuu :)
- Ravina :D

u are amazing | Reviewer: yarin santos | 10/18/09

hey jay i am ur biggest fan my name is yarin and im from marlbourough massachusetts i would love to see one of youre concerts and to meet u youre song down and ride it are amayzing i listen to them all day can u plz have a concert in marlbourou you have lots of fans here and i have never been to a concert befor love u bye

Hip hop,buddy | Reviewer: Narcissus | 10/13/09

Hi, jay guess who am i........ofcourse i'm ur biggest fan,dude.I've no words how will i appreciate u n ur songs,but ur all songs r amazing.Whatever i write in my review cannot show my crazyness...how i like ur songs.Like all of ur fans i'm also eager to meet u.In this huge world there r thousands of peoples like u(specially youngsters,like me),in the crowd of thousands dont forget one name i.e 'NARCISSUS',ur big,bigger,n biggesttttt fan.Wish u a best of luck 4 ur new songs n nxt time i'll send u my...........To be continued.

. | Reviewer: rachel | 10/11/09

heyy jay sean, im rachel and im from sydney australia... im in love with your music... and you, lmao. your song down is like the best song out! im doing a dance for is for my schools festival, its a madd song to dance to and when ever its on i full start doing my little dance lol.... well keep up the good work and keep bringing out really good songs... c yah mattee ox

i luvvvvv u jay | Reviewer: anzy sean | 10/6/09

jay really ur a superstar n u said a perfect sentence dat "muzik is more den a gamble" really dats tru'my family background is frm music my father is a music teacher bt i've no interest
but really jay u don believe frm d day wen i heard ur track i really fan of ur hitherto..jay sean my vocal is not so upto mark only i can able 2 sing only i need ur help jay plz i m one of d common guy n need ur help i know u've 222 many fans i know ur feelin dat ki kisko kisko help karte rahoge aap bhi toh ek normal insaan ho
bt main aapse request kar raha hoon ki plz help me ..
maine apne study ke line ko samjho leave hi kar diya really jay i wanna 2 b a singe lik u
i m attract from ur magical pitch voice
i hope u call me @9968446876
i hop jay u'll call me
i m waitin....
luv u jay

A great hip hop singer | Reviewer: shanti swaroop | 10/9/09

Hi,Jay Sean first of all i wanna tell u that i like ur name,its so cool.I like ur all songs "ride it" is one of my favourite.I m also a rapper(in my area)my friends call me a"Narcissus".God gifts u a fabulous talent,carry on man n spread the magic of ur songs on ur fans.U r my all time favourite.

from pakistan :) | Reviewer: diay | 9/21/09

hey jay my name is diya and i LOVE u. i think ur the best singer i used to be inlove wit chris brown but ever simce i heard u i dont even remember who he is lol. whenever im helping my mom clean the house or something and ur song comes on i stop whatever im doing and i listen to it and she gets mad at me for not doing my work its really funny but anyways I REALLY LOVE U!!! and i wish i could be wit u p.s im from paksitan but i live in canada :)

you are the best! im a boy in riverside ca. | Reviewer: Ruben Villalobos | 9/20/09

hey Jay Sean, you have inspired me in the little time that I've seen you on T.V.! I know that I may not sing that good but I know I have potential to be someone great. It is my dream to be on stage in front of millions who are dying to hear me. I wanted to thank you, I know that we may not know each other but I feel like you could be the type to stand by a friends side when their in need. I also love how you not only use your voice but you go into a softer pitch to, I love to do that too... thank you so much

JAY SEAN RULES | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/09

hi jay sean,
if you ever do read this i just want you to know me and almost everyone i know are like your greatest fans. you rock. my favourite singer

p.s.my cousins boyfriend looks like you
p.s. i live in the usa and listen to down atleast once a day<3

~YoU WnT Be LoNeLy~ | Reviewer: Yazzie | 9/12/09

I love your song down. Me and ma friend always hear it. We love rockin out to your songs. You should come to Dallas for concert. Your different style of music makes it more unique and kool. I have never heard nothing like it and i love it. I want to here more of you and more songs. Im sure anything you make will be loved by all your fans. Your voice makes your songs rock. Your awesome and never give up. Your an original, people will try to copy you but they will never catch up to you. ;>

hey i need ur help | Reviewer: Sunny ethan | 9/12/09

hey jay sean , iam sunny from india. iam damn crazy abt music n the thing is dat u r my best artist n ur ride it song is awesome. iam a vocalist n i need ur help. plz try to contact me i cn show u what i cn do n after dat if u think iam bad then u can do whatever u want. plz jay its my request. my cell no. is 9899447452