hiii | Reviewer: renu | 11/20/08

hii jay sean you knoe i really your all songs i really like iam not in love and ride it, can you please give me your number i can call you PLEASE I love you so much, you are very hot and handsome guyy. take care youself,I love you once again. remember me ok....

t5m | Reviewer: Namita Payal | 10/21/08

Amazing site..really interesting stuff.
t5m was lucky enough to be at the Mobo’s and caught up with some of the top talent backstage and on the

red carpet. Take a look at http://www.t5m.com/mobo-awards, with some great exclusive videos on Jay Sean.

im desperate 4 a man | Reviewer: mariam shafiq | 10/20/08

hello jay ive had sex with this boy and hes finished me i dnt love him no more and i love youu ring me 079861237890 x x we'll have a good chat together maybe more i love youuu youur dick must be big i can tell we are meant to be i have blonde and brown hair blue eyes and a sexy figure
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hey | Reviewer: isabelle | 10/16/08

hey jay you are so cute but i have a boyfriend and his indian but he said we can't make it public and he hangs around with different girls and i just feel bad because i love him. should i leave him?

Love Story | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/08

My boyfriend introduced me to your music.
Everything you sing seems to be what he is trying to tell me.its like you started the story of our love,you are so sweet and a very handsome man.Please take good care of yourself.Thanx

i love your music | Reviewer: ahmad suleiman | 9/4/08

please jay sean i may like you to be one of my friend please if you could not mind may i like to know your number because there are so many things i may like to know about you i will call you through my phone. i am one of those that like your music i listen to them and i love them all

ma sis luv u help me | Reviewer: sangeeta kaur | 8/11/08

not 2 be rude dose relly work.lyk jay sean replays bck.oh if it dose ma sis is madly in love with she gt yr posters & everythink in her room i mean our room. she WANTS 2 marry in her dreams.oh by the way i think yr nice 2 lolz

hello their | Reviewer: Rimjim | 7/19/08

hi jay i have this boyfriend who is very cute and romantic believe it or not i did not see him yet we are toghather since 21 oct he is just cool i want to gift him but donr know what will you hlp me guys

ma boyfreind LOL | Reviewer: walija | 5/29/08

i love him more than any1 huz reveiwed dis biography!!!! i fink am crazy over him nd i relly wnted 2 go on britanz got talent to sing his song but am 2 shy LOL i love u jay sean plzzzzz come down to don valley stadium (sheffield) nd i promise u ill definatly cum 2 c u !!! lol luv u ldzzz

OMG | Reviewer: Puneet | 5/1/08

omg i swrr jay sean is one of mah fav singers for loads of reasons buh mostly beacuase he is not from that cristian religion most of rnb singers are from.but form a punjabi back ground liike me ! hehee kidda! loll aniiwaiin nd what amazing voice.plus meeting and doing films with stars such as bipasha bashuu soo sikoo lots of lurb Puneet Brar x

hey hmm a big fan of urzz!!! | Reviewer: hibsa | 5/3/08

Hi I'm hibsa Arif from brooklyn. I an doin a project on you and I'm interested in your talent a lot. The best song I love of urs is used to love her. Its nice
1) where was you born?
2)what do you believe in?
3) what's your religion?
And thanks a lot for all this just remmber that your the best nnot b.c of ur luk its b.c of the talent u have inside you.!!!!!!
So glad to hear back infact I'm pakistan.

all about uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sexy jay | Reviewer: sez | 3/11/08

hya sexy biggggggggggggggg fan love u 2bits hope we meet up 1 day can't wate jus make sure u add me in u bes not 4rget <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 i love u your music is fab and u r soooooo sexy jus da 1 4 me see u hope u get dis messege and u besss add me in 1ns againe iiiiii loveeeeeee uuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

i love youuu | Reviewer: ani_shamzdiva95@hotmail.co.uk | 3/4/08

jay, i love you, i have loved you since the first day i saw you on b4u music, on the song with u n richi rich, your so damn sexy n i love your voice, you can tell you put your heart n soul into the whole song, i love you onc e agian, id love to kiss you rite, now , lol!!!!

only kiddin (NOT REALLY)

joke, i love you , once agian your soooooo dam fit n sexy, i luv it when u dont have your shirt, on and once agian i love you

bye anisah

i love Jay Sean | Reviewer: Donna | 2/28/08

Hi Jay, Im a massive fan and love your music. Plus it helps that your hot!!even my brother likes the music and he usually listens to enya! i would love to meet u someday. I listen to ur music every day and never get bored of it. just keep doing what ur doing. cant wait to hear ur new album and can u come to sunny scotland and sign ur cd?? xxx

Heyy | Reviewer: Punjabikuri | 1/18/08

hey jay ur music totally rocks. I cant believe that a desi munda can sing so good. anyway i think that ur really hot.
ps r u eva gonna come to canada