jay love | Reviewer: baby of jay | 1/16/08

Ilove u jay i think u r the best singer in the world and i wish at one time to meet u u r the best i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee u- u r mind blowing i love your all songs mind blowing espeially rideit

i love you | Reviewer: sahba tayhaban | 1/12/08

hey jay my name is sahba i want to marry you so when do you want to get married heh im only jocking do you think i was going to marry you actually haaaaah not raelly any way read my message love from sahba.

Jay Sean is da BEST | Reviewer: Amy | 12/14/07

Jay Sean is da BEST!! I love all of his songs they touch my heart! I wish he could come to Iowa i would defiantly come to his concert then:)

Jay Sweet | Reviewer: SassySab | 12/6/07

Meet you at the Dulhann Fashion Expo on Dec 2,2007, you are a very talented young man. You need to hook up with Timberland and break thru to US - would love to hear you songs played on the radio here in New York.. By the way are you dating Thara. By the looks of your tour with her it looks as though you are a pair. I hope not because you would be better off with a nice Punjaban girl. You need someone to hold you down and keep you grounded. Because you are going to be flying high when all of America finds out about you. All the best, sweetie. May no evil eye touch you. Sat Sri Kal.

Hott beyond belief | Reviewer: Honey | 12/2/07

OMG I know he hears dis everyday but im his biggest fan............. wud give anything to meet him anyway ven's he commin to sydney??????
i just luv his songs!!!! listen to em evryday!!!!

jay sean | Reviewer: Rhea | 11/24/07

your an inspiration for every indian person who wants to make it in hollywood and thats a really hard job which you manage to do extremely well. your songs are ridiculously good i listen to them every day atleast 87654389213980253 times =] oh and i have the biggest crush on you =]

Kamaljit Singh | Reviewer: Tajinder Kaur | 11/18/07

hey Kamaljit Singh aka Jay Sean,u r made 2 rock dis world n no doubt u r doing dis wid ur unique,latest n cool songzzz n gud n nice videos.
I appreciate ur style statement.u r cool.bye

I love U | Reviewer: Moi | 10/26/07

hey jay how r u i love u soooooooooooooooo much. i hope i get a date qith u one day. I jus hope.
I love ur new album -ride it. BUt ur other album Push it was better cause u didn't have a hair cut i loved ur ohter hair cut lolz its not my hair its urz. Anyway its up 2 u how u have it. But u look sexy in every way
tKE CRE xxxxxxxxxxxx x millions and thousands lolz some for ma mother in law

hiyya | Reviewer: chadz | 10/17/07

lol i'm not mad like other girl for u i guess u're kl, but not as kl as john abraham um.... soz don;'t worry i have high abbise=ion's for a 10yr old surprised yh gd. i wanted to do somethin' big for ma school and if i would i so would i do want to ask u somthin' but i ain't gonna embrass ma self on the computer. i'm begging u email me plz.

hes amazing! | Reviewer: Sairah | 10/11/07

i know that jay sean will probably never read this, but i am so proud of him. he's desi (asian) n he sings in uk. thats really awesome, n his songs really bring out feelings. i think he is really talented, n i hope he'll actually come 2 canada some day :P

jay sean | Reviewer: juggy d | 10/8/07

hey jay sean im a big fan of yours i really waana meet u .. your song is mind blowing especially stolen and meri jaan!

jasvin | Reviewer: neelam | 9/26/07

hey jay sean, u know what i reali love jay sean... the best song 4ever i alway listen 2 these song everyday. love u jay sean mwah!

Jay Sean | Reviewer: ??? | 8/29/07

I just love your songs and your voice lol keep up bringing in more music all the best of luck!!!

I love the song meri jaan and holding on really touching!!!

Hey hottie! | Reviewer: Anisah | 7/27/07

hi ur sooo hot and i love your songs! I have all your albums and i listen to them non-stop! keep it up and hopefully i can meet u someday x

HOTTIE | Reviewer: Tazziee <33 | 7/23/07

I THINK UR A REAL HOTTIE!!! i Swear i wannt to meet u soooooooo friggin badlyy!!!!! lmao i would probably start screaming! :P! lol NICE SONGS!!! listen to them every night! :)