handsom dude | Reviewer: varsha | 5/23/11

hi jay u r so wonderfull & awasome i want to meet u i dont know u read this or not but i love u so much the way u look: the way u talk please reply me pleasee pleasee. i m wayting 4 your msg pls reply me bye dear i miss u

ur great singer | Reviewer: kabita rai | 5/8/11

hi jayn sean iam big fan of urs n i want 2 frnship with u i am introducing myself my name is kabita rai im big big big big big fan of urs i live in kathmandu ,nepal i want 2 ask sum question about ur life that u hav gf or nt n plz write about ur interest in what n write about ur family ur voice make me dane.in every stage of u can get success n make me smile l really love u
lsooooooooooooo much .plz reply me
rozzeee11@ yahoo.com

M gr8 fren of urs | Reviewer: Bimarsh | 4/11/11

Hey brother how r u man. This is bimarsh from nepal. U know i m a gr8 fren of urs,i fall in love wid ur song down,i wanna be a fren of urs make me a fren i wish u read my this small msg.plz add me on facebook my id is marsh_pluto@yahoo.com .bye bro tc have a great time gud lock.

bestfriends; | Reviewer: Gisselle | 3/2/11

Heey my name is gisselle & i would like to tell you a a story of how you made two good friends turn into the bestest friends in the world ! First day of 6th grade i met a girl Jessica Amaya. She gave me her number & everytime she would call me or i would call her we would always be singing "Down" the best song of my life & that song became our song & ever since we have never been apart (: Thanks for your songg (: I made videos on youtube with your song but with us two, check it out (: My username is Gissy1997 (:
Love gisselle.

Number one fan :-) | Reviewer: Shaan | 1/30/11

Hi Jay Sean, I love your songs my mother loves them too and listens to them when she gets a chance. Im writing for school h/work looking at role models and I have chosen you. I feel you have worked so hard and achieved so much, keep up the good work we all are behind you. Dont lose hope keeping going on, its ashame that British producers did not appreciate and acknowlegde your talents....shame on them. We fans love your work, from Julie & Shaan

I hate you | Reviewer: Riya | 2/1/11

You look mad like donkey!!! My boy is more handsome then you his name is Sam and your name is like olden days Kamaljit Singh jhooti what a stupid name!!! I know that you are know as Jay but be sucking and fucking! good luck idiot!!! * (Riya) * [18yrs]

A admiration | Reviewer: Deepak | 11/24/10

Hi jay, i am a big fan of yours. i like your every song,i like the way you sing, with full of heart and effort.i like the way you pull the song in to the high level speech. among songs i like walking alone, on and on, ride it. when i listen these songs i completely lost myself with these songs. i want to beome like you.

Jay Sean it's your #1 fan | Reviewer: Grace Ellison | 11/19/10

Hi Jay Sean my biggest with is to meet you for real i love your music and i want to become famous just like you. I think your acint is fun and cool and i your really h-h-hot. there is something i like to share about me to you. i have never had a boy friend because of my family not that you would be my boyfriend. i'm not skinny or chubby i'm fat because of depression.
thankz love Grace Ellison.

your #1 fan!!!!!!! | Reviewer: giselle | 11/1/10

i love you jay sean there is no way to describe it i think your awasome and hot and handsome and i love your british accint. i am very young for you but i wish i could meet you some day and get to know you more:)

I Luv Jay Sean | Reviewer: Christie | 10/30/10

Hi Jay. I am ur No 1 fan although I am very extremely young 4 u i stil luv u even mor than any1 in the world plz make a concert in Australia. I would luv 2 meet u of course like any no 1 fan but i want 2 meet u mor than anybody in the hole wide world. i luv listening to ur songs especially down with lil wayne, do u remember and 2012 with nicki minaje. i luv hwo u decided 2 make a song about real life.
i luv u sooooooooooooo much!!!

cheer bro........... | Reviewer: manish sondhi | 10/3/10

Hae. jay i luv listening to ur songs .....they r amazing...i mean, i can feel it wen i listen to them.U gave all the asian's especially punjabi's a different identity man.... bro. i appreciate ur efforts nd hardwork.Hea in new zealand we feel proud wen sumbody says that jay sean is a punjabi.i relly wanna meet if u can cum to new zealand for a concert.......and i wish u cud b the greatest R&B artist that this world eva had.

U R GREAT PERSON & SINGER | Reviewer: Emi khan | 9/21/10

Hi Jay Sean,i am a big fan of U and wanted to wish U success in UR up coming life and songs.And also like UR songs and listen to them a lot.UR voice make me hyper and super hyper.May GOD(ALLAH) bless U U are the BEST.

I love Jay Sean.................and his songs | Reviewer: Myu San Li | 9/18/10

Hello....my lovely artist,jay sean, you are the best singer for me and nice person more than other.I always listen your songs, Especially "Down" & "Do you Remember" when I am doing something.I really want to meet you but it can't be. so it will be Dream for me. I will be nice fan of you. God Bless You! & Good luck in everything....

i think.. | Reviewer: Berth | 7/24/10

hi jay sean, i really dont know if you will read all of those things that your fans are writting for you.. but it's ok.. i just wanna tell you that i adore your songs because they talk about all my life times.. really! and i think that you are a nice person.. be always like this and sing fou your fans..

u r the best! huge hug!

superstar | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/10

hi jay sean i dont know if you read these or not but i love your music and my favorite songs r down,do you remember and stay.i love you so much well you probably get that from your fans bit im your NUMBER 1 FAN 4LIFE.ur also hot well of course u r! <3