You Rock!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: cupcake | 9/9/09

Hi Jay, i'm an indian girl from South Africa...just wanna say that you are totally AMAZING!!! i love your music,its unique and different.i love your new song "down" the words are soo cute and touching...i really hope that you have a concert in S.A, you have a lot of fans who are dying to meet you lots MWAH

8/9/2009 | Reviewer: zenab | 9/8/09

jay i'm girl and i'm from syria ,whene i see you i cey realy becouse you look like my beast friend he dead in accedant any way any think i write to you not take yo you my feeling i love youuuuuuuuuuuu realy ,sorry a bout my english ,i will never forget you

EMma BabYbee | Reviewer: Emma Baybee | 9/6/09

hey Jay sean im from Nyc....and im was wondering if we can do a song together cuz i rap and sing a lil and i jus love ur style in music but my onli promblem is im not on the top and like i dont even have record deal its soo hard to get tha stuff soo it would be nice if we make a song together....
let me kno

u are the most handson guy ever | Reviewer: Rama Kanu | 9/4/09

JAY!!! OMG u are soooooooooooooo cute i just wish i will see u and the gurl thatr has u is the most luckiest gurl in the world, Jay u are a wonderful singer please keep your pretty and kute voice...........i love u i wish i know u

love you | Reviewer: Priyanka | 8/25/09

JAY! oh my god, I missed you concert when you came to seattle, so pleaaaaase come again, that would be awesome. I'm also Punjabi (woot woot!i mean chakte patte!) and omg, I always have such a huge smile on my face when my friends say that they love you :) You are such an amazing singer, and I think you just make me stop whatever I'm doing just to listen to your songs. You are ahmazing. I LOVE YOU!
oh, ps, i love love love your hair short! :D love ya!

From SA with love | Reviewer: lynette | 8/14/09

Hi Sean,i am from SA and Indian.
I just want to say that you rock,when i hear your songs i just go into dreamland,i love the way you sing, and the sound of your voice, you are a great singer,i love you

From an Indian to an Indian | Reviewer: Kreeti | 8/10/09

Hey! Jay I'm an Indian also. U r a great singer I'm glad dat u have da guts to do this and prove da people who underestimate Asains and there talent. Ur really a great singer and u can evern rap in Hindi or punjabi witch ever u speek. Love u and u inspire me. Xoxoxoxoxoxo!! Peace out

Jay Sean | Reviewer: Rose | 4/14/09

I am your huge fan that you can find on earth and I want t tell you that you are having an extraordinary voice that got me to like you and your music. You are a unique creature and keep up the good work

!!!!! | Reviewer: shreya | 4/2/09

Hey jay do u actually read all these comments?? u know somehow i cant believe that cause no star has dat much time,,well if u do read them then i must tell that u have loads of patience cause most of these comments r total crap.. Anyway if miraculously u did read this msg then jus let me know u read it!!! And i think your songs are pretty cool..

Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/09

Hi Jay,

I am a girl from Africa (Namibia), I hear your songs on our radio stations everyday and I like them very much. I decided to search you on the internet and luckily I found you. Your music is good, when I hear your music, my knees goes weak. Your voice is amazing and unique. Keep up the good work!!!!

I just love your music. So far, you are the best in the world!!!!!!!

I wish you all the best!

my boyfriend LOL | Reviewer: walija | 3/25/09

i love him more than any1 huz reveiwed dis biography!!!! i fink am crazy over him nd i relly wnted 2 go on britanz got talent to sing his song but am 2 shy LOL i love u jay sean plzzzzz come down to don valley stadium (sheffield) nd i promise u ill definatly cum 2 c u !!! lol luv u ldzzz

i love you as a singer | Reviewer: louise | 1/26/09

i have a boyfriend but we ate seeing each other beacuse of his mate he is a dick head and i know you are asain as well so i throught you can give me couple things to say to his mate he mate i can tell you that his mate like me to but i want to be with my boyfriend . xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Great music | Reviewer: anthea | 1/22/09

Hi Jay just would like to say your music is a great i am dj and whenever i play your tracks at my club the crowd seems to go wild for it so here are my details 073 358 4201 so i would love to hear frm you and maybe get some pointers on what it takes to be a producer since music is a passion of mine so when you get a chance text me, would love to be friends with you.

jayyy bubzzyyy | Reviewer: aleeshaaa | 12/3/08

hiii jayyy i just saw you on tv that day !! you were singing tonight and i loved it soo much that i came on computer to search for you!! i really want you to come to sheffield plzzzzzzzz cumm soonn luvv yaa xxx

hunk | Reviewer: farhat | 11/21/08

I just wanna say jay sean is my dream guy even tho i have a boyfriend lol,jay sean is eye catching in mst of his vids i av spoted so far in my spare time i have in my daily life,he makes u melt in in so many ways esp in his vid ride it wer the zooms into into his eyes at the bar,man u carnt help but blush and go into dream land lol.I always tel my boyfriend he looks just like jay sean frm side view onli lol as gt the same latist hair cut i think.
nehow i could go on and on but will be nice to get a reply from him or for this message at least.