--LOR3N ANNISA-- | Reviewer: loren and annisa | 7/20/07


The Hottest Guy Ever!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Savita | 7/19/07

Hi Jay Sean,I just want to say that I absolutely love your music.You have such a wonderful voice.You are so HOT and I LOVE you so much.Good luck with everything you do and with all of your upcoming songs.My wish is that hopefully I can meet you one day

WANT TO MEET U | Reviewer: ANIL | 6/20/07

Hey JaY SeAn he is the one and only on the earth that can make the HIP-POP and R&b songs he is just got so HOTTTT and he looks like an AMAZING and COOL iam really a big FAN of him from MUMBAI if whenevr i will go to U.K then i will definetly go to his HOUSE and will spent a MEMORABLE DAY

Endless Love JAY SEAN | Reviewer: Özge(TURKEY-ANKARA) | 6/2/07

I love you Jay:( Seni çok seviyorum sevmeye de devam edicem...

i love jay sean | Reviewer: -JaSvIn- | 5/25/07

hey jay sean u no wat i love u n ur songs very much.Iam ur biggest fan in the world.Hope can meet u in life 1 day..........

i love jay sean | Reviewer: -JaSvIn- | 5/25/07

hey jay sean u no wat i luv u n ur songs very much.im ur biggest fan in the world.hp can meet u sometime in life......

family | Reviewer: sandu david hall | 5/23/07

jay seamn old are you do got girlfreind
name when new single out

hottest guy on EARTH <3 | Reviewer: harpkhakh; | 5/9/07

you are so fricken god damn hott! i love YOU =)
keep up the good work your amazingg

"kamaljeet jhooti "rocks... | Reviewer: nikhita | 5/4/07

i love u man.....
watever...i know uve large no. of fans.....lol!
bt nvr mind...ull still b no.1 4me....
no 1can replace u 4m my crush list......
luv u lot.......
1thng more....ure d 1rst guy to whum i said dis........take care......
i know dat ure nt gonna read dis but still i can satiate myself by telling it to every1...lolz!
once again LUV UUUUUUUUUU...........

indians are rising up in the world | Reviewer: Sandani Govender | 4/5/07

jay dean is one of the most sexiest indian superstar around!!!! his songs are over the top and girls all over the world are going GAGGAS over him!!! mwah!! i love you Jay!!!

Jay Sean Himself | Reviewer: Happy | 3/15/07

He is the best ever i think he is so hot and i love him.
Keep up the good work i love your songs.
Every one thinks i'm gay because i fancy you but i don't give a s***t about them.

OMG...JAY SEAN | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/07

God...i cant bliv it...i luv u jay...u r a hit in malaysia...wen r u coming down???trust me ull b mo den glad 2 c all ur fans in malaysia...i really luv all ur songs..khatil hai meri jaan...khatil ho tum...wen i look at u i go gaga...dat smile...dat eyes...GOD TOOK A LOT OF TIME 2 MAKE U MAN A LOT OF TIME...

4rm ur diehard fan...

hey dost | Reviewer: gori | 2/21/07

hey how r u it's my second mail to u i hope u still r in mode of music i am so in wonders of u my dear

wtf!????? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/06

goshhhhhhhh hes not all that good you know! therz beter artists round than him! hez a panzy boy! me n mates jumped infronta him in a queue to go into a club in central london called Penthouse! LOSER

got my eyes on you | Reviewer: sham | 12/8/06

hey mun...u rocked the other night!! if u remember the concert in karachi- the rishi rich project sponsored by soni ericcsson. in fact that was da firsdt time i listened to your music and for all those jay sean fans out there- this guy seriously has talent. the thingy you did relating to da speed of da plane was...amazing!!!
all in all apart from your music talents your spirit kept us alive dat day..
keep up da good work mun...
enjoy mate!!