jay sean | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/06

You are the best yaar..I live in Norway and am wondering if u ever will come here..I just happen to see stolen and i adore the song and u are great wonder why i havent noticed you before but though now i am only listening to u and u know another thing with u is that u are intelligent also u studied medical come on and gave up for the music career..you are not like all the others u are the best!!

sexi jay | Reviewer: nisha | 10/14/06

hya jay sean.I reali lv your music its just da best.your gorgeous n i hope i c you if you perform somewhere again.i reali lv your smile n your eyez.i love your song Aaja kuriya.c ya n lv you loadz.xxxxxxx.nishaxxx

JAY SEAN's REPLY TO FAN's | Reviewer: jaysean | 10/13/06

Hi Ladie/Gental men this is JAY SEAN exclusive Email just for my fans, The Website www.sing365.com told me that there are many good comments about my self on the following website, therefore u though i would post a comment from my self to you fans, i will be realising a new track called "deep fear" on 14 April 2007, this track will hopefully reach numebr 1 in the charts , i have been using most of my time producing this track and my editors are making my instrumental as this is taking time to do because it is going to be so good for you fans. Please enjoy my new album and purchase it from , HMV,VIRGIN,ASDA E.C.T and many other stores near you, Bye and greated love ,jay sean ! add me on msn fans : jay_sean11@hotmail.com (private account ) XXXXXXXX

too gud!! | Reviewer: Meera Khoda | 8/17/06

OmiGod.. Jay Sean.. i luv you!!!! i love ur music n ur voice is jus as gawjuss as u r!! i luv ur hair n ur smile is awesome!!
weneva i feel low, i always listn 2 "i beleive in u", n i feel happy agen!
i luv all ur songs, and ur just amazing! i live in nairobi and i cant wait for you to perform live in concert on the 19th of august!!
your absolutly gawjuss and i luv ya, i really do, and i think ur doin an absolutly fab job!!
lotsa lovin!!
meera xXxXxXxXxXxXx

i love u | Reviewer: shelly | 5/6/06

jay i love u,well i had to tell u 1thing u came to elevate i was there i was very excited,i was there in the front i wanted u to pick me but u picked my frnd right next to me!!i was soo hurt i criedddddd.i love u jay a lot i am in love with u,i am crazy abt u!!!well i hope i am the lucky1 next time.muuuaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh damn u r yummyyyyyy

Simply amazin | Reviewer: Sumeet | 4/3/06

Hi JaY SeAn..........
well, i'd like to tell u tht u hold the top most position in my list f favourites...yr voice is really mesmerizing.......1 can feel gettin tranquilized by yr voice...........keep up the wrk.....hope to meet u sometime in life.....u r simply awesome.......

love u jaan!...ur freakin super hot n cute..cant get over u sweetie! | Reviewer: Megha | 9/8/05

this guy....omg...hes totally unbelievable, fab, hot, cute, n da world's most rockin singer ever!!..im totally gaga over him..jay...u rule da indi pop world!!...ur songs n vidoe's turn out 2 be top of da world...ur marvelous in every field dude!!...i seriously cant get over ur style ur songs...lyrics..vidoes....freak...im in love wid u!!...2 bad 4 ur gf...shes gotta rebel wid me 2 get u!...keep it up cutie!...im soon gonna end up at ur house in uk...n fulfill my dream of a date wid u...hope u'll co-ordinate...u simply rock...well done n keep goin!...take care...loovvveee u loadsss!....mmuuaaahhh!

Hottest singer on earth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/05

jay i luv everything abt u. u damn sexy and u got a great voice. cant wait for ur next album to be released.

|---->|| Jay ||<----| | Reviewer: Moi | 8/16/05

Haha crazy people -- this sez review lol. well lets see Jay Sean duz sum damn good vocals and he can rap really good too. For anyone who listens to r&b music or desi music or rap music [you know, the good stuff], Jay Seanz ur man [artist woteva]. Um, if u haven't heard Dance with you, wot planet are you on? Eyes on you is good, so is dil churaliya and me against myself dats damn funny also meri jaan, i personally listen to that over and over. Some other good songs include Dil Mera where he duz sum pretty sweet vocals, girlfriend and also Kuriyeh [girl]. Basically, Jay Sean is one hot artist. And just for the record, some guys that i know are specially growing their hair to look like his. I'm sorry, but i think only Jay is able to pull it off, the rest of you look like idiots. If you haven't listened to anything from Jay yet, its about time you did.

SEXY FAST RAPPIN DUDE... | Reviewer: ALI | 6/28/05

Well talkin abt jay sean he is just superb i like him so much that all the time i use to listen his songs especially"me against myself" that song really took my heart away, i love the way he raps the way he move with that beats the way he talks ,i luv him so much and his hairstyle...and when he make that funky beats with his mouth i just cant believe it that he is makin that by his mouth or drums? nice tallent jay sean..luv ya ..waitin for ya next album.BYE..

email | Reviewer: ash | 6/20/05

well 2 me his rapping is awesome...but m just wondering y rap so much!well hes bred in uk..understndable...m from new zealnd...nd i hav seen onli thru the movie "kya kewl hai hum"well i'd lyk to get to kno him..not coz hes famous...but if he wasnt i wuldnt b able to kno who he was u c da logic...if i met him off da street...id still wanna get to kno him...jay if ur reading this..dnt think m a crazy fan..but yea id lyk to get to kno ya!

Soo0oo0oo0 Sexii | Reviewer: ×ø×βřOωŋ¤ξγεФBєåu†ŷ×ø× | 6/16/05

Jay Sean is the hottest, sexiiest, most gorgeous guy ever!!!! I will love his music forever!!! Luv Ya!!!

he rocks and makes us proud | Reviewer: nikki | 6/7/05

Jay sean is the bestest singer on earth. he is the hottest guy too. i love him and i hope that his work is always as good as now.
keep it up my man!!!!
i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!