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Performed by Jason Mraz

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About the song You and I both | Reviewer: Kara | 8/29/07

I love this song soo much. It basically tells my life right now...well mostly..It's a turn around from crying for 8 hours and Listening to Shades of Blue By Nick Lachey.

Words | Reviewer: Doug | 8/9/07

Excellent song,written of a love so beautiful that others can only imagine an equal.A love found deep within the soul,mutually expressed and found in words.However this love can not last and the song unfortunately can't either.A song above his other.

Out of words | Reviewer: Krisley | 7/10/07

i love this song, I have no idea why. I just heard it once, just now, but I love it. What I don't love is how it reminds me of what someone said to be a while back. eh well either ways this is a great song.

You and I Both | Reviewer: Mykol | 6/20/07

The song is okay, but the lyrics are truly masterful. I don't know what the song is actually about and it's ambiguous enough it could be about many different things, but here's how it speaks to me.

My interpretation is that the singer is someone who was left hurt and bleeding in a relationship and was bitter about it for a long time, but eventually was able to get past that and able to look on the past with fondness, thankfulness, and no attatchment.

Exactly where I want to be with my ex-wife who left me almost a year ago. I was bitter, angry, and hateful about it for months, but I've moved on and I'm almost ready to just let it go and be free of the past forever.

Wow... | Reviewer: Vada.Mikala | 5/7/07

i'm normally a heavy metal type of girl. but for some reason, i'm drawn into this song. it's so deep, in a weird kind of way. and i'm loving the way it sounds. he's a good vocalist, and he's not the whole "vocal olympist" kind of guy singer like some others tend to be...but it's a very good song.

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