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Performed by Jason Mraz

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AWESOME SONG | Reviewer: Filoula | 6/10/12

Don't you think it's awesome how this song is so effortless and there are none others like it.
Also loved the fact that he says "yeah the mister of a to z" and that equals mr az which is mraz. I just loved that!
....wizard of ooh's and ah's and fa-la-la's
<3 x

Wordplay | Reviewer: None | 6/30/11

I've just recently discovered the song, and I fell in love with it. It is bubbly and makes me happy. It can immediately put a smile on my face if I am in a bad mood. It is just all around a great song!(:

non pareil | Reviewer: Avinash Singh | 2/3/11

I truly adore Jason for whats lacking in me. I do write at times and i read a lot. Jason comes across to me as a guy who's discovered class in his simplicity. Won't say there's nothing better than him. But will never compare him with anyone. Thats my respect to this guy. Cheers!

Found | Reviewer: Lost | 9/1/10

I love Jason Mraz. He not only has good lyrics, but he also is a REAL singer. He doesn't use popular modern ways to alter his voice, as you can see from his live performances. Wordplay is quite the jazzy song, and is just one "side" of his music. For all you folks out there looking for more of his great songs, I would recommend, in no specific order,:
~Beautiful Mess
~Lucky (ft. Colbie Callait.)
~I'm Yours
~Live High
~Prettiest Friend
~You and I both
~Hey Love

With Love,
Jen <3

love wordplay song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/10

i love this song so much cause i like Raph song like this song.there are many album of Jason Mraz that i like so much.Eg like geek in the pink ,actually i put this song for my number one song and i love to hear it

Hi, I'm from Cambodia. | Reviewer: Panha | 1/6/10

Fantastic! Hats off!
Well, I've listened to this song for quite several times and it is just amazing. Well, I think there are some hidden meanings, if you haven't noticed, in this songs. Like in the first verse he mentioned all the challenge regarding his style of singing, but then he siad, "well, I do it cuz I'm good at it.(The wonderful thing it does because I'm the wizard of ooh's and ah's...)" And another hidden meanings are in the second verse where he tried to remind us of his old hits!
After all, this is just my go easy!

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/09

it's a wordplay, so it must be kinda literal. For me, it seems like someone told him "change your style, Jason, or you will be lost," yet, he sticks with it. The need to change style is mentioned on the first part, but the chorus tells about the "wonderful things" it does, and so, he is "stickin with the wordplay".
Anyway, it's a great song!

great song!!! and hidden meaning?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/09

first i want to say that this song has been getting stuck in my head constantly lately and I absolutely love it :D
I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but if you listen to the 2nd verse closely, it sounds kind of like he is reminding you of his hit single from his first album, 'The Remedy (I Won't Worry)'
"When it's time to get ill I got your remedy
For those who don't remember me"

"For the people write me off like I'm a one-hit wonder
Gotta find another way to keep from goin' under
Pull out the stops,
Got your attention"

I love this song | Reviewer: Rob | 7/23/09

I'm from indonesia. I like this song but my no.1 song is still 'mr.curiosity.'
It's the first jason mraz's song that I heard and suddenly it become one of my favourite songs.
Now, almost everyday I listen to jason mraz's songs.

Word plays | Reviewer: Smiley10395 | 5/18/09

Ok, first i just want to say I LOVE THIS SONG! I have about 20 songs by jason mraz varying from each album but this one stands out from his creativeness.

I've found some wordplays but PLEASE tell me all the ones you have found, I need them for a class (don't worry I'm not cheating, but it would be a HUGEEEE help to my project becayse I have to write an analyses/ review of the wordplays and all that good stuff) so like i said before, PLEASE type all the wordplays you've found, even the obvious ones :] thank you everyone in ADVANCE!! :] :] :]


SWEET! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/09

I love this song! but i would have to say my fav songs of him would have to be Lucky and I'm Yours. they are wonderful songs with a nice remedy. if you haven't heard those songs i advise you to!!! You will love them if you like this song!

i love this song :) | Reviewer: prince papai | 2/18/09

well, when i searched for jason mraz's songs. suddenly i found this song and started loving it. at first it was really hard for me to say some of it's lines but for about 2 - 3 days, i finally got it right. mr.A-Z :) you rock!! :)
P.S. got any other songs? :P

Jason Mraz | Reviewer: Nathan O'Brien | 2/14/09

I found this song via itunes's genius... I listened and listened and soo on AND loved it...


I've now heard some of his other songs but they dont compare to this one. Quite disapointed :(
still like some of his songs tho.

novice from the philippines | Reviewer: bran darius | 12/10/08

Aside form being too good when it comes to voice quality, Jason Mraz' song, Wordplay, for me is appropriate for a song that aims at capturing the mind and somehow build awareness to the listeners..Honestly speaking, i thought he just showed up this year I mean this is his first year in the music industry but i was wrong.. good thing my friends told me that he has been singing a quiet sometime but breakthrough just came out after the release of His worldly known Im the composer may not be aware about the intensity of the caption WORDPLAY might lead into the minds of the listeners but indeed it captivates the heart of the listeners with its melodious vocalization, effective diction,irresistible rhythm and compact message to the subject...Anyways, congratulations Jason for being a phenomenal hit and for singing hopeful musics,....KUDOS and GOOD luck for future commitments... you've just got to touch millions of lives.. thank you and more power...till here

Wordplay | Reviewer: Jakktar | 10/22/08

(Yeah im from sweden, my english might sucks :P)

And yes, i do love this song! I heard it, fell in love with the melody, found the lyrics and started practising. xd Finally i knew all the words (yeah, im proud as dunno what xD). Then i started to really look at the words and as "Vox" said - its awesome. Heh, "listen closly to the words i say", yeah its so easy, especially for a swedish idiot.! xD The first song of jason that i heard was "I'm yours", i just löööved it. xd I got some more songs and its not very often a guy can make so many great songs!
Can just say i love it all. Oh, what a different comment. Ever heard anythin like it? :O xD

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