wonderful | Reviewer: fate and wisdom shall shine on u | 6/3/11

this song reminds me of all the great things in life... and the 'remedy' is optimism, which can repel any evil things life sends at us. even if someone dies, like your best friend, you still have the happy thought that they are no longer in pain. And that's the true remedy. that's what i think of everytime i listen to this.
and of course i like the upbeat tempo too! :P

I Gots The Remedy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/11

This song is so powerful. I just love the way he talks about how life is something special. the poison to me is negativity and the remedy is love or friendship. when i hear this song i think of myself and helping others around me. this is one of his most powerful songs. (next to live high, beautiful mess, and lucky). i ADORE this song! <3

my interpretation | Reviewer: loveissacred | 1/12/11

I love this song so much. its stuck with me for many, many years and is one of my favorites. the first verse is about his bestfriend, who was diagnosed with cancer. "well i saw fireworks from the freeway and behind closed eyes i cannot make them go away cause you were born on the forth of july freedom rings" he keeps thinking about his friend(behind closed eyes i cannot make the go away)and he says it about "fireworks" cause his friend was born july 4th. then he goes on to say hes nervous about him having cancer and that he doesnt deserve it and pretty much asks why(what kinda god would serve this). "we will cure this dirty old disease/well if you gots the poison ive gots the remedy" hes saying im gunna be there for you and if your sick(you gots the posion) im gunna help you(ive gots the remedy). the chorus is saying the remedy is facing the challenge(remedy is the experience)its a "dangerious liason" because obviously its going to be tough road. its also saying dont take life too seriously now(the comedy is that its serious) when he says "the tradgedy is how your gunna spend the rest of your nights with the light on" hes saying he feels bad that his friend has to be scared and then says turn to your friends when you cant find the reason and strength in your own life. and "i wopnt worry my life away" -dont make this disease steal your life from you. the second verse is a little different im not exactly sure about it but what i draw from it is "reality show" meaning its reality but it doesnt seem real because of bad shit that happens like his friend getting cancer and hes saying that life may throw hard things at you(the next big attack/stab the brother in the back) and i think the second part means that love "the unavoidable kiss/thats sure to outlast this catastrophe" will help your through anything. and that he says two things at one with "brother in the be right back" saying that before i feel bad about life again im gunna feel good for a little. im just kind of talking out of my ass here but thats what i get from it lol and the bridge hes just saying that love is so important even though his friend may have limited time he should still take his hime falling in love like everyone else. "you can turn off the sun but im still gunna shine" i think it means, yeah bad things can happend but dont just give up and not live your life because of them. and thats it. i know im trying to be deep about this song even though it feels really nice and lighthearted, but i think there are such good meanings you can draw from it like dont be scared in life and just experience it and appriciate it. love this song and the chorus is geneuis but the first verse is my favorite part.

Decide for yourself! | Reviewer: Eirehawk | 12/6/10

I think this song will mean many things for many people. What I get out of it is that living life leads to wisdom if you truly embrace the lessons you've learned and make it a catalyst for change. "If you've got the poison I got the remedy" poison = lack of wisdom, remedy = the experience of our own false beliefs and how that leads to wisdom.

I love this song | Reviewer: Jamiely | 5/24/10

This song is pure genius. For me, it's a very inspirational song. It's very up lifting and everytime I listen to it, I find myself putting in on repeat. It puts me into a good mood everytime. I also think it's a very optimistic song. The lines, 'I won't worry my life away', and 'If you got the poison, I've got the remedy',are clear proof of that. This is one of the songs that I will always love.

Meaning of the song | Reviewer: amanda mraz | 3/19/10

This is song is a personal story happened to Charlie, Jason's best friend since 9th grade. Charlie had bone cancer and Jason was very shocked, he couldn't believe that it could happen to some one he grew up with. So Jason wrote this song to cheer Charlie up. Charlie was born on July 4. Magically, Charlie is now cancer free!

thumbs up!├╝ | Reviewer: Mikk├╝ | 1/23/10

i like the song. even though i dnt understand the lyrics, lol, i still love listening to it. it reminds me of my crush. i dnt know, every time i play the song, i think of my crush. so yeah, thumbs up!

all time fave | Reviewer: bugs | 12/14/09

The first time that I have heard this song of jason, it already stacked in my long term memory..i love this song though I also really doesn't understand the meaning.. I'm a great fan of Jason.!..never get tired of listening to his songs!..it's so alive and entertaining..

luv his voice... | Reviewer: railey | 7/28/09

the power of jason's voice was very prominent in this song.... i luv it... i just dont know what was the meaning of the song... is the disease sum kind of an STD...?? and why would she spend her night with the lights on...?? it's very meaningful though... i love jason mraz... (and jason wade of lifehouse... hehe)

fate | Reviewer: jess | 2/19/09

someone put this song on a cd burned for me when i was 8 and i had no idea who sung it but i loved it. and the other day i was downloading jason mraz songs and i accitdently got this one and i was shocked and well what can i say - i still love it. Jason Mraz = genius.