AWSOME | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/09

I LOVE THIS SONG it's one of the best songs by Jason Mraz. It's upbeat tempo and cool lyrics just make the song a one of a kind. This song is for anyone and everyone who has a craving for an awsome song to listen to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was little cool | Reviewer: iya | 7/6/07

It was was okay....well im singing it with the music...^-^

about the song. | Reviewer: angie | 6/26/07

it was pretty good there was a view mistakes but most of it was right. and yeah i agree about what that bethany girl said, i listen to the song when i do it.

It's okay | Reviewer: Bethany | 5/13/07

Just to say so you can get the lyrics right (there were some mistakes) you should maybe listen to the song while your typing. I usually helps me. So uhhhhhhh ok then l8ta