about him | Reviewer: Ruby | 1/10/10

Hey! I am a big fan of yours. If ever you come to our country, the Philippines, i will buy your concert ticket no matter how much it costs. I love your wit, i love your music-its style and message. I love the way you perform and how you take life by its smooth handle. But, I was disappointed a bit by your smoking. I didn't know you smoke. I thought you were a christian. I don't mean you become an anti-christ by doing so. What I mean is, you should take care of your health. don't you? just worried. ^^

Anyway, I so love you. I love the geek in the pink, beauty and ugly, beautiful mess, i'm yours of course, bella luna, God rests in reason. everything, all of yours songs.

For me, you're a singing novelist. not just a poet. because in every song, you make stories. ^^

Keep on writing, playing, singing....and please come to the Philippines. ^^

may | Reviewer: mayara | 12/15/09

I'm a brazilian and I love listen your musics,I think your musics so beutiful and inspiri me.my song favorite is I'm yours and luck feat calbie caillat.
I love you
rsrsr será que você vai entender meu inglês?

Hmmm...I don't like titles | Reviewer: Faith | 11/24/09

Jason Mraz is the best thing that has ever happened in music. I cannnot name one song that is the best...they are all good. And I can't say I'm in love with him :( but I can say I'm in love with his voice and lyrics:). At the age of 5 I fell in love with music and from the moment I heard him I was struck with cupids arrow...lol. Now that i'm at the age of 17 I can honestly say that he is still one of my favorite singers and I am still in love with music.

you are boon to music industry | Reviewer: Suhani | 10/20/09

hey Jason "Namaste"........well my name is suhani n i m from india, and i it will be bad if i name any song and say that one is my fav, coz i love your all the songs, You are the best thing ever happened to music world, u are just like me, i also love music, even i make music, i promise someday we will surely meet, love you

album we sings we dances we steals thing | Reviewer: d4n1 | 8/16/09

after i heard your 1st single in album we sing,we dance, we steal thing. it's like u hyptonize me with the bit it's very cool s0ng but the m0st i l0ved i'm yours remix it can make us dance every time n u kn0w i always request it in the radio, n n0w i heard l0ve 4 a child which can make me cry' evry time i heard it cuz the lyric very sad' why u made that s0ng ??
did u have a experience about that,,
but i l0ved evry s0ngs u made
why u sm0ke ??

A true poet | Reviewer: jesslyn james | 8/16/09

I live in France and listen to your CD on my IPOD so I can hear all the words. I marvel at what a poet you are. You are the best thing coming out of American music today. I'm a huge music fan and while you remind me of a young Billy Joel (talent wise) I think you're better. Keep the tunes and the poetry coming. It sometimes makes my day. I just can't stay sad when I listen to your music. Merci beaucoup!!!!

you inspire me | Reviewer: emmieca | 7/24/09

hi im mhica im frm phillipines but im now staying here in korea for some reason i just wanna say u really inspire me u were so smart and very optimistic and u make sense in everything ive read about your biography i dont know but i'll wish somehow i met u and talk to u and jam w/ u love to sing since i was a little i grew up in church i learn to sing by joining as 1 of the voluntary singer there i know u are vey busy person but im just hoping we can be friends. GOD BLESS U

The real Jason | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/09

We are a product of our upbringing and I must say your were raised with values with respect for others and the love of art. You are an inspiration to so many people including my son who quite school to pursue his love of animation. He met you recently in California and you were so kind to speak to him and praise him for his efforts. I wish you much success and know you are a role model for so many young and old. Keep doing what your doing as long as your heart is in it. I know some day I will see you in an animation from one of your songs created by my son.

you're so cool... | Reviewer: Dhirwatus Sa'adah | 6/17/09

Hello Jason Mraz, how do you do? Firstly let us introduce ourselves. We are Dhirsa, Endah, Erni, and Ifa. We are from Indonesia. We are so interested in music very much because music can give us a new spirit when we are not in good condition. When listening to your songs, we are so happy because your songs are unique and very entertain us. Your appearance is so cool too. It makes us very exited about you. We hope that your career will be more successful and we wish all the best to you.
That's all from us, we are looking forward to receiving your reply. Please send your reply in my email. Thank you very much Jason Mraz...

very surprising... | Reviewer: emma | 3/26/09

i was soo happy with this song!
it is fresh, real, loveable and very unique.
its diverse sound makes it a very intriguing song that is sooo catchy that u will never want it to end..i adore this song :)

I'm Yourszaa | Reviewer: Charlene Michalko | 3/16/09

I love that song!!! It is my most favorite get-up-and-go song..Went to HMV to find out who sang it..I sang lyrics to staff (my husband sneaked away as I sang) they couldn't help me..frustrated I left and went to starbucks to get a Tai Chi Latte and was singing in line when the coffee guy started singing with me and alas I found my guy..Jason Mraz!!! Went back to HMV, bought it and haven't stopped singing!!!

MY Jason no I am k1ddingg!! | Reviewer: Ladygaga | 2/18/09

Jason Mraz is da best may I shutter to speak!When I hear his songs,the beat and the lyrics are just so wonderful,I can't get enough of his songs!I mean if his songs were at Mcdondles I would buy them every single day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And your hating on him keep on hating because nothing will effect himmmmmmmmmmm!!

Magnificent, marvelous, Mraz! | Reviewer: Kay Seefeldt | 2/6/09

The first time I heard Jason's song "I'm Yours" on the soft rock station WHOM in Maine, I was struck with the quality of his voice and the power of the words of the lyrics. I new immediately I was hearing a promise of more to come. Even my mini macaw was impressed. He likes to "dance" to certain songs he hears and says, "Dance Mama"...and makes a sound like "Mmmmah." He made the sound 41 times the first time he danced to "I'm Yours." I bought the CD that very week. Phiesti still loves hearing it as does my husband and I. Tomorrow I plan to buy or order Mr. A-Z. Keep the music coming. Be Blessed.

PS. Please give up the cigarettes...I am afraid it will ruin your marvelous voice. If you don't believe your fans, ask your doctor. (:

I gave up smoking over 30 years ago and still feel it is one of the best gifts I ever gave myself. As you can see, I am one of your older fans...your voice touches all ages. -K>

love the song! | Reviewer: Kyron Nakamitsu | 8/27/08

Im writing a report on a song Im doing for speech, the Song Im yours its my favorite song I was wondering if you could give me information on why you made the song Im yours, or what inspired you to make the song I dont know if this will work because the dates on the other interviews were last year please write back

JASON MRAZ | Reviewer: Emad Kassem | 8/25/08

man, I swear it but you have changed my life. I was soo depressed and so down when i mistakenly stumbled on your song I'm Yours on a channel I NEVER GO TO. It is called Channel V, it is now my favorite song. I was a rap guy but man, u r sooooo cool and you made me change my whole thinking. I am optimistic and i love to sing (yah, it turns out i am a good singer and i joined the skool musikal). I am even looking forward to learning the guitar, i am also inspired to know that you learnt it at a late age cuz now i have hope!