lol | Reviewer: Danna | 8/11/08

that is SOOOOO funny! EVERY single bit of it.....actually it's VERY ironic....and hilarious because that is what I ALWAYS say....'it wasn't me'....or 'nope...I wasn't there'...bahahahaha much love Jason! ;0)

i love your songs | Reviewer: plr | 7/23/08

omg!!!! you are the best singer on earth i love you r song i'm yours i learned the whole song in twenty minutes thats how much i love it and my dad is sick of the song because we listen to it everyday i'm not sick of it at all i am doing a research about you and i've seen your video of i'm yours on it awsome and i have two questions are you from chicago and can you email me somday or sometime? your bigest and number 1 fan plr!!!!!!!

simply j | Reviewer: jhen | 4/22/08

the dreamer himself! very witty,funny and full of life. jason that's not scared of taking risks and making life so wonderful. this is the man hu touches my life for mos now ...through his music, of course!hehehe

A Pretty Child You Are | Reviewer: Leafless | 11/7/07

Never knew someone could be so much alike.Some shelters universes in their souls,some even create staff from it like you produce macaroni from the floar from the backery you know so well.You come home and u start cooking making your finger tips as white as the snow at your window. and all of sudden you produce not pasta but a nice pie.The one with creamy roses and fake leaves for the just-married couple with their faces lighted by the realistation that this night will be only theirs.That when the guests will disappear and only a few will be drinking the rest of the expensive champaign (100 $ for a bottle, ladies) those two will send everyone to hell for some time.What a night it will be. What a nice world can be said in papers and pencils.Add a strange hat and short eye-sight who watches the world with an interest of a newly born child and you'll get Jason Mraz.Keep it up baby

Coolest Singer Ever!!! | Reviewer: Orion | 11/5/07

Jason is the coolest, smooth talking, greatest ever. With Toca Rivera , they are unbeatable I specially like the song they did "Stuck on You / Randy McNally" & "Love Boat /Sleep All Day".

To You guys... Keep it up

:) | Reviewer: Jen L | 7/31/07

I really do love jason. He is a great singer and all of his songs are so different and I'm not gonig to lie, they are just plain AWESOME. And you know what's funny? I love that you all assume that he smokes cigarettes. you don't know that. It could be pot. I just had to put that out there. haha.

Great singer! | Reviewer: ben john gohing | 5/15/07

Jason Mraz is really one of a kind.He's pretty amazing.I love his voice and I'm trying to imitate it but I can't..hehehehehe.I love his Sleep All Day live performance at House of Blues.Hmmmmm...not so sure about that but I found that video in Youtube.It's really cool.Jason Rocks!(",)

man of my dreamz!!!! watttaaaahh!!! | Reviewer: amz | 3/28/07

i love jason mraz with all of me!!! his so everything, pictured out with his songs, the every melody, words ahhh... breath... honestly im for seeing myself making love with him, and i could die after!!! haha!! His my heaven!! hope ull visit us again here in the philippines!!! im shouting out ur gospel baby!!! heheh!! LOVVVVEE YYYOOUUU!!!

like it!!!! | Reviewer: jadee | 2/9/07

man....... love his voice.... and he's so unique.... and a great big influence to the youth today....specially with his music... it makes young and even old people be inspired.......

I LOVE JASON!! | Reviewer: S K | 5/11/06

Jason is the best! He's the coolest singer around.. and hes different from all the same stuff there is nowadays! Jason rocks! And yeh, he shud quit smoking just to preserve his voice for us :)
i love him!

I LOVE JASON!! | Reviewer: S K | 5/11/06

Jason is the best! He's the coolest singer around.. and hes different from all the same stuff there is nowadays! Jason rocks! And yeh, he shud quit smoking just to preserve his voice for us :)
i love him!

Smoke on, the dood rocks | Reviewer: jero | 3/9/06

Talented and the bomb, wish I'd had known about him sooner, i'd send him a carton and a lighter too!

Excellant voice/music/lyrics and tunes!

More than a cigarette with a voice: | Reviewer: Leigh Johnson | 3/2/06

Jason Mraz is a talented singer, I think we can all agree with that. However the last two reviews have mention that Jason should quit smoking. While I'm not a smoker myself nor do I plan to become one ever, I think that this is his way of coming in touch with his own essance of soul (read about his inspirations in the biography section for part of my reasoning). Clearly his voice is powerful, moving, heartlifting, jaw-dropping, and generally amazing right now. If you have hear his song "Mr. Curious" of the CD Mr. A-Z, then you would have heard his OPERATIC voice as well, which I don't think most of the singers we hear on the radio today can reproduce. After seeing Jason Mraz in concert last October and seeing him sing Opera myself, I believe that his strong voice has hardly been touched by the cigarettes he smokes. I say: right on, keep singing and dreaming because it motivates me to do the same for myself.

((: | Reviewer: sarahh | 10/25/05

yeahh hes got a really nice voice! but he should quit smoking.. it might destroy his voice! and no more nice songs to listen to!

I love him! | Reviewer: Halley Raught | 1/1/05

Jason is the coolest! I love his music, his face, and his personality. I just can't believe he smokes though!