asd | Reviewer: asd | 7/18/07

are u sure this song is a whole metaphor? isnt it about being on tour all time although he wants to be home with his girlfriend? it must be hard to be in so many different countries for a long time when u got ppl at home u wanna be with...

wow | Reviewer: wes | 5/15/07

awesome lyrics from Mraz once again. Hes in love man. The plane is him falling for her in this deep love and hes saying if the plane crashes and he starts to snap back into reality, he'll remember why he loved her. Man awesome song....hes one of the most creative writers I know of....definately my idol.

Plane | Reviewer: G | 5/4/07

Normally i can't stand jason mraz, but i like this song.

damn | Reviewer: simon | 4/5/07

This is a great song... I think I'm just living through something he's singing about.
My favs are this one, did you get my message? and life is wonderful... mr curiosity... damn.

Nice | Reviewer: Theo | 2/21/07

I love this song I dont get it thought... Nice melody n nice voice

JASON MRAZ ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Makaila | 8/31/06

i LOVE this song!!!!!!!!!! jason mraz rocks!!!!!!!!!! if youve heard him, you MUST love him! he has amazing lyrics and and an amazing voice! plane and geek in the pink are my favorite songs of his!