My Life to This Song | Reviewer: Katie | 11/1/10

I love this song it relates to me in so many ways. I have a boyfriend in the army and only get to talk to him for only about maybe 3 hours in all in a week. Everytime we go to the airport he looks at me and says i'll miss you from the time i leave to the time i come back. All he thinks about on the plane ride is me. He calls it torture.

Truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/10

Jason said in one interview that you can find on youtube that this song is about his ex , he wrote it whilst traveling on a plane , and the fact that having to leave her all the time made him right this song , thats what the song is about , its about him having to leave her and he hates it .

Coffee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/09

I would bet a lot of money this song is literally just about a cup of coffee! Even if you loose the Starbucks line, the whole thing seems to be just singing about coffee. If I'm right, how is it possible to write a song that amazing about coffee!!!

This is my song..... | Reviewer: lisa | 8/19/09

I haven't got words to describe what means to me this's like jason is in my mind..
I work as an air hostess and i travel all around the world day by day....and i always have leave him too...also sentences like: "Clean out the reds in my eyes to get by security lines"," im leaving your town again" or "Even only 24 hours under your touch
You know I need you so much" are feelings or accions that i live day by day.So Jason,thankyou for writing this wonderfull song...

Plane Meaning? | Reviewer: Danielle | 5/27/09

Since this song came out it has been my absolute favorite song of all times. I always had my own meaning of this song in my head, like most people say, he is in love with this girl and because of his music career he travels a lot and has to leave the home of where she stays.
"Drain the veins in my head
Clean out the reds in my eyes to get by security lines
Dear x-ray machine
Pretend you don't know me so well
I won't tell if you lied
Cry, cause your droughts been brought up"
to my understanding i always took that as hes very upset and he just wants to be seen so nobody will bring her name up because the second a peice if his life is brought up that reminds him of her he starts to cry.
But he also says how he doesnt mean to hurt her by leaving and he will always remember where the love was found implying he plans on returning because he knows where she waits but if he never returns he will always remember her.

Now I am a bit confuesed because I've been wanting to know hes meaning of the song and what it really meant and ive heard many different ideas and some make more sense than mine. theres like 3 lines in this song that throw me off and make me think i may be wrong.

umm.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/09

who wants to get their facts right? one second hes with his girlfriend the next thing he's broken up and then he's inlove with her more then her him. haha you guys really shold just listen to the music. its not that hard. enjoy.

THIS SONG...IS BOMB! | Reviewer: Steffi | 3/21/08

I love this song. The story, his voice, and the intricacy of his words and word playing is so nice to hear! This song and "The Remedy" are my all-time favorites of his. Jason Mraz is a true artist. Much love!

Literal | Reviewer: Adam | 3/16/08

This song is definitely meant to be taken literally. Tis about a girlfriend he leaves when he gets on the plane. You can tell that he's more into her than she is him by the way he talks about wanting to talk to her and stuff. After they broke up, jason sings this song with so much emotion on stage. its unreal...its just awesome.

Jason Maraz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/07

Ya.. I also like Wordplay though.. I love his rifs and he has such a unique style... I LOVE HIM!!!

Live | Reviewer: Hol | 7/19/07

The song is actually meant to be taken literally. I saw him perform it live where he explained that it was about his girlfriend that lives in a different town. So he is literally on an airplane leaving her town, musing about that chance that the plane would crash and how he would still remember this town with the girl he loves.