Reviews for I'm Yours Lyrics

Performed by Jason Mraz

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__ Just like this song, so much__ | Reviewer: ca' | 1/11/08

It's been a year but i heard this just lately when i stayed for long at home (for months) being freed from all those busied matters...

It was a cold friday afternoon, when the rain was falling so hard that i heard this music played over my fave radio station...

I really love it... the tune, the melody, the lyrics, its meaning...

LOve it so much!!!!!!!!!!

Love it! | Reviewer: :D | 12/31/07

This is a good song and I love it! It is the sweetest song ever! However, you got quite a few lyrics wrong in the last three lines of the third verse, or second if you don't count chorus. I would love it if a someone sent this to me so Drew, please do!

I'm going Insane! | Reviewer: Andreicke | 12/29/07

^_~ what's with my review title? Hehe...


OMG, this should be the song that will keep my GF leaning on my chest! This one's really nice! I love the song, my GF too!

Effin loving it | Reviewer: Katrina | 12/27/07

OMG this song,first time i heard it I was like ahhhhh "I dont like it" but when my friend let me borrow his ipod for like a week [actually it suppose to be just for a day but i didnt got to see him so yeah] I didnt know that he has it. I was listening to my friends ipod when this song played and im like i dont feel like changing the song so i just keep it. And I told to myself man this song is fawesome[freaking awesome]. Its more addicting than wii lol.

OMG LOVE! | Reviewer: selma | 12/11/07

AHHHHH i totaly LOVE this song!!! i just hurd it 4 the first time and im listining 2 it again!! i get butterflies thinking of my bf and listning 2 this song!!! :D
<3 <3
this is my new fav song!!

im yours | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/07

jason mraz you have a nice voice,i hope u give us again a song that can relate all the people who loves yours is the one of my fav song...

Amazing song.. | Reviewer: Sarah | 11/17/07

This song really shows the variations of Jason Mraz's voice and I love it! Every time that I listen to it I get hope that I will find that perfect person in life and that life is so humble and that not everyone is a bad person... It really does give me hope!! I love this song so much! I highly recommend it!!!

freakin' goooood! | Reviewer: ren_j | 11/9/07

at first the first time i heard this song (well, actually, it's d intro that I heard at the first time), it was like "whatever..." but when i heard it in many of my friends' profile in Friendster and Myspace, it really awakens the shit in me! God! This song is good!

Great! | Reviewer: Carla | 11/5/07

This is a great song, and a hard-singing-song. But I loved the ritmic, and the melody is fantastic.


♥ | Reviewer: Camille | 11/4/07

the love of my life sent this song to me on myspace.
and it made me feel all fuzzy inside. :D

this song is awsome butt.... | Reviewer: maamaa | 11/4/07

this song is soo awsome but... i don't like the ending where he acts like he will finish the song like 5 times. Whatever. I really like this song. Ifyou have never heard this song b4, listen to it! It is addictive.

This is just a great song!!! | Reviewer: vvvvvvv | 11/2/07

Jason: if you ever sing this song, i promise you: i´ll be all yours!!!
Not an easy song, but I think I can manage quite well ;-)

im yours | Reviewer: april | 11/2/07

i reallllyyyy luv d song 'coz its hav a very nice lyrics and this song is our themsong with my ex i hope dat he'll be mine again

It such a sweet song!!! | Reviewer: love pink!! | 10/29/07

Omg i love this song..and i got the chance to listen to it because my bf put it on his myspace..and i cross my fingers that he put it on because of us : )!!! aww I love it!!! <333

blahh. | Reviewer: sean s | 10/22/07

i just found out about this song aand am hooked.

luckily i never heard it when me and my girlfriend were still together, otherwise it seems like it would be a hard one to listen to after being heartbroken...

but for now when i listen to it, it gives me hope of finding someone else...

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