Reviews for I'm Yours Lyrics

Performed by Jason Mraz

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Great feeling to enjoy it | Reviewer: Frain | 10/12/08

Hi my friends,

I'm Hieu, from Vietnam. I'm studying MBA in France. I listened this song yesterday by chance on VOA music. And I cannot wait until the day after to share it with my Indonesian friend who stays in the same residence. What a beautiful song! The lyrics is really simple and well-selected. Moreover, Jason sing simply like chatting with friend that makes me fall in love at the spot. I keep listening and learning to sing it by myself.

Thanks Jason Mraz. We all love you.


Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/08

This song is awesome. The lyrics can't help you but feel like you're on the beach. I'm a new Jason Mraz fan and although all of the reviews say it's about living life happily, i think it's about that person you like but you're to nervous to tell. You know how much you like them and so you pour your heart out to them and say I'm Yours. That's exactly what I did to the guy I liked and now we're together.

best song ever! | Reviewer: jamie | 10/11/08

Whenever I hear this song it reminds me to not take life to seriously,live in the moment, and to love life and just relax. This song always puts me in a good mood. I love the melody and Jason's voice. I really like the video too!! I want meet Jason Mraz someday because he seems like a really cool person.

thank you jason!!! | Reviewer: Kelli | 10/9/08

i love this song!!! is sooo awsome!! i have it on my ipod and i have to listin to it everyday. its a great song and i really want to play it on my wedding day!! the weird thing is that im 13!!:) i want to thank jason for writing this song and that i am grateful that i heard this song on the radio!!! ow and btw (by the way) i love the lyrics!!!! love ya always kelli!! <33

In The Car Driving Around | Reviewer: Mercedes | 10/6/08

I first heard this song well my friend maria and i were driving around town.i told her to keep playing it and now everytime i hear it it makes me think of here more.
"i'm yours" is one beautiful song
i can't wait to hear more songs from Jason Mraz

That's an Amazing song | Reviewer: Aaliyah Samuels | 9/30/08

OMG!!!!that is such a good song i love that song so much I even sing it in class in my head but otherwise if i sang it out loud i would get in trouble anyway i think i might have that on my wedding night cause i just love that song so much but that will be in a couple of years since i'm only twelve anyway i just love that song.

Like it? Love it! | Reviewer: Gábor | 10/2/08

Hey everyone. Me and my Girlfriend really love this song...everytime I call her up when she is at home, I can hear this song playing in the background and everytime I do this I'm singing it to her on the phone...then I'm going to miss her so much...I love her really much...she is truely the girl of my life...I love You Kinga!!(L)

I'm yours Mr. a z | Reviewer: Kate | 10/2/08

Hi, I'm Kate from BKK (Thailand FYI)
One day, walking home then I heard this song.. sudden fall in love with his voice, melody and lyric..later when I have internet connection then keep on searching for him..This man is my hero.
I wish xomeday..maybe xomeone sing it for me.
Another song of him that I LOVE is Beauty in ugly (sorry if I'm wrong for typing song name).
I'm yours, Mr. a z
Love all of you.

Dedicated song from my BF 2 ME!!! | Reviewer: Nerissa | 9/29/08

My boyfriend dedicated this song to me.. and at first I didn't know what he was talking about until he started to sing along with it on his iPod.. It was really a sweet song and it was even sweeter to hear my boyfriend sing it and dedicate it to me!!! Ever since then I fell in love with this song and I never get tired of listening to it and I never get tired listening to my boyfriend calling me up just to tell me that "I'm Yours!" Not only do I love this song but I love my boyfriend!

love love loooove | Reviewer: ariaaaaaaa | 9/25/08

hi im aria . this song is just GREAT :D
so simple for the music and so catchy for the lyrics . esp wif jason mraz's voice.
i looooove this song so much & my BF sing it for me on my bday dats why i love the song more :)

fantastical | Reviewer: Samari | 9/26/08

I first heard this miraculous song in Fred Meyers and i loved it!!! i started dancing to it, getting quite a few odd stares, but i didn't know who sung it so i couldn't listen to it again, then about a week later my friend gave me a cd with this song on it saying it was her favorite song and it turned out that it was I'm Yours!!! I won't ever get tired of this song, it is beautiful and it fills me up when i listen to it. It will reach out and touch whoever is lucky enough to be listening! peace:)

Woow | Reviewer: lisa | 9/24/08

Wow i love this song its so catchy
i really like this song cause in a way it give off a message
im 17 yr and i have also sung this song for a competition at my school i one 1st prize i really hope that jason marz has more songs like this i really like it

From Lisa

LOVE IT! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/08

I first heard it this summer performed on Canadian Idol by Mitch Macdonald and totally fell in love with it. I had never heard a jason mraz song before but i am defiantly a fan now! Such a happy, folksy song

simone's repley | Reviewer: simone | 9/23/08

i am simone bracken i am 11 amd i am in year 5 at st michaels priamy school we are doing your song 4 our asembley. and gracie (my friend) and i am going to sing it at our sining concert
I LOVE YOUR SONG ! ! ! ! ! ! do you come up with titles for your songs do you come up with words also
:)anyway better let you go bye:)

abigail | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/23/08

I liked Mraz's songs from the very beginning and believed in his talent. I just love his voice. But I think this song is the best of his. Its quite sentimental and relaxing but at the same time meaningful with positive vibes.

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