Reviews for I'm Yours Lyrics

Performed by Jason Mraz

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i agree with all of you | Reviewer: jeannette | 11/25/08

I've had this one crush on this one guy for THE longes effing time! And finally he asked for my number recently and we've been hanging out and when im in my car ill listen to this song and it just reminds me of him its such a sweet song and i like sing obnoxiously loud and laugh its so fun it makes me so happy to listen to this song :)

awesome | Reviewer: kengie qaury | 11/26/08

I love this song...
I heard this song from my aunt's mobile
when i told my friends about this song, after they hear it they said that I am a music trend setter. all of the song that I recommended is good...
( hahahahaha )

Fantastic! | Reviewer: Dew | 11/24/08

The first time i heard this song from the local radio that i turned in my car. I heard it with my dad. When we went shopping. Its night.Maybe about 7-8 pm. My dad seems like this song very much and ask me to get this song from my classmate. I love this song too. When i'm arrived at my school in the next day, i search it in my friends handphone. Im very happy! I got the original version. 2 days after that, i search again for the accoustic version. I found it too! And after all, everytime i always hear this song. When i go to school,and also when i go home. And,oh yeah,my uncle and my mom like it too! I think i little bit fanatic of this song. Hahahaha. . . . . . .(Kidding)

my love life anthem | Reviewer: Rara | 11/21/08

i really love this song. my boyfriend like this song too... i love my boyfriend and he loves me too. this song is just like our love anthem. "So I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait I'm sure
There's no need to complicate
Our time is short
This is our fate, I'm yours"

I love it!! | Reviewer: Jasmine | 11/21/08

yea so i am in love with this song i listen to it like 20 times in a row and i sing it when i am not listing to it!!! The first time i here it i feel in love and i even sing it to my boyfriend!! I love it and Jason Mraz!!! :)

Great song | Reviewer: Ignatius Budi | 11/20/08

Oh my God this is a great song and I'll sing and present to my friend,her name is Dewi
I love you Jason Mraz.
Thanks for making this song,it's gonna be my new inspiration.
Good luck Jason

it's so good | Reviewer: sakura | 11/19/08

so like the first time i heard this song i was with my boyfriend and we both loved it so much that we decided to make it our song. so now whenever we listen to it we always call one another and uhh yeahh. u get the jist
omgosh i love this song! im from new york city and whenever im on the subway i listen to it on my ipod. It's so sweet and jason mraz has sucha good voice (and he's cute!) i must have listened to it like a bagillion times but i still love it!

anoymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/08

ok.. im a big hip hop fan i really only listen to hip hop r& b and rap.. but ovce i listend to the first 1o0 seconds of this song it got my attention.. i dont know who this artist is but its GREAT!

All time Favorite | Reviewer: HUGE FAN | 11/18/08

The first time i heard this song i was just chillin in my room,laying down on my bed when WHOA! I'm Yours came on.I sat sraight up. It was so beutiful I almost cried. It has been my favorite song ever since! (and i first heard it a while ago) I wish more songs were like this. Keep on rockin Jason!!!!!!!

Feels good | Reviewer: Shelby | 11/14/08

This a great feel good song that can last hours in ones head. I have been a loyal fan of Jason Mraz and this has to be one of his great hits! I have been listening to it on repeat the last two hours and have yet to get tired of it. This song graps every bit of positive that you have managed to stuff away within your self and brings it into a warm pool of smiles, laughs, and hugs that everyone should strive to create each day. Thank you Jason.

love love love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/08

This song is so soft, everytime i listen to it it makes me so mellow. It's a really great song, and somewhat of an anthem to some people. Cause ya know that everyone could think of someone that this song makes them think about. Great Song! love it

INSPIRATION | Reviewer: Alex | 11/11/08

OK, I saw this song on a commercial and thought, wow, what a great song. There's no harsh death growls or hardcore heavy guitar riffs that are backed up by a sick and twisted solo that could inspire destruction, no, this song is just so bright and sunshiny. I'm more into metal and rap but, this, this is something else. Haha... cuz it is. Its a whole different genre, not sure what but I like it.

Wow | Reviewer: Abc | 11/10/08

This is the kind of song that just screams happiness. You know when you're so full of joy and you just want to smile for no reason, this songs compliments those feelings. I am glad that Jason Mraz wrote this song; he has brought a smile to every single person who listens to it and it's a great attribute. Smile, Be happy, Laugh, it's about time for something good to happen.

Jason Mraz | Reviewer: Mariah | 11/9/08

im from Detroit,Michigan an i love this song!!and hes so cute!!! the only thing i dont like about him is that he is in twelfth and im only in eighth but i still love him! the first time i ever listened to this song i cried until i hed no mor juice in my eyes even then i was crying on hte inside!! he is so sweet and nice! ive listened to this song like a Katrillion times plus two more times today ever since i woke up!! There is something about this song that just makes me smile and be happy whenever i hear it i just dont know what it is!! keep up the good work JASON MRAZ!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i<33himmm. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/08

this song is THE BEST! i always think of this cute guy in almost all my classes. this song gave me courage. so tomorrow im gonna tell him what i think and see what happenss<33.
i totally LOVE jason mraz. <333333333

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