Reviews for I'm Yours Lyrics

Performed by Jason Mraz

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Great song! | Reviewer: Jessiah | 3/19/09

Oh, that's the greatest song, I've ever heard. I love the melody, the singer, the music type (like mix of Jazz, Pop, and Reggae). That's just awesome. I dunno what exactly the kinda music. That's just makes my heart meltings. :p

Happy Again! | Reviewer: Alison Rolof | 3/6/09

My X and I broke up a month ago. I've cried over that whole period of time too. Today I heard this song and the en energy..... the HAPPINESS .... let me smile for the first time! I still miss Miguel..... alot..... but this song helps alot too! THANKS!!!

And for anyone who knows me that's reading this..... including Miguel..... Call me right now! I lied to you about him.... obviously i still like him!

.. Hey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/09

I was spending all my time to convince myself that I was not in love with this lovely asshole. But I was listening to this song.. and he was next to me. We were listening together.. and now, he's my boyfriend. Thanks so much to this absolutly beautiful song, and thank so musch Jason M'raz

preticos | Reviewer: preticos | 3/4/09

today i started myself listenig to this song. I cant stop thinking about her when i hear this music. I donĀ“t know exactly what is happening to our love, if it changes to goob vibes only or stills pure. I love her more and more, everyday... every night i imagine her smile and her kisses. This is our first song. i miss her.

|=] | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/09

i love this song. its one of the reasons me and my boyfriend are going out. i listen to it when ever i think about him. |=] which is a lot. and its the number one most played song on my ipod. Jason Mraz is partially responsible for my happiness. Thanks.

This is me and my boyfriends first song!! | Reviewer: Tara Hylton | 2/20/09

Well.......we have only been dateing for 2 to 3 days but we were friends befor so we no so much bout each outher.....i heard this song while my friend asked him out 4 me and when he said yes this song was playing. =)and it also relats 2 us and its jus a great song 2 relate 2 its like u jus fall in love all over agean!! =D

love love love | Reviewer: samie | 2/22/09

at first I wAS not attracted that much to the song but then when my crush Joshua told me to listen to the song. . i then listened closely and gave me a the exact feeling when you are in love love love. . hehe. . i love it so much .. .

dis song iz off da chizzle!!! | Reviewer: Brenda Foleni | 2/19/09

i always look foward to listening to this song. i listen to it on my ipod, my phone, on the radio, in the car and on my laptop. i always yell my cousin to play it on the guitar for me. my best friend and i always sing it and compete of which one of us knows all the lyrics to the song. i never missed a day without singing orlistening to this song!!!

AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p | Reviewer: kay kay | 2/18/09

This song is sooooooo coool! i played it on my guitar at the skool talent show and won fist prise!!its also on my top playlist o my ipod!if your cool:p and not stupid youll listen to this song and love it !!!!!!!

DRUGS??!!! | Reviewer: Jojo | 2/16/09

No way!!! this song is about love!! like as in u
know: I love you, I love you to kind of thing!
Jason isn't talking about drugs! how u got that in your heads i'll never know. I love this song and NO it's NOT ab0ut K0kain or whatever! sooo not! He luvs sum chick and he wants her to love him back but he's been keeping it in:
"so i won't hesitate no more, no more"
as in he's gonna tell her he loves her, "It cannot wait i'm sure thers no need to complicate our time is short, this is our fate im yours" This is our fate, IM YOURS!, he thinks its fate that their together and he's telling her that he's all hers. NO DRUGS!

I agree with Arthur, jason Mraz wouldn't write something about drugs.

-Jojo Kingston

awww... | Reviewer: Beatle Bug | 2/15/09

ok so far this is the best song i've heard from jason Mraz so far and i think its the best EVA! but lemme get dis strate...if you guys think dis song iz 'bout drugs when he says "looking at his tounge in da mirror", hes not talkin' bout crack or coke or w/e hes talkin bout wat he really means and is jus' puttin his words into a GREAT melody, and i think if ur depressed or sad or etc, then u either need to do the same thing and make a song about ur feelings or, u need to listen to this AMAZING song 'cuz yall are awesome and GOD BLESS!! i love you guys -Selina- .:*aka-Beatle Bug-*:.

love it | Reviewer: sean sivaro | 2/12/09

love this song very much,cant live without it,
keep it up jason.
sleep with this song,
walk with it,run with it.even eat with it./cant live without.
am gonna sing this song at our talent night!!!!!!

lyrics are wrong | Reviewer: Amanda | 2/12/09

the lyrics are:
listen to the moment of the music maybe sing with me
i want peaceful melody
(or something like 'i want' i'm not sure)
how the hell you got big family out of that i don't know.
but yeah i like this song. i woke up to my radio blasting it and i've had it in my head ever since. i love it.

I'm Your's | Reviewer: Stoney | 2/12/09

I,m yours, it is a great song, I cannot get the words out like Jason but it's one of those songs that makes you feel the sun, summer, laughter, sand in your toes, youth. love and enjoyment I love the beat and the video has a great feel to, especially when I am sitting looking out at a gray and wet UK day, my young child already love it to, bad dancing here I come, have a good day!

Good song but | Reviewer: Shane | 2/6/09

The lyrics are

Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you're free
Look into your heart and you'll find love love love
Listen to the music of the moment when people dance and sing,
We're all just one big family
And It's our God-forsaken right to be loved love love love love...

Great song though

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