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Performed by Jason Mraz

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Come on... | Reviewer: Eduardo | 1/8/09

The song is really good and the lyrics are very interesting. He is actually criticizing this capitalistic society we live in. I mean, instead of wasting hours in front of the mirror worrying about your looks, you should have a life... after all: it is short!! "Our name is our virtue": meaning what really matters is who you are!! Not the way you look or, for that matter, for what you have!! "Open up your mind ...and damn you're free"!!! Laugh about the simple things!! Love!! "To rid yourself of vanity and..." seize the day, enjoy the moment... "It's what we aim to do"!!
Come on!!! You should give it a thought on the words before you actually start pouring criticism over them!!!

But rest assured... This is not a heil to anarchism! We should live responsibly.

I mean... Tell me what is freedom without rules?! Not freedom at all ;) Think about it...

"godforsaken"?? | Reviewer: Budz | 1/8/09

After reading some of the comments on here, I decided to go to and look up "godforsaken". One of the meanings listed is "neglected".

Taken this way, I think the line "...It's our God-forsaken right to be loved..." can be interpreted to mean that we DO have a right to be loved but there are those of us who have neglected that right, who feel they are unworthy of being loved. Not that God has forsaken that right, but that We have. Not using the term "God-forsaken" literally, but as an expression pointing to our self-neglect.

Just my $.02.

anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/09

i love the song but there's a part of the lyrics that says "Godforsaken right to be love" well i don't agree to it because God gave us love for He loved us before we start to Love Him and then we say that it's a Godforsaken right? Well, it should be other than that word is blasphemous. Literally. But the song is good not the lyrics

Yeaaa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/09

Dude it's not a self ego song, "open up your mind and see like me" it's like yea look at this my way, We're in love. And "our name is our virtue" means you, and your real self is what makes you something good.
But screw the philosophical crap, I love this song

Love it | Reviewer: Ezz | 1/2/09

I love this song! Ever since it cam out it has reminded me of my boyfriend with the whole love bit of the song.

It aslo reminds me of summer and because I am an Aussie I love the summer it reminds me of beaches and just relaxing without any troubles.

Once I have heard the song more than 20 times I will pay attention to the music and not the lyrics and I find the music very calm and uplifting, when I hear it when I am around my boyfriend we act like nobody is around and it is just us in a slow romantic moment!

You're all blinded by the music | Reviewer: fagotree | 12/30/08

Really, I have to agree with the hater. The lyrics to this song are very ambiguous in their interpretation. You're in love, but you want that person to open up their mind and see like you? True openness doesn't require anyone else to see like you.

"To rid yourself of vanity and just go with the seasons. It's what we aim to do. Our name is our virtue"

What does that even mean? I understand that to rid ourselves of our vanity is a part of being open and one with everything, but having your name as a virtue sounds like zealous pride to me.

I definitely don't like the lyrics of this song. To me, they're an attempt to appear deep and wise and introspective, but really, they do come across as self-attentive.

Not too many people pay attention to the actual lyrics of a song. If you're a lover of lyrics, go listen to Love by Mos Def, Patience by K-OS, or even The Man Who Sold the World by Davie Bowie. Those are honest lyrics, not this self-indulgent soda pop shit.

The music is very catchy and cheerful though, which is why I think most people end up liking this song.

So mellow | Reviewer: Liana R. | 12/29/08

wow the first time i listened to this song i instantly fell in love. it is just so truthful and peaceful. no bullshit and none of this crap about dumb material things. i totally agree with
Katie d =]. this is alot better then all that crap rap about gay shit. this guy is great

IN LOVE!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/08

OMG! i LOVE THIS SONG!it so relaxing and free. really i dont want to read the lyrics more than once. because the song is a mystery when you first hear it and thats wat i love about it. jason mraz was smart not to make a music video with a story line. just relax. when i hear this song i get soooo mellow and i love it!! the message i get after hearing the song it just says live your life to its fullest.

wow ! | Reviewer: fatiliciousS | 12/25/08

im totally in lav wit dis song, its sweet n peaceful .. simply shakes my foundation .. 4 da ppl hu tink hes got no style, kumon guys, simplicity itslf is a style .. dis izz an amazin song ! thuumbz up 2 u jason !

oh dear | Reviewer: asdasd | 12/23/08

rap isn't rape. they're two completely different words. Not all rap and R&B is about sex and alcohol. that just shows how well rounded you are. thats only one segment you are basing your stereotype/judgement on. There are many rappers that are political and speak of making a difference in the world.

why do people even waste their time looking up the lyrics to a song they don't like.

the song is good. a song is a song; people interpret it differently; considereing everyone had different experiences. people make small insignificant things into big deals. geeesz.

it's good | Reviewer: katie d =] | 12/22/08

yeah this song can be off in parts, but at least it's not R&B or retarded f*cking rape, which is all about sex, drugs, and money. I like this simple light song. I learned it 2 min on guitar, but if any people think it sucks, then they have sh*t taste in music. Oh .. i like rape b/c i like guys rambling on about nothing. At least this song has meaning.

I agree of the song . | Reviewer: Camilla | 12/20/08

First, the song is not to judge about bullshit . It's free speeech, I'd like to see you do a fricken song so I can judge your fricken face with it . Sure his song may be weak at parts but what inspires me is that he actually wrote about his life and fessed the world to it . Because of that, we are all simaliar . And you know, "EGO", he means creativity , you always see what's in front of you when there's a new adventure there for you . Like literally, at least he WROTE a song and not to judge people . If he would like to wrote a puke worthy song, it would be like, " Take off the boxers and your bra is in my penis." like literally . Grow up, don't judge . He at least expressed his soul and it may not be good but he'll realize it not YOU .

i'm yours | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/08

seriously? egotistical? he says "to rid yourself of vanities". unless you don't know what that means.

i like the style. it's clear and light hearted. and his melody line is simple but beautiful. :)

egotistical? lighten up | Reviewer: Cam | 12/20/08

you really gotta take it easy on people's lyrics.
its not just the lyrics that make up a song buddy. it's the music as well.
this song moves people's emotions in a good way (and theres alotta feedback to prove it)
and i think when he talks about himself... he's trying to refer to everyone else at the same time.
i mean.. i can relate to what he's saying
and thats an important feature to a song.
Mraz has done well

Response to Anonymous on 12/18/2008 | Reviewer: Leah | 12/19/08

I disagree. I don't think this song is egotistical at all. The music is calming and peaceful and I love this song. I don't think he was striving for attention in any way, he doesn't need to. Have you heard any of his other songs? They're all written and performed in the same fashion. It's not about attention seeking or his ego, it's his style. I love it.

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