Beautiful | Reviewer: Kristy | 6/2/09

Jason Mraz has, once again, created a very original, hilarious, and talent-sharing song. This song, like many of his others, is a great success and Mr Mraz deserves much more fame and fortune than he has for work like this.
<3loved it.

Any Song...Mainly McNally or 0% Interest... | Reviewer: Vampria | 6/3/05

OMFG!!! I want this guy to do me! And Do me HARD! How sexy is he! I can't even get over it...Great Vocals and Harmonics...WOW!!!In all honesty I can't stop listening to his music since I saw him on Austin City Limits...This Boy ROCKS!!!!!!!!

Jason, You have a huge fan, who has turn you onto many others...and I Have no CLUE how to say your LAST NAME! LOL!!! That's bad, but at least I know what I Like! ~ email me for kicks would be honered :)