Jason Aldean | Reviewer: Jacob | 11/25/12

My name is Jacob, I'm 12, and I've been listing to your music my whole life. My dream is that someday I'll get to be on The Big 98. I've lived in Dickson, Tennessee my whole life and everyone I know says I am a great singer and I should be one when i get older. The only thing that might stop me is that i can't play an instrument.Your story reminds me that it won't be easy to make it, but I'll be trying. I'll be trying my whole life. And someday, if I do make it, I hope I'll get to meet you. Because you are my inspiration.

Jacob Selvidge, Dickson, Tennessee

I <3 Jason Aldean | Reviewer: lily | 11/16/12

I <3 u! You are my favorite singer. I'm 11 and when i was like 6 i mad motions with my best friend for your song "Big Green Tractor." I have loved it ever since. I dont know what i would do if u were not a singer. I love all your songs i have like all of them on my ipod. I listen to them like every day. What is your favorite song that u sing? I have Two pics of u as my home screen and my lock for my ipod. i am your biggest fan ever :) I LOVE U JASON ALDEAN

ur the BEST | Reviewer: Jordan C | 11/14/12

Hi my name is Jordan and i luv your music so much you the best singer ever well u and luke bryan. and omg your HOT. i wish i can meet u in person... <3<3<3 P.S Your not HOT Your the SEXIEST MAN IVE SEEN.<3 i know the sexiest person that you can meet. ME lots of guys want me and if you werent with jessica i would totally do you and when i mean do u i mean have sex with you... all the time<3 I want u Jason i want you to come inside of me so bad<3 CUM IN MY MOUTH CUM IN ME AND ILL CUM IN YOU TOO<3

Inspirarion | Reviewer: Austin Jolley | 11/5/12

I just want to say that your determination and drive really inspires me. My dream has always been to be able to perform on stage or even write music for people like you. I can't play an instrument but I have won awards for writing. My Passion is country music and you give it at its best! I love to sing and I'm not to bad. My point is this, I have a baby girl and another on the way. I'm a broke car salesman at age 22. I'm living in a small town in Alabama. I have every intention of making my dream a reality for my family and myself. I tip my hat to you. You're a great artist and family man. You're my inspiration!!! By the way, I would love to meet you! Stay country strong!

Luv you Jason Aldean | Reviewer: Samantha | 9/3/12

Jason Aldean, I have loved all your songs since I first heard you in 2005 and just went to one of your shows<33 I seriously want to meet you one day, i have sooo many of ur songs on my ipod & just listen to you all the time, every day. You were more than AWESOME in concert, you totally rocked out!!! Love your music, its awesome, ur awesome, dont ever stop doing what you love!! Totally support you 100%!!! Country music is my favorite, and your my number one!!!! Love you Hottie :) xoxoxoxoo

Samantha from PA <3

Jason Aldean | Reviewer: lizabeth oy | 7/12/12

Hi my name is lizabeth oy and You Rock!! I have all of ur songs on my ipod,three of ur CD'$ and as my background on my laptop and on my ipad. I'm 13 and have u ever been to Valdosta, Georgia??? If u never been to Valdosta, Georgia I 'll show u around here. Email me if u never been to Valdosta, Georgia at lulu.1999@yahoo.com Thanx!!

you rock!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/12

Jason, I love that you're such a family man!! I'm sure Jessica knows how lucky she is.... Your music Rocks!!!! and you are sooooooo Gorgeous!!! I love your down to earth demeaner I thoughly enjoyed your biography!!

By jason

Sherrie :)

Tom | Reviewer: Tom | 3/31/12

Jason, I'm in commercial real (pretty different from your line of work). I enjoy your music to say the least. As I read you story I was deeply moved by your father's involvement, support and guidance with teaching you how to play the guitar. My dad has passed away and I really miss him, but he was a lot like your dad in that he would do whatever he could to help me learn something. All the best brother!

<33333 | Reviewer: EmilyRose | 3/21/12

Jason! Your my favorite singer of all times. I have your albums and my door/room has posters, shirts, bracelets, exc..i recently saw you at the Rodeo this year (2012) and you were amazing! we were front row and everything. It would be awesome to hear from you at anytime..which is probably impossible because now your a huge star! well, ive known you from the beginning (: PS-my birthday is this saturday...MARCH 24 (: I'll be 14!
Thanks for never ever giving up your dream. Your the best country singer ever and without your music, i'd never be able to realize some true things in life. Love you! <3

GREAT GREAT GREAT | Reviewer: Kelli WIlliams | 2/29/12

I think you are great and i love your music i seen you play in concert in Nashville Tn on Feb 24th 2012 i wish you the best of luck in everything you do and keep the great music coming!!!! I LOVE YOU

jason from alabama | Reviewer: jason peek | 2/27/12

Just seen ya concert Thurs in Huntsville it was awesome y'all rocked out, your one hell of an inspiration... loving your way of music... I have been singing your songs since 03 when I bought my 1st album... your living the dream of every Singer, including me..... rock on J . A.

Macey | Reviewer: Macey Hammond | 2/24/12

I have never been to a concert and you are my idol and im in an art class at school and we have to do a project on a famous person and i picked you. You are so awesome .Hope i get to see you in concert one day.