Luv you Jason Aldean | Reviewer: Samantha | 9/3/12

Jason Aldean, I have loved all your songs since I first heard you in 2005 and just went to one of your shows<33 I seriously want to meet you one day, i have sooo many of ur songs on my ipod & just listen to you all the time, every day. You were more than AWESOME in concert, you totally rocked out!!! Love your music, its awesome, ur awesome, dont ever stop doing what you love!! Totally support you 100%!!! Country music is my favorite, and your my number one!!!! Love you Hottie :) xoxoxoxoo

Samantha from PA <3

Jason Aldean | Reviewer: lizabeth oy | 7/12/12

Hi my name is lizabeth oy and You Rock!! I have all of ur songs on my ipod,three of ur CD'$ and as my background on my laptop and on my ipad. I'm 13 and have u ever been to Valdosta, Georgia??? If u never been to Valdosta, Georgia I 'll show u around here. Email me if u never been to Valdosta, Georgia at Thanx!!

you rock!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/12

Jason, I love that you're such a family man!! I'm sure Jessica knows how lucky she is.... Your music Rocks!!!! and you are sooooooo Gorgeous!!! I love your down to earth demeaner I thoughly enjoyed your biography!!

By jason

Sherrie :)

Tom | Reviewer: Tom | 3/31/12

Jason, I'm in commercial real (pretty different from your line of work). I enjoy your music to say the least. As I read you story I was deeply moved by your father's involvement, support and guidance with teaching you how to play the guitar. My dad has passed away and I really miss him, but he was a lot like your dad in that he would do whatever he could to help me learn something. All the best brother!

<33333 | Reviewer: EmilyRose | 3/21/12

Jason! Your my favorite singer of all times. I have your albums and my door/room has posters, shirts, bracelets, exc..i recently saw you at the Rodeo this year (2012) and you were amazing! we were front row and everything. It would be awesome to hear from you at anytime..which is probably impossible because now your a huge star! well, ive known you from the beginning (: PS-my birthday is this saturday...MARCH 24 (: I'll be 14!
Thanks for never ever giving up your dream. Your the best country singer ever and without your music, i'd never be able to realize some true things in life. Love you! <3

GREAT GREAT GREAT | Reviewer: Kelli WIlliams | 2/29/12

I think you are great and i love your music i seen you play in concert in Nashville Tn on Feb 24th 2012 i wish you the best of luck in everything you do and keep the great music coming!!!! I LOVE YOU

jason from alabama | Reviewer: jason peek | 2/27/12

Just seen ya concert Thurs in Huntsville it was awesome y'all rocked out, your one hell of an inspiration... loving your way of music... I have been singing your songs since 03 when I bought my 1st album... your living the dream of every Singer, including me..... rock on J . A.

Macey | Reviewer: Macey Hammond | 2/24/12

I have never been to a concert and you are my idol and im in an art class at school and we have to do a project on a famous person and i picked you. You are so awesome .Hope i get to see you in concert one day.

Jason Aldean | Reviewer: holly K | 1/31/12

Jason, you are my FAVORITE singer ever!!! You hav an amazing voice and can sing anything amazingly and u are really good looking;)! I can't wait till your concert in september!!<3thanks for all of thhe great music!

:) | Reviewer: Collin | 1/19/12

Hey my name is Collin Reavis. I'm going to your concert in North Carolina on January 21. Can't wait to see you do a good job. My whole family loves your songs. Keep up the good work! :)

Jason aldean :):) | Reviewer: Kate:) | 12/21/11

Jason you are my idol i am in love with you and your music i listen to it everyday and will never stop i love the way you sing and love your kids name (Keeley):) you are an amazing romodle!! <3 you and you are a GREATTTTT singer thanks for everything you have donee:) i am going to go to another one of your concerts you rocks and that will never change:) Please don't ever stop singing or writing songs!!! I really want to meet you in person thats always been my dream, and I really hope that comes true:) i am doing a power point on you and will keep it forever I almost know it by heart:) you are the worlds greatest singer & i have like all your songs on my Phone & ipod!! I hope you read thiss:):):) <3 kate <3 :)

Jason Aldean | Reviewer: Nikki | 12/6/11

Hi, my name is Nikki, im 14 and i love your music! I have always wanted to be a famous singer and to go onto American Idol sometime in the future, and your music has let that dream stay with me. All I'd like to say is thank you for helping me just by your singing. :)

your a great singer | Reviewer: Jacob Campbell | 10/24/11

the music you make is awesome. im a down to earth rednecks and you have been my idol for ever. keep up the good work hope to see you in texas sometime. i just like to kick back and listen to your music with some friends on a friday night .

kids | Reviewer: bobby allen | 9/4/11

man just want to say me and my son both love the music.we have been big fans since youve made it big.just wanted to say thank you for the great music. my son and i always listen to your music together and always sing to it. you have been his favorite singer four like 5 years now. again thank you for makin my son smile to your music.cant wait for the next concert.

Im an really big fan!!!! | Reviewer: Latashia Hope | 8/16/11

Hi im Latashia Hope. I am an really big fan I would be more that happy if you would add me on my-space and Facebook. You can look me up on my-space as Elizabeth Smallwood and on Facebook Liz Smallwood.. Thanks... I love your music as well I have many cds. Please look me up and add me. thanks for being an great romottle...