Jason aldean | Reviewer: Alleigha | 7/13/11

Hey Jason I love your music, your really good at what you do I hope to see you on august 18 well anyway your pretty hot to and my bf gets mad when I say that but he will get over it but love you and your music!!!

Great Job | Reviewer: Michelle -N-Arkansas | 6/9/11

I just saw you the other night on the CMT awards show your rocked the house as usual. I love all your songs, you have an amazing talent that will stay around for years to come. Congrats to you on your marriage & your daughter, thanks for not giving up on your dreams of being a singer because in my opinion you are great & only getting better by the day. Cant wait to see you in Arkansas again.

Jason:) | Reviewer: Kylie jane | 2/27/11

The concert in Columbus Ohio on feb. 26, was beyond amazing by the BEST concert I have ever been to. And I've been to a lot of shows. Jason has inspired me to keep singing and no matter how hard times get to keep going something big could happen! Thanks Jason;)<3

concert | Reviewer: Ernest Peels | 2/7/11

I was at the concert in Macon GA I was in the pit right in front of the stage it was awesome plus i was home on leave from iraq.the tickets where a gift for my wife it was really worth it.thanks for a great concert and a great time. sgt peels

ashley pope | Reviewer: ashley | 1/30/11

hey my name is ashley pope and i would ove to meet you and im doing a book report on you and tryin to find thangs to wright about you and its hard and i love your songs and ever way you look and i thank you are hot.

Country Music<3 | Reviewer: Laurie Mae | 1/18/11

Country music has always been my favorite and my passion. Livin' in Ohio, but raised in Texas, surrounded by family, cookouts, huntin', and a lot of red-neck fun, country has always been there. Jason Aldean, your music has inspired me so much and has brought back those memories of those days; four-wheeling through the back woods with not a care in the world. Your songs have helped me through so much and kept country music alive. I am 19 years old I'm always playing my acoustic and singing my heart out, mostly to your songs. I'll be at that concert Febuary 26th in Columbus, lookin' forward to it!<3

Hi :D | Reviewer: sabrina | 1/11/11

I love Jason Aldean and one day hope to meet him. I'm 14 now but I plan on goin on American Idol when I turn 16 maybe I can meet you then. And I plan on goin to your concert in Chattanooga, TN on Feb. 5. I can't wait!! So excited!!!!

A fan | Reviewer: Kim | 1/8/11

Well....I am a 40 year old fan....my daughter has bought me every one of your CDs...we saw you in Tacoma with Brooks and Dunn...You ROCKED. By far my most fav concert. Just wanted to tell you to keep on doin what your doin, keep in mind the things that are important; your beautiful wife and children, cause in the end they are what really matters. God Bless Jason. Keep up the great music.

love ya jason!!! | Reviewer: country girl(: | 12/9/10

jason, i am truly ur biggest fan(: you r my inspiration... i am learning how to play the guitar, the first song i wanted to learn was how to play big green tractor and im hopeing that some day i can get into the country music industry like you becouse music is my life especialy ur music couse it makes me feel like im home back in my small town in lyman south carolina... well you r truly amazing & keep it up(:

keep doin what your doin! | Reviewer: Lisa | 11/9/10

Jason,congradulations on your success! I'm 43 years old and have heard many artists over the years.Thank God you didn't give up. Keep doing what your doing.I live a couple hours from Macon and can really relate to the lyrics,brings back great memories.People can FEEL the emotions in your songs.God bless.

JASON ALDEAN! | Reviewer: Alex Manieri | 11/3/10

Jason, you have inspired me so much with your song " laughed until we cried" . Oh man we ive been living an a beautiful life .Theres a message in all of your songs that makes me get threw with life. Ive been told my boyfriend Cody Bartz looks like you . which he does . & He talks like you to . But i just only wish it was you ! ha.

Man | Reviewer: Jessica | 9/7/10

I love Jason Aldean as well and do think he is amazing but lady's please you need to chill out. Read what you write before you place it. You sound crazy and off your rockers!! Jason if in dead you do read this nice job and great work. You have a beautiful family and you are very blessed. I Have three amazing boys and we love to get up in the mountains and listen to Country music.