Kynlee Dawn Flippen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/14

He was trying to keep his dreams up to believe in God because he lived in the farthest place anybody would ever go and he didn't want to leave his family so that is why he believed in God anyways so he could stay with his family that Summer!
Even though I only read only the first para-graph I still got a lot of information from the only para-graph I read.Remember my name because I won't repeat it and by the ways it is on the 1st box at the very very very bottom like this box but a little bit smaller anyways the first para-graph is why Jason Aldean believes in God because everybody should believe in him esspecially Country singers

Burning it Down | Reviewer: Lisa | 10/25/14

I went to your show in West Palm on Oct 18th, what an amazing performance!! Keep on pursuing your passion for music. Because of your music, you make this world that much brighter. God Bless.

Jason Aldean | Reviewer: Joyce | 12/12/13

I was not a country music listener until you came to Athens Georgia April 2013. I started listening to your music and absolute loved it, now I listen to you everyday. You are awesome, so glad things worked out for you, great songs like yours need to be heard.

your one of the great ones | Reviewer: Donna | 11/21/13

So glade you never gave up. I loved that your a down to earth guy. I meet you in tulsa may 2013 best mothers day. Birthday ever .your even better looking in person. I'm hooked fan 4 life. Not really sure what it is but you sure make a song come to life. So sorry for all you have lost bullcrap you deal with , and want to thank you for being you and blessing us with all your talent luv ya

U so sexy...I luv u | Reviewer: Tracy | 6/8/13

I went to ur athens ga concert I luv so much itr ain't even funny ur so sexy. luvin nem blue eyes. I always listen to u had ti vuy another cd mine got stuck in cd player. U are the best. The athens concert was the best concert I have ever been to and I am 39. I had my picture took with a card board picture of u...I'm hopin one day to have it takin with the real u.

bad judgement | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/13 sorry for your trouble. I know you feel badly too. You are not the first nor the last to use bad judgement. The girl brittany knew you were married so dont take all the blame. I hope your marriage works out.

(: <3 <3 <3 (: | Reviewer: Margaret Humble | 4/29/13

omg i love your songs and your very remind me of my boyfriend his name is also jason...your songs is an inspiration to young adults...i have been to every one of your concerts and your just AMAZING!!!!!!! We love you Jason Aldean.... <3 (: !!!

i love your music | Reviewer: sara | 4/29/13

I am gonna see you in concert for my birthday on september 20 my real birthday is on august 16.I love you a lot.You are my idol.I love you so much when I was little i fake married with a ring pop.

country music <3 | Reviewer: jason morgan | 4/8/13

Jason. I have been a fan of country music ever sense I was born. I listen to it everyday. its almost like every song i hear touches me as in I understand it and i get butterfly's. out of no were i just started singing along to a lot of country music and you are my all time favorite and my inspiration. I sing along to all your songs. I am barley starting to learn how to play the guitar. I always tell everyone I know that it is my dream to become a country singer. people say I'm good at singing to. I don't know what to do from hear. I want to start playing at public places and hope someone notices me. I'm from Yakima Washington.

Jason Alean | Reviewer: Cassidy | 3/8/13

I know what your full name is Jason Aldine Williams.I love you you are my favortie singer I sing your songs all the time.Happy 36 late Birthday you are the best singer ever.I love you!

I want to be a musican but i dont know how to be heard. | Reviewer: Dakota Wells | 1/15/13

I know you have probably heard this from thousands of people, but you've inspired me so much. I'm actually writing my own songs know even though they arnt that good yet but i really love to play guitar, and sing but everyone says its hard to be a singer in life that it will not do me any good. but i believe differently. What do you think?

my neices wish | Reviewer: linda | 12/30/12

my neice is just turning 16 this year and she is almost completely deaf, she was just 5 when she was struck with a hearing loss. the doctor just told us that within the year she would probably lose alll hearing, she is ur biggest fan and i dont know what she will do when she cant hear u anymore.