Jason Aldean | Reviewer: holly K | 1/31/12

Jason, you are my FAVORITE singer ever!!! You hav an amazing voice and can sing anything amazingly and u are really good looking;)! I can't wait till your concert in september!!<3thanks for all of thhe great music!

:) | Reviewer: Collin | 1/19/12

Hey my name is Collin Reavis. I'm going to your concert in North Carolina on January 21. Can't wait to see you do a good job. My whole family loves your songs. Keep up the good work! :)

Jason aldean :):) | Reviewer: Kate:) | 12/21/11

Jason you are my idol i am in love with you and your music i listen to it everyday and will never stop i love the way you sing and love your kids name (Keeley):) you are an amazing romodle!! <3 you and you are a GREATTTTT singer thanks for everything you have donee:) i am going to go to another one of your concerts you rocks and that will never change:) Please don't ever stop singing or writing songs!!! I really want to meet you in person thats always been my dream, and I really hope that comes true:) i am doing a power point on you and will keep it forever I almost know it by heart:) you are the worlds greatest singer & i have like all your songs on my Phone & ipod!! I hope you read thiss:):):) <3 kate <3 :)

Jason Aldean | Reviewer: Nikki | 12/6/11

Hi, my name is Nikki, im 14 and i love your music! I have always wanted to be a famous singer and to go onto American Idol sometime in the future, and your music has let that dream stay with me. All I'd like to say is thank you for helping me just by your singing. :)

your a great singer | Reviewer: Jacob Campbell | 10/24/11

the music you make is awesome. im a down to earth rednecks and you have been my idol for ever. keep up the good work hope to see you in texas sometime. i just like to kick back and listen to your music with some friends on a friday night .

kids | Reviewer: bobby allen | 9/4/11

man just want to say me and my son both love the music.we have been big fans since youve made it big.just wanted to say thank you for the great music. my son and i always listen to your music together and always sing to it. you have been his favorite singer four like 5 years now. again thank you for makin my son smile to your music.cant wait for the next concert.

Im an really big fan!!!! | Reviewer: Latashia Hope | 8/16/11

Hi im Latashia Hope. I am an really big fan I would be more that happy if you would add me on my-space and Facebook. You can look me up on my-space as Elizabeth Smallwood and on Facebook Liz Smallwood.. Thanks... I love your music as well I have many cds. Please look me up and add me. thanks for being an great romottle...

It's never too late! | Reviewer: Kevin Logan | 8/2/11

I'm 44 yrs. old and I love Jason's style. His songs are awesome and have true feelings. He's even an inspiration to me start over and play every day! Wow! to meet and play with him would even be a dream! God bless him and his family! Oh, by the way, I was born in Macon, Ga. also.

Hi | Reviewer: Trevor | 7/29/11

Country is my life and from my perspective your the best country singer ever!! I'm 16 from CA I saw you on July 26th 2011 at the mid state fair you put on a great show my first concert ever and I saw Jason aldean AWSOME!!! You have inspired me so much. I'm hoping to meet you soon!! Just wanted to tell you that never dout yourself cause you can do anything bud!!

Siesta KeyFlorida 2007 | Reviewer: Tonya Hardy | 7/23/11

I went to Florida in 2007 Stopped by the CMT music fest on our way. When I got to Florida I bought Jason 2nd Cd. Listened to My MP3 player on the beach. While I stayed a week on the beach at Siesta Key I always thought Jason was staying at the same resort. People where playing sand bag toss and enjoy a fun vacation. Could this been him and his family? jUNE 2007

boyfriend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/11

my name is chloe and on July,28 is my birthday and there is this boy named thomas and I like him alot so can you sing dirt road for him on my birth day on July 28 and at the end say this is from chloe who likes you alot THOMAS

Georgia boy in the hooouuuuse!!! | Reviewer: Bridget Cole | 7/17/11

Your concert in Feb 2011 in Atlanta was the best show I've been to!! Met your father in law ( we thought we were so cool) liked his under armor shirt!! Anyway, glad you never gave up on your dream!!! Because what would I listen to that would take me back to my good ole days! Love ya....