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Performed by Jars Of Clay

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Jesus Love Never Failed me Yet | Reviewer: Steve | 6/11/09

This has become one of my favorite songs. The Jars of Clay recognition and rendition of homeless Englishman Gavin Bryars original 72 minute loop of this song is beautiful and simple.
I can listen to this over and over and over. The message is that the most profound truth ever can be grasped by anyone.

Jesus Blood Never Failed Met Yet is for Everyone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/06

This article is a follow-up to a comment on this website that asks why should someone else get the credit of a song someoneesle sings? The song entitled, "Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet, as far as I can tell is a short song that has been recorded by at least a few artists. If someone records a song, they should get partial credit and the writer as well. I am not sure if the original lyrics or artist is known. If so, I would like to find the entire lyrics, if there are any more than what Jars of Clay have recorded and the arrangement. I have a copy of the version the elderly man in England sang. His crackly voice invokes even more tenderness. The message seems very simple, yet is extremely touching, inspiring and deep, very deep. Life can be very difficult and I cannot imagine facing the difficulties that comes to us humans without the strength of God through Jesus Christ. Jesus' Blood is very elemental in that is what empowers us humans, perhaps the beginnings of Christianity itself. Without God what are we? God forgives, brings true grace, hope and through it all - peace. Deep, true peace is hardly found. The group Jars of Clay have been a great influence with my own writing and have been very inspirational in my day-to-day. I would be blessed to sit down with them one afternoon and listen to their incredible life experience stories. They have had a positive influence on many.

In Christ, Lisa from Winter Park, FL

Eternal Youth | Reviewer: Jay Black | 11/20/05

This 70-year-old eternal youth wandering the streets of some city in Leicestershire in the 1970s used this mantra for comfort. Why is credit given to a group that just used this poor old guy's chant? How 'bout "life is unfair" and "God doesn't exist".

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