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Performed by Janis Joplin

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the rise of Lucifer | Reviewer: charlie price | 7/4/12

The song is a prophecy of the last days.
The song is about the destruction of the church system.To bring in one world order.The rise of Lucifer.Its saying to those who love Lucifer don't worry when judgment comes you'll rise from the ashes to the sky. The sky: satan is the prince & power of the air. Babylon is fallen is fallen in order for there to be one world order they must destroy all religions & all goverments world wide. Take down christain church & American goverment & you'll take down everyone else. The USA will be passed off as the whore of babylon. Janis called herself the whore of babylon.Her friends called her pearl the church is called a pearl in the bible. God says his church has the forehead of a whore. Jeremiah 3:3. Babylon is not just America or the church all goverements all religion christain included are babylon mass media also makes up the whore of babylon.Never forget that. Satan will rule regin as king from Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the real babylon ...

janis rocks!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: jamie | 8/6/07

janis joplin is the best ever!!!!
this has got to be my favorite for all her songs!!!!

Summertime | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/07

Great song great guitar playing and great control from Janis Joplin. She controls her voice so well in this song.

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