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Performed by Janis Joplin

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NOT Janis Joplin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/12

Janis Joplin never recorded the song. This error is probably due to a mislabeling of Dusty Springfield's version.

I am a collector of Joplin memorabilia. I believe I have every piece of recorded Joplin artifacts from 1962 Bars and coffee houses through the time of her death. Movies, documentary articles, interviews, TV appearances, biographies, released and unreleased music, and concert coverage.

Not only would I bet my life she never recorded this song I know her personality too well to accept the idea of recording it ridiculous. The song does not reflect anything Joplin believed in or stood for and is completely inconsistent with anything she ever recorded.

I like the song, Dusty and many others have made fine covers of it. But Janis certainly never did.

Joan Osborne | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/08

The great Joan Osborne released a live version of this song on the early 90s. (She blows ALL the gals away who ever recorded it). Joan does sound quite like Janis Joplin so I can see how someone would think it was Janis singing.

NOT Janis | Reviewer: jacquie | 12/14/07

yep - that's right. for a complete list of all artists who HAVE covered this song (and may i mention that this old woman thinks joss stone does a fine job of it) see the wikipedia article on the song. sorry folks, although janis was wonderful - she didn't cover this song written by john hurley and ronnie wilkins - who deserve to be herein credited. hurley was a recording engineer and renaissance kinda guy who first offered his gem to aretha franklin, who passed, allowing the world to hear the glorious chops of dusty springfield. later, aretha covered it on a b-side of something else. NOT janis. (this is prolly why the folks preaching janis never ante up the proof.

JANIS DID NOT RECORD THIS SONG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/07

Do some research retards. Although she covered this song back in the day, she never released her own version of the song. Every version you ever hear and for some dumb ass reason think is her (including the Pulp Fiction release) is really Dusty Springfield. There have been over 100 hundred artists remake this song including the likes of Arethra Franklin but never Janis Joplin!

Actually... | Reviewer: tmwinter | 11/7/07

I've looked this up SEVERAL times on the internet, done research extensively on the song, and in NO TIME or PLACE did Janis Joplin ever do a released cover of this song. Maybe she sang it once upon a time in a concert, or something, but has never been put out by a record label. So, sorry to the post directly below me, but you're completely wrong. Out of the many MANY artists (yes, including Aretha Franklin) who sang this song, Janis Joplin was not one of them. And here's a tip: Limewire can be wrong, you know. They often give misinformed artist's names with the wrong songs. There's nothing wrong with doing a cover of a song, but...unfortunately, this is not Janis's remake. Deal with's not that big of a deal.

ok..for those of you who are completely clueless | Reviewer: Nykole | 8/9/07

Yes, Dusty Springfield originally did do this song...but HELLO?! Haven't you ever heard of a cover!? Singers/Bands do that sometimes!! Did Jimi Hendrix write All Along the Watchtower?? NO! That would be the great Bob Dylan! Are we complaining about Jimi though??! NO! Jimi is awesome! Same with Turn the Page done by Metallica...originally Bob Dylan's song! Again...are we complaining? NO! So, why bitch about Janis Joplin, who was the biggest Women's Blues/Rock and Roll singer of her time, doing a cover song?! Which by the way, SHE DID A WONDERFUL JOB DOING! Aretha Franklin also covered this song! =) SO YES! JANIS ACTUALLY DID COVER THIS SONG! THANK YOU HAVE A NICE DAY!

researcher | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/21/07

I have done some indepth research and came to the conclusion that Janis Joplin did not sing son of a preacher man! But I do have a song on limewire and it sounds exactlly like her and I will find out who it is. Janis was alive when the song was released by Dusty Springfield and 32 people have covered the song but not Janis.

go to a record store | Reviewer: thinafae | 7/13/07

Find janis joplin's albums and look on the back and you'll see son of a precher man. You guys are all dumb, Im listening to it now. I went to find lyrics and found this place, and people sayind she didn't record it? ignorence is bliss, huh?

I have Janis Joplin sining son of a preacher man | Reviewer: Rudy Lauckner | 6/26/07

I there is some way of posting the song let me know I will put up son of a preacher man by Janis Joplin

listen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/07

go to look under lyrics of ALL the songs she ever did and you will not see song of a preacher man. the song had emotion but not the electrifying song janis has. thank you

Dusty Springfield NOT Janis Joplin | Reviewer: Big Brother & the Holding Co. | 6/2/07

I saw Janis live several times. I think she was already dead when Dusty Springfield released this song (I may have the timing wrong). It was definitely Dusty Springfield and if you listen to a single Janis song you will know that there is no way she sang this one. Check the movie credits for Pulp Fiction if you need more proof than that.

hmm.... ? | Reviewer: Melanie | 5/29/07

seriously? ... damn all those soul singers back in the what, 60ties... they all did the same..

no way... | Reviewer: Demian | 4/30/07

no way guys...

it's not her. i'd like to know the foolish one who could mistake janis' voice for dusty springfield's one...

no way, no way...
it's not janis singin'

I m listening to the song and... | Reviewer: alexia | 2/16/07

It is not Janis singing it something's wrong here. But its no Janis no siree

Dusty Springfield | Reviewer: Luis | 2/17/07

Son of a Preacher man is not singed by Janis Joplin... this song is singed y Dusty Springfield... and that version that runs on internet (from the Pulp Fiction OST) is singed by Dusty.

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