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Performed by Janet Jackson

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2pac | Reviewer: Michael Ebuka nwosu | 1/22/13

D song was actually dedicated in loving memory of her beloved friend and d world greatest rapper eva lived..tupac amaru shakur. If u doubt click on tupac live history or autobiography u will see it!!

Sweet angel up above... | Reviewer: Frannie | 1/31/11

I lost my brother Jimmy to leukemia years ago and this song came out so appropriately. I have not heard it in a long time but while at the gym yesterday it came on and I started to cry. It happily reminds me of my baby brother because I know he is shining down on me, but still makes me cry because he is not here on earth. I know we will be together again - our whole family - and I thank God for that. I miss you Jim - each and every day.

LLLOOOVVVEE THIS SONG | Reviewer: krazykeys | 5/27/10

i love this song for soooooooooo many reasons!!!!!!!!!!! I'M Deeply sooo very sorry for the jackson Lost. jst like the one quet im 18 n grew up on the jacksons music. so agian im very sorry that hand to brurd ur brother n u had to brurd your child im deeply so for your heartack for losing a member of your family. :(

Reminds Me... | Reviewer: Salem Valdez | 4/3/10

I luv this song, I've always luved it. I know i'm only sixteen but I remember hearing this song on the radio. I grew up listening to the entire Jackson family... especially Janet and Michael. I listen to this song now and it reminds me of Michael, we didn't deserve a wonderful soul like that! I miss him and i Will ALWAYS luv him. He's my inspiration to be a great singer and dancer some day, I know I'll never be as great as him... no one ever will be! I know he's in heaven, a place he deserved to be from the very beginning. See u in heaven Michael. My condolences to the ENTIRE Jackson Family!! Luv all of u guys!!

to michael and kelly | Reviewer: brandi | 2/10/10

i really like this song and it reminds me of my sister that i lost no to long ago and when i listen to i start to cry. i love and miss you greatly kelly. and to michael i know that you are up there in heaven performing a sold out concert to god and hes very proud of you. keep dancing and singing michael!

Disclaimer: This song is not about Michael Jackson | Reviewer: JanetFan | 1/29/10

This song is not about Michael Jackson. This song was released in 1996 off of her "Velvet Rope" album.

This song was made to raise attention or awareness to all those who are suffering from HIV or AIDS, those who have died from and this disease, and those she knows who have passed away from AIDS.
In no way was this song ever dedicated to Michael Jackson.

Dear Michael Jackson | Reviewer: TL | 1/19/10

I love u so much my sweet angel. You are the most beautiful,gorgeous person, both inside and out, and I can't wait to meet you in heaven. You're in my heart and soul everyday, and you inspire me to be a better person. When I feel sad, I think of you and listen to your music, and then I feel happy and safe. Baby, I love you forever and ever. Please marry me in heaven if God allows it!!

My HusbandReviewer:Chris | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/09

My husband passed away on Oct.12 this year.I was listening to this song and I heard the lyrics for the first time a couple of days ago. I always liked the song,but now it reminds me of him and it kind of makes me feel better.

For you Michael | Reviewer: Tiffany | 12/28/09

I love you babe and I miss you but I am thankful to you, we truly did not deserve you but I know you are our angel living on in the heavens and I can't wait to see you and meet you someday!! You are my inspiration, making me a better person! You had the most beautiful smile and yes I know you are dancin!!!

for my love. Josh | Reviewer: jamie | 11/23/09

this song is so amazing, my best friend just texted me and told me to listen to it and read the lyrics. I just lost my boyfriend who was only 19 on oct 19th, the hardest thing i've ever been through it was completely out of no where. I love and miss him every single day and now i can listen to this song although it makes me cry i know he is heaven along with everyone else above! thank you
i love you josh.

A Loving Tribute | Reviewer: Sheryl | 11/23/09

While hearing Janet sing this at the AMA show, all I could think of was her singing for Michael, her dear brother she lost. She definitely put this at the end of her medley of songs for just that reason. What a beautiful tribute it makes now.

So Precious! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/09

Hey Jimmy, I am thinking of you and your love for me... I wish I could see you so many times but I feel your presence even after all these years... I'll never forget my baby! Thank you for this song Janet! I always cry when I hear it!


MJ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/09

I bet this song mean a whole lot more to her than ever before now that Michael is gone, and what a beautiful song it is! i remember getting this album when it was released, couldn't stop listening to this song!
R.I.P. Michael...

kaila | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/08

i haven't had anyone pass away yet but i am 11 but this is a really beautiful and i totally hope all you people that have had someone pass away i feel for you Janet would had to have a lot of courage to sing this song it is really beautiful.

My Pap | Reviewer: Jade | 11/8/08

as a few people have already said,
i never related to this song until i lost somebody i loved,
me and my friend used to always sing this song - the chorus to be exact.
then on the 9 october my pap passed away,
we sang it the other day and his wonderful smile beemed in my head and i realised i never lost him he is above me as the song says,
must of taken a hell of alot for janet to sing that but she did it well and left everybody a song to relate to ;)


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