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Performed by Janet Jackson

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rebecca | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/07

god i love this song reminds me of my grampy who passed away when i was 6 makes me feel good inside :)

I love this song | Reviewer: michelle | 6/14/07

This song became my and my nany's song. right after she passed away when i was in 3rd grade i realized how much it fit.

i love and and listen to it all the time.

Loveeeeeee IT | Reviewer: Paigie | 6/12/07

I really like the chours. it getsstuck in my head and makes me feel really good.

Poppy Findlay | Reviewer: Becca Jane | 5/20/07

Wow! this song touches me so much my pop died when i was only months old so even though i never really met him, he is the person the person i love the most!
everytime i feel sad or if im walkin home after havin a couple of drinks i look up and hes the brightest star in the sky i quitely say i love you and know its all going to be ok!!
xxxxxx R.I.P Poppy Findlay!!

the best song. | Reviewer: Reene | 5/16/07

this song is such a good song and should be re released, so i can hear it more, sorry bou kally but great choice of song to pay at her funeral. XxXxXx

strange... | Reviewer: Gem | 4/12/07

Might sound wierd but I was jus chattin away to my sista last nite b4 i went to bed -she passed away jan 2006- n i realised this song was playin on the radio! was so strange! i looked up the lyrics and theyre so fitting and so beautiful. RIP Becs & Martin, miss u x

Great Song! | Reviewer: Devon | 3/25/07

I Always Listen To This Song It Was PLayed At My Neices Funeral I Dream About Us Together Again Ella-Jaye Just Keep Smilling Baby I Love You...xX

a song for a a friend.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/07

i love and we love this song so much... me and my friends always sing this song evrytime we see each other...L.O.l

R.I.P Cousin | Reviewer: Stephen | 9/20/06

I like this song because it was played at my cousins funeral Kally Gilligan

R.I.P Beautfiul Kally Gilligan x x x | Reviewer: John Stone | 9/19/06

i love this song, becaue it was played at my cousin, Kally's funeral. I love & miss u so much Kally, and every time i hear your song i cry, thinking of u always & forever.
Love, Hugs & Sloppy Kisses
Love John x x x

Xx KALLY xX | Reviewer: NATALIE SMITH | 9/5/06


R.I.P KALLY X X | Reviewer: KIAH | 7/8/06

i listen to this song all the time becoz my friend kally gilligan had it at her funeral you might of saw it on the news it was her faveroute song and put it on repeat all of the time i love the song and i love her forever and always R.I.P KALLY X X X

great | Reviewer: cherie | 7/6/06

i really love this song i listen to it all the time because my friend has not long just passed away and we played this at her funeral and it is just a great song to remind her by

Beautiful!!!!! | Reviewer: Alyce | 1/27/06

This is my all time favourite song, i can remember dancing to this song ten years or so ago! I fell in love with this song because it came out not long after my pop died, and it helped me to believe that he is still watching out for me every day. It's such a beautiful song!!!!!

Brilliant! | Reviewer: Fanny | 7/21/04

Such a fookin great song, always gets me in the mood for anything!

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