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Performed by Janet Jackson

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Incredible | Reviewer: Allyn | 5/20/09

I was watching my copy of the Velvet Rope Tour last night and i couldn't help but smile during the "Let's wait awhile/ Again" medley. Those are two of my favorite songs; ever! The concert was great but i was truely captivated by her performance. I love Janet Jackson. She is amazing. I admire Janet because of her strength and beauty. No one can compete with Ms. Jackson.

spectular | Reviewer: nicole | 12/4/08

the first time I heard this song it made me feel so good and bad this song touch me in a special place it's also my favorite song and I get lonly all you people out there that love janet Ms.jackson you have good taste! I Love you janet jackson!you are my role model I look up to you!

Rodney | Reviewer: Rodney Lumpkin | 6/18/08

This song is so beautiful and im a guy so that means alot jux listen to this makes me thnk about this girl that i am in love with but she told me that we r jux friends it really hurts but listening to this song jux makes me wanna hold her in my arms and tell her that i love her ova and ova again but i thought that happen in a lifetime ever this song is still 1 of my favorites i jux wish she could listen to this song 4 once and then she will know....

again | Reviewer: susan duro samuel | 1/8/08

heard the song again again tonight and just like that first time i fell in love with it again. it is to me the best from janet, a solo all through yet so harmonious, the instruments... its just so perfect and the title soooo poetic. you did justice to it janet!

A Song of songs | Reviewer: Sonny L K | 12/7/07

I dont know any song better than this one, from the lyrics to the instrumental through the slow gracious tempo past the mood it's set in. Show me an artist with a better song, you would have shown me God

Simply Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/07

This song really captures the feeling of being in love. It is still as beautiful today and it was over a decade ago.

Woww | Reviewer: Gabrielle | 10/25/07

When i first heard this song i was crying so much..this is the first song i can completely relate too...
And to that special someone.. I Will Always Love You Babe!!!

Beautiful | Reviewer: A Janet Lover | 10/24/07

The first time I heard this song I was three years old. Last year when I was thriteen I heard this song again and immediately recognized the lyrics. It stuck with me for a decade!!!!! It's an amazing song that really does relate to real life(I'm going through that kind of situation right now). I really love this song and if u just listen to it you eill know why. The music video is awesome too!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Janet and ALLLL of her songs. She is sooo talented.

again | Reviewer: jadene | 10/15/07

i love this song...wen i first heard it i was so shocked about it...janet jackson is the best and i so love her voice........

Again | Reviewer: James | 10/2/07

I heard this song the first time in 1994, I believe the cd came out around that time. I received it as a Christmas gift from my stepsister. I remember listening to it over and over again like it was going out of style and resulted in me memorizing a lot of the songs that were on the cd. And I could not take my mind off this song and I happened to when a lot of hearts with this one. I am a guy. I sang this song. Those people that heard it... are probably hearing aids now, but they all seemed to appreciate my courage and love for the song. Janet Jackson did wonderfully on this one and I wish this song would become popular once again.

great | Reviewer: daniel | 8/29/07

gracias por estas lyrics tan buscadas i finally know tha meaning of a song that i always loved

mY fave sOng... iT tOuches mY soul! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/07

wOw.. i remember the daYz of happiness in d armz of the one i loved... bUt nOw i hate. ;(

me and my boy, Jeremy! :-) | Reviewer: allison!! | 6/9/07

its me again, jeremy gave me a gorgeous ring... its 14 k gold. Thankx sweetie!!!

love you: Allison
tlk to you on MSN!

my life story | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/07

nuff said. just had to listen to this song when i heard "he" was back in town.

My First Kiss | Reviewer: allison! | 5/20/07

I really like this song because this song was the one i was thinking about during my first kiss with a guy named Jeremy. We both are in grade 7. Now we're madly in love and I want to marry him... I'm just a little too young.
But anyways a shout-out to Jeremy!


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