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Performed by Jamie Cullum

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My twentysomething is over | Reviewer: danielC | 10/22/10

This song really good.. but lucky thing at the age of 29, I got my dream job as a photojournalist.. who care about the educatiion as long as we di something we like to do and that's we call happiness!

wow! | Reviewer: Bry | 2/19/09

At 23 everyone of those thoughts went through my head since leaving education and still are! In fact, i've just got the travelling bit to do and i've tried all of it. Though i worked 8.30 till 6 answering phones!

Brilliant song!

Understanding Twentysomething | Reviewer: Linda | 11/14/07

I'm 22 and about to finish my degree in a month, and now I really understand this song!! Because that us exactly how I feel....
What to do now? I don't know, there's a whole world out there waiting..

Awesome | Reviewer: mia | 7/22/07

This song is terrific. Totally read my mind. Being 23 is like a yo-yo. Neither here nor there and so unsure of life.

Twenty Something is Awesome!!! | Reviewer: Laurie | 4/27/05

Jamie Cullum is awesome and he is an amazing artist. "Twenty Something" is a wonderful song. I LOVE JAMIE!!!! HE IS WONDERFUL!!!

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