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A Star is Born | Reviewer: NotAtAll | 11/7/2007

Nice. Amazing. Sometimes unexpected.Very unique and still very special to everyone.But whats more- I had a chance to meet him backstage and was delighted how light-hearted this man was.Who would think that this miniature musician sheltes the energy for a small country to provide?But best and worst of all that it's like a disease. U caught it-and you cant get it off.You ask whats now? Well, nothing but piano in my bedroom,the sleepless nights at over-smoked jazz clubs ,and a musical college with major in jazz improvisation.Thanks Jamie

we're due to wed | Reviewer: Sebastian | 9/12/2007

oh my gosh jamie cullum is absolutely amazing! apart from his just Gorgeous looks, his incrediable talent is just beyond compare! i listen to him all the time, especially when i'm lonely. he really lights up my day =) you should definately invest in his cd's; quality unique jazz tunes with a little twist -u won't regret it

Acid Jazz | Reviewer: LauraFromBelgium | 6/10/2007

Thanks to Jamie, I've discouvert Jazz!
He's a great singer and mucisian.
I also like his lyrics, they really mean something, and sometimes I really understand what he's talking about.
One of my favourites is: I get a kick out of you!
The sound is awesome, it really symbolises the feeling of love. Just a big explosion.

Keep up the good work!
Greets, Laura

Jamie Cullum | Reviewer: syalala | 4/14/2007

i watched his first video clip high and dry on MTV and i looked him very curious. his face is soooo cute i lyk his smile and he always makes his fans attractive! when he had a big concert in jakarta, Java Jazz Festival 2007 and he's the only one with expensive price special perfomance on sunday ive tried to take his pic really focus and finally, GOTCHA! i got his photo before he jumped from his piano and sang Get Your Way :) idk what to say again, he's my number one favourite and ive been trying to play his songs with my piano and i only got high and dry and twenty something even its bad ;(

Excellent Artist | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/2007

I am now understanding the reasoning behind why it is I relate so well to his music. He writes songs about life. Twenty-something is my favorite because every lyric is how my life feels and I'm 24 and its so true.

Great! | Reviewer: Theresa | 3/11/2006

Ok, for all those interested in Jamie Cullum for his MUSIC and not his LOOKS (which I must admit are quite bewitching...): Nice voice, smooth groove. Put on his CD's if you want to hear some jazzy, pop-ish tunes. I love him! ~Theresa

Unique | Reviewer: Shea | 5/9/2005

Even thogh Jamie has covered several songs we all know and love he still has a fantastic unique sound to everything he touches. His jazzy feel is great and not very represented in the pop music world. If you listen to his album you will soon find yourself in an energized, uplifed world music. Jamie Cullum is really great and you should definatly check him out!

Jamie.. | Reviewer: Line | 9/9/2004

Jamie Are the greatest Jazz singer and the Cutest to.. =P
I really Love him. He has this great voise and he is just the best! Just look at him.. Nobody can say that he is ugly! And you just must hear his songs.. awwww.. can't get enough! I listen on him aaaaall the time..

hottie | Reviewer: Gwyn | 8/12/2004

jamie cullum is sooooooooooo HOT!!!

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