Na nights song..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/13

My mother sang this song to me as she rocked me to sleep since I was born.
It was always such a comforting thing to hear. As an adult, through difficult times in my life, I've sometimes called up my Mom and she'd sing it to me over the phone. It was the next best thing when we were too far apart to hug.
When I was pregnant I looked up these lyrics and learned them to sing them to my son, and I have sang it to him since I was 5 months pregnant. He is 5 now, and asks me to "sing me my na-nights song Mommy" as he cuddles next to me. He especially requests it when he is not feeling well.....

I have never even heard the actual song.
Only my Mom's version, and my own.
But, same amount of respect to James Taylor.

Saw him at Carnegie Hall | Reviewer: Victor Gottheimer | 6/20/13

Heard this song on the First of December at Carnegie Hall in NYC in 1970 (I think that was the year).
Saw sang it to myself during my break at work and checked the lyrics to see the one or 2 lines I forgot. Love it.

sweet baby james | Reviewer: lila rice skimson | 3/21/13

i named my late son James, after james taylor. he passed away 4 years ago. and the song i played at the his funeral was sweet baby James. and the service i played youve got a friend and fire and rain. he also was ajames taylor fan.

Last minute addition to the gig... | Reviewer: Jamie A | 6/10/12

l played this in my solo gig last night and it isn't as easy to play as it sounds. The chord changes are frequent and don't follow the same pattern, but you can't fail with this song. The crowd love it! After quite a few beers it was definately Rockabye Sweet Baby Jamie last night, as the head certainly has Fire & Rain in it this mornin'!!!

so close to home | Reviewer: E. Russell | 12/12/11

I once lived just north of West Stockbridge, Massachusetts and happened to travel the length of the Mass. turnpike one early, frosty morning in December following a light snowfall. Now I live in the west, only miles from the prairie where cattle can still graze. I just hope now, I don't hear Elton John's, "Rocket Man". I'm too old to travel anymore.

@vinnie | Reviewer: Kevin | 12/9/11

Just found this thread,some years on from your post in 2008. I hope your still together, if you are, I really do wish that you are more together than in 08. Seems to me you need to see what's important in life. This is a beautiful song, and like many really good songs, their beauty is manifested in the ears of the beholder. Take it as you hear it, and let others hear it as they will.

easy chords | Reviewer: mick daniels | 11/22/09

may i please have easy notes for guitar so i can sing this song for my fathers 60th birthday please as its one of his favorite songs if you can it would be fantastic.

Yours Sincerely

Mick Daniels

Amazing song. | Reviewer: Kayleigh | 1/11/08

The first time i heard this song, it was by a boy on youtube who did an amazing job of it. i prefer the version by him rather than the one by James Taylor, but it is still an amazing song.

lyrics validation and vindication | Reviewer: vinnie | 1/4/08

I love this song wife loves this song...but I need help we have had an on going argument for years... in our original album...yes vinyl ! ( analog rules )the lyric in the last verse seems to be "...with ten miles TO-HIND me...and ten thousand more to go" NOT "...ten miles behind me..." now I have always argued that it IS to hind me ...based on the theory that it may have been an attempt by Mr Taylor , to sound "old fasioned" like the way the folks in this time period may have spoken... my wife...sometimes litteraly in tears ...says Im crazy and why cant I just admit Im wrong about this... as I say ...if I could ask James Taylor himself I would... but give a listen to that original album...first released version of the song...and tell me your opinion...who ever you may be.

peace and respect,


Life, love, family and leaving | Reviewer: TOM OROURKE | 12/12/07

I named my first born son Robert James, the 'James' is after James Taylor; the song was and always will be etched on my soul. My second son was given the name Blake Douglas. Both my sons are now grown men and have gone thier own separate ways as have thier Mother and I. I am a singer / songwriter myself and everytime i perform that song along with 'Fire and rain', the etching gets a little deeper. The pain never leaves.
Peace Love Freedom

Sweet Baby James to Sweet Baby Joaquin | Reviewer: Kierin | 11/18/07

This song "SWEET BABY JAMES" reminds me of singing this song to my dear friend, Joaquin Dorado of Lansing who is moving to San Francisco, California. I want to write my own song like Sweet Baby James to my version Sweet Baby Joaquin.
I'm dedicating my version " SWEET BABY JOAQUIN" to him and his parents Maria & Francisco.