like a butterfly | Reviewer: gökhan | 5/25/08

i listened this music with dido's vocal.all of kind; lyrics are so emotional!! be not important who is singing!! isnt it? the earth has chancing like all people, in the sametime,we need to have more liberty and good ideas for having brilliant future. everyone should to remember be human,not animal....

james taylor | Reviewer: bekah | 1/21/08

so many people try pinpoint the exact meaning of why james taylor wrote this song. the truth is we'll never know. all we know is for some of us it brings sweet memmories of childhood, others it brings us to tears, to some people the song brings them to utter silence for the rush of the emotions they feel. this song has made so many people revaluate themselves and their lives. james taylor wrote this song for himself and his problems at the time and in return he helped so many people with their's.

Just Heard | Reviewer: Lindsey | 12/9/07

I'm listening to James Taylor talking about Fire and Rain on Radio 2 in the UK. He says the first verse is when his friends let him know about the suicide of his friend Suzanne in the US, the day before he was due to leave the UK to go home. The second verse is about his time in rehab, and the third verse refers to the end of his old band the Flying Machines, with an optimistic side to his life.

R . I . P. Heather and Stephanie | Reviewer: Surf | 11/24/07

This song speaks to me in so many ways. I'm brought to tears each time I hear it. It helps to make me realize just how much we don't have control over life, as much as we want to. Tis true, I've seen the fire and the rain, and been to he** and back. I always thought I would see you two again walking around town. God Bless and RIP. Until we meet up again in Heaven!....

What it means to me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/07

I first heard this song years and years ago when my family of four used to take a few long drives. I didn't really know what it meant and I haven't listened to it in ages so I only remember the way the chorus goes.. It must be good for me to remember it though since I was probably about 5. It's one of the best memories I have of my parents being together :)

RIP dad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/07

ill never forget when he played this at the concert for nyc i didnt quite get it then but there wasnt a dry eye in the crowd my mom told me this was my dads favorite song and he was playing it for my dad

Beautiful | Reviewer: Theodore Leal | 10/20/07

I first heard this song when I was younger, but didn't know what it meant, but my high school AP english teacher had us listen to it again when I was older to evaluate the elements of poetry and now everytime I hear it, I wanna ball. This song is beautiful and will forever mean something amazing to me.

Great O'l Playin Music for Self Appreciation Of The Day | Reviewer: Homer | 9/2/07

I enjoy playing and singing to the old tunes from the day. I play them on guitar, banjo,madolin,piano, and other keyboard, as well as try some on my fiddle. I have a new guitar coming as a birthday gift, what a neat thing eh? For someone disabled, this is one of the greatest gifts I can get, a new folk guitar and some lyrics to songs I know and love...Thanks folks I'll enjoy this for a long time to come I hope....Have a wonderful Labor day Weekend....

The Scoop | Reviewer: Sam H | 8/15/07

I have heard many rumors about the various meanings, and searched many sources. It is true, the Flying Machines was a band that JT started in the mid to late 60's that indeed was a fizzle. But I have heard that the first verse is about the death of Suzanne Schnerr, the second is about his stay in drug rehab for heroin addiction, and the third verse is about the Flying Machines. JT is such a great artist for being able to craft such an easy song with mutliple meanings. Keep it coming James!

Rest easy.. | Reviewer: Uncle Jims girl | 7/16/07

This song was played today at my uncle's funeral. I can remember him singing this to me as a child. Even in 2007 his prized possession was his collection of James Taylor Albums. We thought it fitting that the last song we shared with him be Fire and Rain. Rest easy Uncle Jimmy, your gonna be missed!

About the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/07

The song is about his girlfriend. While he was on tour, his band members decided to surprise him by flying his girlfriend out to see him. Her plane crashed on the way there, and they didn't have the heart to tell him before his big show that night (that she was supposed to attend). He found out right after, and wrote this song.

this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/07

She was a friend of taylors. He was writing this album when she was killed in an accident. The record company didn't want to tell him because they knew it would devistate him. He found out anyways. As soon as he found out he sat down and wrote this song. It's very sad

the purpose of Fire and Rain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/07

The song is about a woman named Susanne that he became friends with during his stay in a mental hospital. Susanne committed suiccide about a week after he left he wrote this song for her.

havana | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/07

actually, the Flying Machines was a band of James Taylor's that didn't do so hot...

What does it mean? | Reviewer: MeLissa | 5/14/07

I always thought this song was about Susanne who must have died in a plane crash...(flying machines in pieces on the groud)? Is that the consensus? Just wondering....