Beautiful - I remember the man I love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/14

I remembered this song, in the back of my mind, all these years. The man loved and who loved me for almost 19 years died of cancer on June 16. I always thought I would see him again.

one line with so much meaning.... | Reviewer: Chris | 12/20/13

"sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground" has stuck with me for years. it speaks to so much effort and the greatest hopes that sometimes result in so much despair at the end of the phrase. never put so succinctly before .

Lyrical poetry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/13

When you listen to this you buy into it even if you don't know who it is you want to see again... It's songs from this era like you've got a friend and killing me softly that just touch you more deeply...

Fire And Rain | Reviewer: Ryan Browning | 1/10/13

for years ive wanted to learn this song from a certain father figure. i have only seen him a couple times, but i knew that he knew the song. recently he has sufferd a stroke and is no longer able to play guitar. he can still put a few chords down though!! wish i could of gotten to learn this with you. so so this ones for you meril staten. i hope me and the kids get to see you one more time.

Fire And Rain | Reviewer: Caren Dembowski | 12/30/12

Fire and Rain was one of my favorite songs in high school. You know when your young and have no worries except not to piss your parents or teachers off, but now it means so much more. On July 4, 2008 I was in Reno when I got the call no parent wants to get, that your 21 year old daughter died, my Victoria Dembowski. You know I thought I was going to see her again. Victoria I miss you so much!

Love mom

Certain things linger... | Reviewer: Bojax | 12/15/12

As years drift past we tend to clean our mental attic from time to time, discarding the irrelevant. But certain things stay with us always. The warmth of our mother's arms. Our first love's smile. The unfettered vitality youth brings. And beautiful songs like this one... Thanks Mr. Taylor

Man in final stage of cancer remembers this song. | Reviewer: LaRay Ratledge | 10/24/12

Our brother LonDee Reher has cancer he is in final stage we were with at the hodpital today and he knew us some things he knows but he says alot of things that don't make since.Today he was singing this song he said,"I seen Fire and I see Rain,"and he sang some of this song.My other brother and I were surprised he remembered this song and we were asking each other who sang it we couldn't remember,then LonDee said,"James Taylor" we were surprised he knew that because his mind comes and goes.He always liked music still we were surprised out of the clear blue he sang this song.It is a beautiful song.Thank You James for your beautiful song.God Bless

Touched my heart | Reviewer: Rosie the traveler | 5/5/12

Traveling across the US this spring...stopped in Cortez, Co and went to the American Legion where you can dance for free on a Saturday evening.7-10pm. Thought I saw a fellow that I'd danced with in Dolores, Co about 10 years ago on a balmy night in July. Not him---his younger brother. He had passed a couple of years back. Car wreck. "Always thought that I'd see him again!" Rest in Peace.

JT -- you may never know how your music impacts others - but it does... | Reviewer: Jon Sercel | 11/16/11

This song has a special place in my life. You see- I was always going to fly--- My father was a retired AF fighter pilot and I loved him and wanted to be just like him... I even entered the AF academy to get my 'flying machine'. I had a love too - a gal there and I dreamed - big sweet dreams.
But - after my 3rd year there I was dis-enrolled - it was due to an undiagnosed closed head injury. I went home and my dad and I got into a big argument about why I hadn't tried harder (neither of us knew the real reason then). He left on a business trip the next day and before we had resolved our differences he was killed in a car accident that week. It rained the day of his funeral - and soon after, I lost the girl too - That week and that year was my - Fire and Rain- I lost a lot that week and more in the year that followed... But I got back in the academy a year later and I found a real friend. After Pilot training my medical issues were discovered and I had surgeries to get things corrected. I had a career in the AF and I married my best friend - who really loved me for who I was. Our daughter is an AF pilot now so I have had a few things come my way this time around now... JT your music is tight - Thank you...

My Sister's Favorite | Reviewer: Dan | 1/6/11

This song was my sister Susan's favorite song. When I last saw her before she passed away from a lengthy fight with cancer she was listening to this song and smiling and it made her feel better. Everytime I hear this song I listen to it and smile, and yes, cry and think of my sister who I miss more than I could ever imagine. This is a beautiful song and I can't even imagine anyone else ever singing it other than James Taylor, he has the perfect voice for this song.

Musical Masterpiece | Reviewer: John W | 1/2/11

James Taylor's FIRE AND RAIN is revelatory to many
because it is so beautifully written, and most can
see themselves in the lyrics, especially as they
grow older. It is certainly sad, but not without
hope as well, perhaps the mirror to our very soul.
A lyrical, musical masterpiece if there ever was one.

the emotion in his voice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/10

James Taylor, my all-time favourite singer/songwriter. There is something totally humble and innocent about his singing. His isn't a perfect voice. The song is what is important. His voice and his pure soul gives birth to something that will continue to live long after he himself has gone. That applies to all his songs, not just Fire And Rain.

my all time sad and meaningful number 1 | Reviewer: jimmymac321 | 9/23/09

its my no.1
the sudden loss of a loved one.
the struggle against addiction and the collapse of better things.
Thats my interpretaion.
It gives me strength as it reminds me of the sadest moments in my life, that I see these images in my mind when i hear this truly beatiful song.
Thank you James Taylor.

About this song | Reviewer: Katelyn | 3/5/09

I Heard this All the time On a National Radio show Called "Delilah" It always struck me as a beautiful song, though I never knew what it Meant.

Now that i am older, I can't get enough of this voice. I Quote this song all the time, and I want to Sing it for a solo at my final Spring Concert right before graduation.

Keep up the Good Work JT, your amazing

r.i.p. john m.p., my friend killed on 911 | Reviewer: francine klemens | 8/15/08

although my childhood friend john died in the north tower on 911 7 years ago i just found out about it 2 days ago. i lost touch with him when i joined the navy & he to college after h.s. every so often i search for old friends over the internet. for many years i had been looking for him. i mentioned it to a mutual friend who attended grade school with him & she broke the news to me. driving home from work last night i heard this song & i just cried non stop. i did always thought that I'd see him again.

"sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground." this line just makes me cry even more...thinking of the planes that hit the tower. i have to believe i will still see him again.