That's a different sermon | Reviewer: Shalom | 2/8/13

@Derrill: What you're remembering is a different sermon that was preached by the late great Soul Brother James... the title of that one was "Public Enemy #1". It starts out:

I heard heroin talking one more time, and it said:

From where I came, nobody knows
I come from the land where the poppy seed grows
a whole nation gathered to plot my destruction
Because I'm a breeder of crime and wholesale corruption.
You say, I'm pure and then undilutable
and once I'm in your blood I make it pursuitable (...)

King Heroin -- Part II | Reviewer: Linda Johnson | 11/26/07

There was a part I and Part II to this song by Mr. Brown. In Part II, at the end, it tells the man to get up and his woman will follow him.

King Heroin Jame Brown | Reviewer: Derrill Isom | 6/20/07

the begining of the song is should say from where I came nobody knows ...I come from the land where the popi seed grows...a nation of peple gather together to plant my destroction...ect.