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Performed by James Blunt

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i love this song | Reviewer: cherean | 4/27/06

this song touched my heart wheni first heard it, it made me think about my friends how i treated them i wish i could go back and say sorry 2 them 4 being mean? i love u james god blees bye

My Favorite Song | Reviewer: Dunia | 4/21/06

Oh My God.I just want to say this is probably the best song I've heard in my hole life.The song touchs people like me,and of course James is my favorite singer .

I love you James and God bless You boy

So sad | Reviewer: Cinderella | 4/11/06

This is a wonderful song and crying inside every time when the song is playing.....such a beautiful song, except the 4 letter words.

It is the best song ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/06

I love this song. He says the right words. He speaks for alot of people.
Who there for cant speak for there selfs. The song touchs people. Like me.

Amazing words! | Reviewer: Carissa | 3/13/06

I just would like to say this is probably one of the best songs I've heard on the radio in a long while. I'm sure there are many people out there that can relate which makes it even more meaningful and great. And for those who can't you soon will. The words are amazing! Hands down to James Blunt! Good luck to you in the future and thanks for writing such a wonderful song!

this song stinks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/06

I hate this song. Why does he yell the chorus? And why does he sound so much like Tracy Chapman in the beginning and Rod Stewart during the chorus? And why does America accept crap like this as music? And all you people who are in love with someone you can't be with, need to move on and not like crappy songs just because you are sad.

Too bad... | Reviewer: Pink | 2/1/06

I love the song! It's very poetic, it would be much better without the F word in it. I like the "flying" one better! There is nothing poetic about the F word! He does look great without a shirt...LOL

god bless u james .... | Reviewer: damaris | 2/1/06

well im a 24 y/o female and i absolutely love this song b/c i think im in love with some one and he has no idea how much i love him but my love for this man well never be b/c ill never be with him... so thats the reson why I LOVE THIS SONG well james keep up with the beautiful work baby...
damaris from hartford ct...

So sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/05

i love this song, its so sad though, especially because theres someone i want to be with, but just cant 10/10

What can I say? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/05

I am so in-love with someone that I know I can never be with and this song is so powerful and beautiful!!!! What more can be said !!!!!!

youre beautiful-k | Reviewer: hel | 10/15/05

i also love this song cos i have got some1 i want to be with, but cant.

why are sad songs the best ones>? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/05

absolutely love this song - it makes me cry because i have someone i cant be with. 10/10 James ur a beautiful singer.

great! | Reviewer: taz | 9/19/05

i love this song! its so sad though. its about when you spot a beautiful person in the street or in a crowded place and you know thats the last time you will ever see them again, and that you'll never be with them, even though you love them so much. top marks! james, you rock!

FAB | Reviewer: Bianca | 9/19/05

Its an awesum song but so sad!! my fav song at the moment and hes got such a cool voice :()

James Blunt's YOUR BEAUTIFUL | Reviewer: Shaun | 9/2/05

It is a great song, with great lyrics! I would easily score this with a 9+

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