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Performed by James Blunt

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this is my story | Reviewer: hisham | 1/17/09

how come that James Blunt tell my story this song happened to me the differnce i was on a bus, whatever? I wish that I cauld forget that face because it's hurting too much I may have a girl and I forget about that girl on the bus but everytime I listen to this song I remember. thank you JAMES BLUNT you always make me remember how beautiful is LOVE

It's f#cking | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/08

to the reviewer three posts down, Sing Star is a video game that anyone could play, so they had to replace any words like f#ck, just as they do with movies played on TV, if you download the song, it's actually f#cking high...which I have no clue as to what it has to do with anything in the song anyway :P

i love ur songs, james. | Reviewer: amber khan | 11/2/08

u wont believe how true this amazingly well-sung song is for me. lol ... how did u come to know that i will never be with him. i love u, james. keep it up. i love GOOD-BYE, MY LOVER even more. thank u for ur cute songs. n hey i love u with short hair.

wow!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/08

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! jamez thiz song iz so beautiful, and thiz song iz so true 4 me...i liked a guy who waz with another girl it waz hard 2 keep going when i felt so inlove with him, but now i've got the guy i liked ...and im loving each minute i can of it, yez we have our timez when we just can't take being with each other but we stay cuz we love each other! so great job on thiz song james!!!

your beautiful is beautiful | Reviewer: n/a | 8/20/08

i may not have a story to tell but this song is touching. oh and to you people who think it was it said ...She could see from my face that I was f****ng high..., it is flying high unless i am misstaken from "sing star"

you're beautiful | Reviewer: haba rodrigue | 7/17/08

when i heard this song i feel like i am the one who sang it. for this song is the great that i have ever hear. my congratulation to you jams and i want to imitate you i have already writen down and now i am learning by heart. bye

!! | Reviewer: wangchuh | 6/28/08

i love this song, ur beautiful touch my deept of my heart that i saw a beautiful girl and i know i'll never be wit you.... by hearing jams hope she change mind and come to me........
thamk you jams ur the best♥^^♥

i love this song | Reviewer: wangchuh | 6/28/08

i love this song, ur beautiful touch my deept of my heart that i saw a beautiful girl and i know i'll never be wit you.... by hearing jams hope she change mind and come to me........
thamk you jams ur the best♥^^♥

just....beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/08

this songs is the best song i'v ever heard and it means sooo much 2 me coz it's describing a realation ship that will nevr happen....
((but it's time to face the truth....
i will never be with you))
oh.... i miss u sooooooo much......

Animal Rescue | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/08

This song touches many people in many ways.The man has a perfect voice for this song, and I am sure only he can do it. This song stays in your head for days after hearing it. I do animal rescue and have to put animals to sleep due to overpopulation. Looking at beautiful animals who have to die for no reason other than irr responsible pet owners. " Your beautiful". This song has many meanings to many people. It is unique and the artist deserves much credit.Those who make cruel remarks have no taste in music.

"You're Beautiful" | Reviewer: Alci | 2/27/08

Wow..what a haunting song! It has to be the most beautiful song I have ever heard to date! My ex girlfriend was and is beautiful. Since she broke up with me prior to Christmas 2007..I have not been able to get that song out of my head or hear it on cd or on the radio. It was "our song", ya know? It stirs up emotions much too strong for me to bear sometimes, for it reminds me of her face, voice, touch, the sex, the tenderness, and all the things that were good when we were together. The song haunts me 24/7. Alas, "But it's time to face the truth...I will never be with you". So long to my soulmate, my true love...Sara Jane. I will always love you.

my true love.. | Reviewer: Gretchyn | 2/27/08

Yes, I think we all have a story that relates to this song in some way. Mine is about a boy I met as a teenager, we spent nearly every day of our adolescence together..I have since moved away, and moved on, but I recently found him again..I know I will never be with him now, as he is now married...I miss him terribly..

World Of The Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/08

I would like to hope all that this song makes feel sad find the lady / gentleman they so need.

My story is a little different, the proverbial subway, the fleeting moment and then later we met and got together, It was the worst mistake that a man could make.

Sometimes the dreams are better than the reality, I lost a lot of myself through those times so for me its more of a war story or a what i should have done, but songs are meant to stir emotions, thats what they are good at.

Please all be well and i know there is someone out there for everyone, I eventually found mine and she is the most wonderful women alive (to Me at least), god bless you all(if that is your thing of course)

Irony 2 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/08

A painful song for me as I too am old, in my fifties and fell in love with a married woman 20 years younger than me. Some things are never meant to be.

"But it's time to face the truth
I will never be with you"

I know it's true but I can't face the truth.

Irony | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/07

I saw her face, and I coulldn't help but stare. It was over a person who died in the nursing home, and we were preparing the body for pickup by the funeral home. She was beautiful. To this day, I have never seen anyone as beautiful as her. When I realized I would never see her again, and i would never be with her, it was about the time this song played on the radio. Quite ironic. I am old, in my fifities. She was young in her late twenties. She remains the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on in this world of beautiful women. James Blunt must have flet the same at one time. Because I was rejected by her, I lost something I have yet to find again.

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