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Performed by James Blunt

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It's for the one whom I LOVE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/12

This song is related vth ma lyf and the girl whom I love is the most beautiful girl in dis wrld & she's really lyk an Angel. The problm is dat she's already vth anothr guy & she thnks me as her best buddy bt I Love her. I am afraid dat if she knws the truth then she wuld break our friendship I dnt wanna loose her wat shud I do plez help.....

Ya realy so beautiful | Reviewer: Pranjli joshi | 11/30/11

When i heared this söng i am shocked! You know why? because this song is related with me.
I love a person but i dont know he love me ya not, every day i pray god, please heare my voice and help me..
I realy love hir i want marry them but you know a very big problum he is my relative and my parents never give me permisson to....
What i do...???

M Y M Phyuu is more beautiful.,.,.,., | Reviewer: K | 8/11/11

Yep.,.,i have to agree half of this song coz we are in the middle of the song,.,.i'm still keeping in touch with her and there is no sign to lost her till now.,.,but we are just friends.,.to be honest,i love her from my side since i met her online,.,at first,i thought it was something used to happen.,.,now, i notice that i really love her in my deepest point of my heart.,.,and i want to reveal my love to her.,.,but i have no confidence to do coz she is so beautiful,.,.i have never seen that kind of beauty before and i'm a kind of man who used to be loved by girls,you know?.,.now is different,.,.however, i have recently made up my mind to move to the country where she is living.,.,then, i will meet her and will reveal how much i love her and how long i took times to do,.,.but, i wonder if she has already got other boys or she refuse me.,.,anyway,i hope she will be alone till i am there,.,.but, i never want to end up our story like your song.,.,by the way, she is more beautiful.,.,wish for me

You are beautiful | Reviewer: Caracol | 2/26/11

Hey beautiful, are you up?, your text messages read very late at night... You are beautiful you used to say as you whispered passionately in my ears.., And now you are gone and all I am holding on to is the memories of you and our time together. And yes this song is in your I pod and we listened to it as we....

beautiful song | Reviewer: j.bear | 11/18/10

this is one of my favorite songs EVER...i've always wanted someone to sing it to me...i just never dreamt it'd come from you...i'm sorry 4 what i can't feel 4 sorry a.bear...i love you, just not the way you love belongs 2 him only, and im SO SO SO sorry...but you never said anything...and he did...i never meant 4 this 2 happen...i wish i could give u the love iknow u deserve...

loving her like as much as tht grammer mistake | Reviewer: loving her like as much as tht grammer mistake [ING] | 6/5/10

I just saw her on the street 2 times. Well what do u expect me to do nothing just looking her pretty face nothing todo she just effect me though still thinking her This is an endless situation or it is something nonsense GOD JUST LET ME KNOW HER FOR A MINUTE!

dog running in the park | Reviewer: probably not | 11/30/09

Hey....remember the dog running in the park? Can't explain that to anyone. Magical moment. And many others. If you haven't been there, you can't appreciate the song. Still think of you. Keep those eyes wide open. They're beautiful. Oh....and Negatroid....that is one hilarious review. It should offend me because I like the song so much. But that was funny. I mean, very funny. Made me laugh a lot. Thanks! Love and laughter really are the best things in life.

Beautiful Song | Reviewer: kh | 10/16/09

This is a beautiful song and so True.I frequently see this Beautiful woman and our eyes seem to communicate deep feelings.It's true that we will never be together.It's a BitterSweet feeling when I see her.

James you rocks | Reviewer: Mike | 8/26/09

This song was so nice... I'm in just exactly this situation... I love her so much, but I lost her, then when I found her, she's with other man now. I tried to let her be because that's what can make her happy. But I just feel like I'm in hell man...

It's for you my queen imane | Reviewer: Alilo | 7/29/09

always there are unforgetable things, things that will never leave my minde, since you've gone, i felt that there is things cannot be waived. but i will never forget about the first days we were together, and i will wait till the day i will regain you.

i like it | Reviewer: ace | 8/1/09

wonderful song.., i wonder why people dont like it? It's the song of a person who loved, lost someone, and found her., but with somebody else.. it's sad but then he tries to let her be because that's what makes her happy.. i wish i could do that, but, i know i'll never be able to love someone... Go James Blunt.. i love your song...

Ohhhh, make it stop!!! | Reviewer: Negatroid | 6/23/09

This song makes me want to smear honey in my ears and release fire ants and hornets in there so I will have an allergic reaction and swell so badly that I won't be able to hear the wretched croonings of this whiney mangirl. When I was young, I had a pet calf with lupus and he got stuck in a bear trap while running from a rabid badger, who caught up with him at the bear trap and gnawed off a good bit of his face. This song is similar to the wailing howls that unlucky baby cow made as his face was being pulled from his skull.
I would rather be angrily sodomized by a drunken priest while my extended family watched than to hear that semi-sweet songstress bray out one single note. He should be tazered in the throat until his vocal chords are no more, then tazered in all other areas of his body, publicly, on the Oprah show, as restitution for his crimes against the ear. I really don't like this song. I mean, it's ok, I just hear it alot on the radio, so.

Biju Chettri | Reviewer: Biju | 4/26/09

it's really made me feel that u sang it to me,it is true that i am runin' in this situation..... she is really ofcourse she smiled on me....huged me so many time.... i wanted to tell her that i truely love you but i stopped cozzzz she has another man....i fucked me myself because of i will never be with her after few month. But i thank god, that u gave me to meet someone really beautiful someday....and wish her for awesome life............

You're Beautiful | Reviewer: sunbeam | 3/23/09

I met a man who was truly my soul mate but we were both married to other people and decided to do the right thing and stay away from each other. He burned this song on a CD for me and the words are so true for our situation. Everytime I hear this song I think of him and smile. Fuzzy, you are the best. I miss you.

This song is confusing | Reviewer: Anthony | 3/20/09

It's a good mellow song, but in the first verse, he says that he's not worried about her being with someone else because he's "got a plan." Then, as the song progresses he admits that he doesn't know what to do. So what was his plan? To let her walk on by?

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